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Actor Armie Hammer Calls Out Marvel Entertainment Chairman Isaac Perlmutter for Huge Trump Donations

Actor Armie Hammer Calls Out Marvel Entertainment Chairman Isaac Perlmutter for Huge Trump Donations

“Call Me By Your Name” actor Armie Hammer has called out Marvel Entertainment Chairman Isaac Perlmutter for his huge political donations to Donald Trump.

Hammer tweeted:

Hey, while everyone seems to be on this Equinox thing, it might be a good time to mention that one of Trump’s largest financial contributors is the chairman of Marvel Entertainment (Isaac Perlmutter)….. jussayin.

The tweet comes amid calls to boycott fitness chains SoulCycle and Equinox because the company’s chairman, Stephen Ross, is hosting a fundraiser for Trump on Friday.

Perlmutter and his wife have donated almost $600,000 to Trump’s presidential campaign in 2019, according to Federal Election Commission records. The Perlmutters also regularly donate to other extreme right conservative causes.

Perlmutter became a member of Marvel Comics’ board of directors in April 1993. The executive was serving as vice chairman of Marvel by November 2001, followed by chief executive officer of Marvel Comics in January 2005. Perlmutter remained the CEO of Marvel Entertainment following the company’s acquisition by Disney and to this day serves as chairman.

The Divine Democrat Miss M! – Bette Midler Donated Over $105K To President Obama and The Dem Party

According to the Federal Election Commission records for this election cycle at the Political MoneyLine site the Divine Miss M. Bette Midler donated over 105,000+ to the re-election of President Obama and other state Democrat campaigns including Nevada and the key battleground swing state of Ohio.

Bette Midler is the BIG NOISE!

Brava Diva!

Source: The Petrelis Files

Openly Gay Kansas House of Representatives Candidate Dan Manning Receives Death Threat

Dan Manning, who is is running for the Kansas House of Representatives in the state’s 91st District is a 29-year-old West Point grad and eight-year Army veteran who was discharged under DADT and i9s now also a victim of a hate crime. This weekend, Manning found a ransom-style note attached to his front door threatening to behead and kill him

Dan’s opponent is long-time incumbent Brenda Landwehr. Landwehr, a notorious far-right conservative, has been a vocal opponent of equal rights for gay, lesbian and transgendered Kansans. Since February, she has used Dan’s sexual orientation to stir up her constituent. She has gone so far as to use language that Dan was told was “too offensive” to repeat.

This weekend, the homophobia and name-calling took a dangerous and criminal turn.

Dan arrived home from work on Saturday to find a death threat attached to his front door (above).

The note is clearly an offensive way to use threats of deadly violence in an attempt to intimidate and silence Dan and his campaign and, by extension, our entire community and our interests in Topeka. Dan has no intentions of backing down and has seen this latest example of bigotry as proof that his campaign must go on. He and his campaign team’s resolve is now stronger than ever

Manning Tweeted a response to the threat on Twitter in the form of a quote: 
“With vision there is no room to be frightened. No reason for intimidation. It’s time to march forward! Let’s be confident and positive!”
A BRAVE man who DESERVES our support.  –  Visit Dan Manning’s site HERE

Lesbian Mary Cheney Continues To Be A Traitor To The LGBT Community By Donating To Anti-Gay New Hampshire Senate Candidate

Satan’s Lottle Lesbian Mary Cheney has proven once again that she is no more than a traitor to the LGBT community by donating t$500.00 to Kelly Ayotte, New Hampshire’s Republican 2010 Senate candidate.  Yes it might  think it’s only be $500.00, big deal. .  But Cheney has publicly spoken about how she supports same-sex marriage, and yet she’s donating to Ayotte who does not and this eems to be a recurring thing for her.  Last year she donated  $1,000  to Ohio Republican Rep. Rob Portman’s U.S. Senate campaign.whose voting record is made up of trying to ban gay adoptions and same-sex marriage.

Quite simply Mary Cheney is a privleged bitch who lives in a consequence free world bought and paid for by her fathers political influence. Why should the bitch care about a politicians views on gays? She will never be harmed by any anti-gay laws passed and never suffer under the draconian laws of that country, Mary Cheney can do whatever she wants and her daddy’s friends will always take care of her. I

I just truly hope that one day her Ivory tower comes crashing down around her and she gets all that she deserves.

The Human Rights Campaign Has Donated Over $500,000 To Democratic PAC GroupsAnd Federal Candidates (And One Republican) As We Boycott Them So Far In 2010

Many of us have decided to close the “gAyTM” to the Democratic National Comittee and other various Democratic PAC’s including the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and instead focus our gay money to specific gay political organizations and LGBT friendly candidates.  But as Mike Petrelis of the Petrelis Files has uncovered , obviously Joe Solmonese and the Human Rights Campaign didn’t get our memo’s (or emails) or  are just blatantly ignoring them.

Petrelis has uncovered that so far in 2010 HRC has donated $72,000 to Democratic PACs, and $1,000 to a GOP PAC, that of Sen. Susan Collins of Maine and the.HRC gave $20,000 to the DNC’s Congressional Campaign Committee, and $15,000 to the DNC’s Senatorial Campaign Committee and thats just the tip of it.  According to Petrelis this is the HRC breakdown for donations to federal candidates:

Total to Democrats: $392,320
Total to Republicans: $14,838

Total to Democrats: $62,499
Total to Republicans: $2,000

Sub-total for amount given to Congressional incumbents and challengers comes to $454,819, add that to the $72,000 in PAC-to-PAC donations, and the figure for what HRC has given to the Democrats so far this year comes to $526,819.

The HRC even gave  REPUBLICANS – $16,838!

Haven’t we been screwed enough?  The HRC is America’s richest and largest professional gay advocacy org and still they give OUR DONATIONS, OUR MONEY to blanket Democratic Organizations that that divide funds to Democratic candidates because they are Democrats and NOT for the fact that they are for LGBT Rights.  And we have all seen that the Democrast can not get thier House in order to pass even the simplest LGBT equal rights laws and protections because there are still so many anti-gay Democrats so why in the the world would HRC donate your hard earned gay dollars to them instead of specifically donating money to ‘specific” candidates and PAC’s that are involved in the advancement of LGBT Rights?  Just how spineless, retarded and scared are they at losing their place at cocktail paries and at Presidential Photo-Ops.

I’ve said it befor and I’ll say it again.  The HRC MUST GO!  Now more than ever not only is the HRC doing nothing to help us except drawing big paychecks and having parties they are actually doing us harm by not playing hardball and affecting a new political strategy and using the same old tired one that is leading us down the slow and what will be an endless road to equlity if they continue such blanket political support.

Right now not only goes the  gAyTM need to be closed to certain Democratic Organizations and instead our money be funneled to LGBT supportive ones now its become obvious that HRC needs to be boycotted also.  It has become more than obvious at this point that they have absolutely no sense of urgency of concern for the “non-elite” LGBT American and only care about their own asses and reputation.

BOYCOTT THE HRC!  And donate ONLY to specific LGBT friendly candidates and political organizations.  Our rights depend on it.