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Bill Maher Takes On the GOP and the Tea Party’s “Christian Love”” in Cheap of Faith – Video

Cheap of Faith

Bill Maher ended his show Friday night with a blistering takedown of religious people who would love to do things like take care of the starving and needy if it weren’t always for some personal conflict getting in the way. Maher said these Christians should “just admit you’re selfish” and come to terms with the fact that their actions do not “mirror the spirit of Jesus.”

Maher ran the gamut from Republicans pushing for more food stamp cuts to a Christian family that left a homophobic note instead of a tip for their gay waiter. Maher said they repeatedly emphasized the line “not share” to show “they’ve really absorbed the message of Jesus.”

Maher mocked the Christian message of “I believe in charity, just not for people who need it” and concluded that “there’s always a good moral Christian to tell everyone they meet to fuck off and die.”

Family Research Council: There is “nothing more Christian” than cutting Food Stamps


After the GOP controlled House approved a bill that would cut the food stamp program by $39B over the next ten years last week, the anti-gay conservative hate group The Family Research Council has sent out one of its only black employees “senior fellow” Ken Blackwell (no strategy there) to make the media rounds to back up the SNAP cuts and defend the fact that the elderly, poor and children will be going hungry because it’s the “Christian” thing to do.

Christian Post:

“I think through empowering others and creating self-sufficiency…there within lies the path to sense of worthiness,” Blackwell told CP. “When I was growing up, there was fundamental belief, that there were times in people’s life when they needed a hand up…there were temporariness to hose programs, where they were structured so that they didn’t breed so that they didn’t breed dependency.” Blackwell also suggested that there was “nothing more Christian” than “not locking people into a permanent dependency on government handouts, but making sure they are participants in their own upliftment and empowerment so that they in fact through the dignity of work and can break from the plantation of big government.”

To the GOP and the FRC obviously here’s nothing more Christian than starving the elderly, disabled, and children to death.

How very Nazi of them.

Motor City MORON Ted Nugent: “People On Welfare Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Vote”

“Let’s stop the insanity by suspending the right to vote of any American who is on welfare. Once they get off welfare and are self-sustaining, they get their right to vote restored. No American on welfare should have the right to vote for tax increases on those Americans who are working and paying taxes to support them. That’s insane. In addition to suspending a welfare recipient’s right to vote, we also need to get our voting system straightened out and eliminate voter fraud. We need to ensure that only Americans vote by requiring polling places to validate the identification of each voter. It shouldn’t take a Motown guitar slayer to come up with these common-sense bargaining chips before taxes are raised on the producers, which will further choke the economy. How about it, GOP?” – Faded rocker and stock raving mad survialist  Ted Nugent,

Fun Fact: Nugent once took meth and shit his pants before a draft physical exam, and as a result he didn’t have to go to Vietnam.

So if we’re going to take people’s voting rights away according to their perceived level of responsibility…

BUSTED! – Paul Ryan Uses the Hungry and Homeless In Ohio For Fradulant Photo-Op

Paul Ryan showed up at a soup kitchen in Youngstown, Ohio, over the weekend and even though “the hall was empty of patrons and the volunteers appeared to have already cleaned up” by the time that Ryan got there he couldn’t help setting up a photo-up for himself to make people believe that he cares.

From New York Magazine:

 “[S]ome might conclude that Ryan’s appearance at the soup kitchen was nothing but a superficial, self-serving photo-op designed to counter recent remarks from the GOP ticket that seem to show disdain for the poor. But no, the truth is that Ryan simply cares so much about America’s non-income-tax-paying indigent that he thinks they deserve better than eating food from pots and pans that have only been cleaned once.”

Paul Ryan est un putain de fraude!

Video – Shouts Of “Let Em Die!” Occur During Presidential Tea Party Debate Question Over Health Care

Despicable, disgusting, evil, and so wrong.

Last week during the GOP Presidential debate applause rang through the hall over support of the death penalty.  And now last night during the Tea Party Presidential debate (and by the way what exactly is the difference between the GOP and the Tea Party debate anyway) during a question about health care treatment of the uninsured applause and shouts of “let em die” rang through the hall.

Just speechless….