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Kennedy Family Condemns RFK's Crazy COVID Conspiracies and Racist Remarks.

Kennedy Family Condemns RFK’s Crazy COVID Conspiracies and Racist Remarks.

Members of the Kennedy family political dynasty are speaking out against pseudo-Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who was caught recently saying that Covid-19 was “targeted to attack Caucasians and Black people” and that Jewish people are most immune.

“I strongly condemn my brother’s deplorable and untruthful remarks last week about Covid being engineered for ethnic targeting,” Kerry Kennedy said in a statement released by the nonprofit group Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, where she is president. His statements do not represent what I believe or what Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights stand for, with our 50+-year track record of protecting rights and standing against racism and all forms of discrimination,”

nbc news

Kennedy who was speaking at a dinner in Manhattan about bioweapons and “ethnically targeted microbes” claimed that “Covid-19 attacks certain races disproportionately.”

“Covid-19 is targeted to attack Caucasians and Black people. The people who are most immune are Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese,” he said, according to the video published by the Post. “We don’t know whether it was deliberately targeted that or not.”

Former Rep. Joe Kennedy III, D-Mass., also weighed in Monday, tweeting that he condemns his uncle’s remarks.

Robert F Kennedy Jr. defended his remarks, saying they were not anti-Semitic.

FLORIDA: Recruits Going AWOL From DeSantis' Private Army: “It’s A Militia”.

FLORIDA: Recruits Going AWOL From DeSantis’ Private Army: “It’s A Militia”.

Recruits and leaders are already quitting Desantis’s new State Guard since they thought they were signing up for disaster relief efforts, only to learn they are being trained as the Governor’s private army.

One volunteer, a disabled retired Marine Corps captain, called the local sheriff’s office to report he was battered by Florida National Guard instructors when they forcibly shoved him into a van after he questioned the program and its leadership.

Over 30 days in June, teenagers out of high school and retired military veterans came to Camp Blanding, the National Guard base near Jacksonville. Many were told they would volunteer for a revived State Guard with a nonmilitary mission: help Floridians in times of need or disaster.

Instead, the state’s National Guard trained the volunteers for combat. Khakis and polos were replaced by camouflaged uniforms. Volunteers assured they could keep their facial hair were ordered to shave. And they were drilled on how to rappel with ropes, navigate through the woods and respond to incidents under military command.

According to records reviewed by the Times/Herald and interviews with program volunteers, some recruits quit after the first training class last month because they feared it was becoming too militaristic.

orlando sentinel

Next story: “DeSantis sues volunteers who quit his Kristallnacht Squad”

GOP Rep. Tim Burchet Introduces Amendment That Trans Men Must Register For The Draft.

GOP Rep. Tim Burchet Introduces Amendment That Trans Men Must Register For The Draft.

After all those years of DADT this should be interesting.

Rep. Tim Burchett, R-Tenn., has introduced a proposal that would require biological women who identify as men to register with Selective Service in case the U.S. ever has another military draft.

Burchett proposed an amendment to the annual bill that authorizes the Department of Defense’s spending and policy priorities for the next fiscal year that would change the requirements to register for Selective Service by defining “male person” and “male citizen of the United States” to include a “transgender person who identifies as male.”

Unless lawmakers amend the Military Selective Service Act or pass a separate law addressing gender identity, Selective Service “must follow the intent of Congress when it required only males to register — the registration requirement is based on gender at birth,” according to the website. 

“If they want to be treated like men, then they need to do what other men do and register for the Selective Service and get called up like everybody else,” Burchett told Military.com. “This group of people is more protected than any other group, and it’s not right.”

The U.S. has not had a draft for military service since 1973 but requires all males over the age of 18 to register for selective service.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis:  I’m Going To Be The Next Ronald Reagan.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis:  I’m Going To Be The Next Ronald Reagan.

Well you are off to a helluva start DeSatan!

Everything that’s functionally broken in our government today is due to what Reagan did.

Florida’s Governor is looking to a former California Governor as an antecedent for his current presidential run. During an interview on Wisconsin’s Mark Belling Show, Ron DeSantis suggested his candidacy could be the modern version of the 1980 election that saw Ronald Reagan defeat Democrat Jimmy Carter.

“What I would just tell folks out there listening is Biden is kind of like Jimmy Carter. When Reagan came on the scene, the country lost confidence in Carter. They were willing to go in a different direction. I think we’re in the same place with Biden,” DeSantis contended.

Florida Politics

DeSantis: ‘I’m Going To Be The Next Ronald Reagan.”

Dead, after a long run of dementia?

Okay. Get on with i then!

GOP Senator Tommy Tuberville: White Nationalists ARE NOT Racist.

GOP Senator Tommy Tuberville: White Nationalists ARE NOT Racist. (Yes. They Are.)

Have you ever met a racist who didn’t vehemently deny their own racism?

On the first episode of her new CNN primetime show “The Source,” Kaitlan Collins tried really hard to give Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville a chance to walk back statements he made recently that sure sounded like he was defending the racist ideology known as white nationalism.

Instead, while he repeatedly said he rejects racism, he also repeatedly (and incorrectly) insisted that white nationalism is not racist, that saying otherwise is merely “some people’s opinion,” and that “most white people” in the military actually are white nationalists.


Tuberville: My opinion of a white nationalist.. it’s an American. If that white nationalist is a racist, I’m totally against them.

Collins: White nationalist is racist .

Tuberville: That’s your opinion.

No Herr Tuberville. That’s everyone’s opinion.

Family Research Council Hate Group: Joe Biden Has “Weaponized” LGBT+ Rights.

Family Research Council Hate Group: Joe Biden Has “Weaponized” LGBT+ Rights.

There is no LGBT agenda. There is a right wing extremist agenda though. And it’s toxic and dangerous.

Oh no! Biden’s Health Department is being weaponized to promote homosexuality and the transgender agenda!

Biden’s Health Department is being weaponized to promote homosexuality and the transgender agenda. Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Xavier Becerra launched the department’s “Pride Summit” on Monday, stressing the importance of normalizing the LGBT agenda. He quipped, “Supporting the LGBTQI+ community is a top priority for me and HHS. Equity runs at the heart of every initiative we take on here.”

Numerous Biden administration officials participated in the event, including White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who identifies as a lesbian, and HHS Assistant Secretary Rachel Levine, a biological man who identifies as a woman.

Several other non-governmental LGBT activists were present too, including American Civil Liberties Union “Trans Justice Strategist” Arli Christian and Casey Pick, director of Law and Policy for the Trevor Project, which has hosted sexually explicit online chatrooms for children and teens.

Quena Gonzalez, Family Research Council’s senior director of Government Affairs, told The Washington Stand, “How much more aggressive can the Biden administration possibly get? We may be about to find out. Buckle up: Biden has another year and a half in this term.

Via email from the Family Research Council

Translation: How dare people I don’t like have the same rights as me!

JJames Van Der Beek Cancels Self. Dawson Becomes Fox News' New Darling.

James Van Der Beek Cancels Self. Dawson Becomes Fox News’ New Darling.

No Dawson. Noooooooooooooooooo!

On Tuesday, actor James Van Der Beek took to Instagram to call out the Democratic National Committee for their unified backing of President Joe Biden, who’s preparing to announce his bid for re-election in 2024 and Dawson is not happy. Currently, the DNC has no primary debates scheduled for Biden and the very few of his Democratic opponents.

Van Der Beek is obviously NOT a Joe Biden or Kamala Harris fan. Either that or he’s a closet Republican spreading strife. Still not sure which one it is yet.

“I cannot get over the fact that the Democratic National Committee is saying there will not be a debate to decide the nominee for president,” the 46-year-old actor said, while pushing his child in a stroller. “Are you fucking kidding me? There’s no debate?”

“There’s no debate over an 80-year-old man who, if he lives, will be the oldest sitting president in the history of the country?” he continued. “And if he doesn’t live, has a vice president whose approval rating is worse than his?”

‘This guy has obviously declining mental faculties. You’re putting him up in front of a podium with flashcards telling him who to call on and what the questions are going to be. And you’re telling us there’s no debate? What about the will of the people?”

Daily Beast

Fox & Friends’ Steve Douchey Doocy applauded Van Der Beek for “ripping into” the DNC and interpreting his words as an alignment with the Republican Party. Doocey didn’t mention the fact that l Donald Trump has also weighed skipping out on the Republican National Committee’s primary debates.

Van Der Beek’s political views aren’t known, although he’s been associated with progressive causes in the past. His wife Kimberly Van Der Beek, on the other hand, has previously promoted anti-vax conspiracies and the couple has recently moved to Texas.


CNN's Trump Townhall: Lies, Garbage, and CNN Blowback.

CNN’s Trump Townhall: Lies, Garbage, and CNN Blowback.

“The audience’s regular interruptions on behalf of Mr. Trump were like a laugh track on a sitcom.” – Not far off.

The New York Times reports:

“Donald Trump is still Donald Trump. CNN’s decision to give him an unfiltered prime-time platform was a callback to the 2016 campaign, even as the moderator, Kaitlan Collins, persistently interjected to try to cut him off or correct him. If viewers were expecting Mr. Trump to have moved on from his falsehood that the 2020 election was stolen from him, he demonstrated once again, right out of the gate, that he very much hasn’t.
Mr. Trump later said he was “inclined” to pardon “many” of the rioters arrested on Jan. 6, 2021, after the attack on the Capitol by a pro-Trump mob during certification of President Biden’s Electoral College win. His avoidance of an unequivocal promise pleased people close to him. “A beautiful day,” he said of Jan. 6.
The audience’s regular interruptions on behalf of Mr. Trump were like a laugh track on a sitcom. It built momentum for him in the room — and onscreen for the television audience — and stifled Ms. Collins as she repeatedly tried to interrupt him with facts and correctives.”

In the end Donald Trump refused to acknowledge he lost the last election. He said he’d pardon rioters at the U.S. Capitol. He condoned sexual assault and smeared a victim. He wouldn’t rule out restoring a policy of separating immigrant families at the border or say if he wanted Ukraine to defeat Russia. He countenanced defaulting on the national debt. And he dodged repeated questions on abortion.

CNN argued that as the 2024 GOP frontrunner Trump was newsworthy, but ahead of the town hall . But many were angered by CNN’s misstep and that became evident when .

Rep. Byron Donalds, R-Fl., battled with CNN commentators and hosts Anderson Cooper, Van Jones and Alyssa Farah Griffin after the network aired a live town hall.

“Town halls are for the voters, not for the press or the person who is the moderator,” Donalds said, slamming CNN host Kaitlan Collins for imposing her own views on the public during Wednesday night’s town hall featuring Trump. 

Donalds’ wife, Erika Donalds, defended him on Twitter after his appearance on CNN Wednesday.

“So proud of my husband on CNN tonight, interjecting large doses of TRUTH in the middle of their ridiculous biases and rude interruptions.”

NORTH CAROLINA: GOP Anti-Gay Extremist Mark Robinson Launches Run For NC Governor

NORTH CAROLINA: GOP Anti-Gay Extremist Mark Robinson Launches Run For NC Governor

Honestly. Is there anything other than a GOP politician who hates us?

Via FOX’s – Greenboro affiliate:

North Carolina’s top Republican has — finally — made his run for North Carolina Governor official. Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, a Greensboro native who attended Grimsley High School and UNCG, announced his intent to run in 2024 at a previously announced rally at Ace Speedway in Alamance County on Saturday, April 22.
The possibility of his run for governor drew a scathing critique published as an opinion in the New York Times, calling him “extremism incarnate.” A Talking Points Memo piece recently examined years of social media activity painting a history of conspiratorial posts and attacks on other people, according to the piece..”

After the Pulse Nightclub shooting, Robinson immediately tweeted “homosexuality is STILL an abominable sin.” Robinson has also repeatedly called homosexuality “filth,” and has said heterosexual relationships are “superior,” and has suggested women should not be in leadership positions and said climate change is “junk science.”

He also claimed that “God formed me” to battle LGBTQ rights.

For Robinson who has experienced discrimination in North Carolina as a black man. to turn around and discriminate against women, gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered people is, well, deplorable.

Just ask Clarence Thomas.

GOP Rep Dan Crenshaw Goes After Bud Light, But Wait...

GOP Rep Dan Crenshaw Goes After Bud Light, But Wait, There’s More.

Dread Pirate Crenshaw jumped on the Bud Light Boycott bandwagon and it predictably blows up in his face

Via The Houston Chronical:

Houston-area Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) joined in on the wave of backlash to the commercial with an Instagram post over the weekend. In a video published to the platform on Sunday, Crenshaw vows to throw out all the Bud Light in his fridge—only to find it stuffed with Karbach.
“Saw Bud Light’s stupid ad campaign,” Crenshaw says in the video. “So guess what we’re going to do? We’re going to throw out every single Bud Light we’ve got in the fridge. Alright, well I guess that was easy,” Crenshaw remarks at the Bud Light-less scene.
Many on the internet were quick to point out that the Karbach filling Crenshaw’s fridge is owned by Bud Light parent company Anheuser-Busch Inbev.

Who’s gonna break the news to Danny boy that Karbach Brewing ‘Crawford Bock’ beers we saw in his fridge are also ‘woke’…?

UPDATE: Crenshaw has removed his post from Twitter. Guess someone told him.