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Piers Morgan: If You Boycott Dolce and Gabbana You Are “Bullying” Them

John Fugelsang - Stop Caling It Bullying


In an op-ed for the Daily Mail, Morgan Piers Morgan has said that, although he agrees with the condemnation of the designers’ comments, he is not in support of the boycott and chastizes Elton John for the call to boycott instead of the offensive comments about same-sex families from Dolce and Gabban who said adopting and having children through in vitro fertilization, are”children of chemistry, and  synthetic children.: and that “uteruses are for rent”, with “semen chosen from a catalog.”

Morgan also said he supports freedom of speech, regardless of how “unpalatable.” He did, however, advocate for ongoing discussion.

The best way to alleviate that discomfort is not by strangling [Dolce’s and Gabbana’s] rights to freedom of thought or speech, or demonizing them. But by making them see that their fears are unfounded. If I were Elton John, I’d stop this silly call for a boycott, and invite Dolce and Gabbana round to one of his houses for to let them see with their own eyes what a great dad he is and how happy and well adjusted his kids are. Elton’s best weapon in this debate is practicing what he preaches, with demonstrable success – not trying to stop others from having an opinion.

Morgan who is not a U.S. Citizen seems to need a civics lesson where “Free Speech” is concerned.

Free Speech in the United States means the government cannot come in and arrest you to prevent you from speaking or arrest you for something you have said [with certain very limited exceptions which do not apply here]. Free speech is the free exchange of ideas and where ideas are freely exchanged there can be friction. If you said something I felt was disagreeable in my home or business, I can require you to leave. If we were friends or acquaintances or business associates of some sort, I could sever that relationship. The vice versa is true. That is the risk one has always taken in exercising free speech.  And that is what has happened to Dolce and Gabbana.

After being fired for fake photos and cancelled for low ratings. Piers should just STFU because no one  really cares about his opinions anyway.

Marriage Equality Poll Shows 21+ Point Lead in Maine Ballot Fight

The latest poll concerning the efforts to legalize same-sex marriage in Maine shows same sex marriage passage holding a phenomenally strong lead  of 21+ points just a month before the voters go to the polls.

The  Critical Insights poll was conducted Sept. 12 through Sept. 16 with live  telephone interviews of 618 randomly selected likely voters statewide. Results  were statistically adjusted to reflect the Maine population regarding age,  gender, region of residence and political affiliation. The poll has a 4 percent  margin of error.

Its being reported that support is particularly high among Democrats (81 percent), supporters of  President Obama (86 percent), college graduates (69 percent), and  18-to-34-year-olds (77 percent).

If won,  Maine will be  first state to legalize the freedom to marry through a voter referendum but could also set a precedent that it is possible to win by ballot that many on the right may used against us in upcoming court cases statiung that since it is possibel to win by ballot that judical judgement is not needed.

Civil Rights are not to be voted on, up or down.  EVER!