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Transgender Anti-Gay Marriage Republican Florida House Candidate Donna Milo Loses BIG!

“Transgender Anti-Gay Marriage Republican “  Those are words should NEVER go together.

Donna Milo The Trnsgender Republican Florida House candidate who appered on Michelangelo Signorile’s SIRUS radio program back in May placed third in a three-way race, finishing behind winner Karen Harrington and runner-up Robert Lowry.  Milo received only 4,100 votes out of more than 18,500+  votes cast.

Milo had more than once confirmed  that she is in favor of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (“of course”),  but is opposed to marriage equality, giving the religious line on marriage being between ‘a man and a woman.’ On the issue of adoption Milo also believes that, though kids should go to gay and lesbian parents ONLY if it means they’ll be in an institutionalized, ‘traditional families’ should have priority over gays. She also believes the government should not have a role in funding gender reassignment surgery for transgender people.

We should all be very happy indeed that this traitorous bitch lost.