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Morning Eye Opener: German Soccer Stud Lukas Podolski Shirtless, Beautiful and Sexy

Lukas Podolski was born in Gliwice, in the Polish region of Silesia in 1987 and later became a German citizen.   He debuted in January. FC Köln during the 2002-2003 season, when his team gets promotion to the Bundesliga, but the team fails to remain in the category. In the following season (04-05) Podolski returns to achieve promotion to the top flight of German football with his team.
On July 1, 2006 Podolski announced his transfer to FC Bayern München for which he recieved an estimated € 10 million.
Hot, Rich, and Polish.  Who could ask for anything more?

Deputy President of the Polish Society of Anti-Discrimination (PSAL) Krzysztof Śmiszek Outed On Television By Poland’s "Equality Minister", Elżbieta Radziszewska

Krzysztof Śmiszek (pictured left), deputy president of the Polish Society of Anti-Discrimination Law, was appearing alongside Elżbieta Radziszewska, Poland’s “equality minister”, who was giving an interview in which she declared her belief that Catholic schools should be allowed to terminate gay and lesbian teachers.  (Only in Poland could you have a homophobic Equality Minister) 

As Krzysztof Śmiszek and Elżbieta Radziszewska exchange became more heated about her remarks on gay teachers Radziszewska, used Mr Śmiszek as an example of why cases should be treated individually.

According to the Warsaw Business Journal, she said: “If, for example, Mr Śmiszek, in a situation when we know that he is a member of the homosexual society and an activist for the Campaign Against Homophobia and it’s no secret who his partner is…”

Ms Radziszewska was asked by the programme’s presenters whether she should be on the other side of the argument but she apparently said that was the way she saw it. She later apologised but said Mr Mr Śmiszek’s sexual orientation could easily be discovered on the internet.

Mr Śmiszek has reacted furiously to her comments and intends to sue. “This is pure homophobia,” he told daily Gazeta Wyborcza on Tuesday. “In no other EU country would such a person still hold their post. I do not hide my sexual orientation, but it’s my private business. My personal rights have been violated.” – Pink News

And once again these attitudes are mostky to blame on the Catholic Church/.

Poland is not growing in its tolernce of it’s LGBT Community and  it is remains stagnant because of the influence of the Roman Catholic Church and weak politicians who are too frightened to stand up and be counted, spend their days arguing about a cross in Warsaw with the Polish Law and Order party, or suing each other which is a regular occurance

Equality minister argues that Catholic schools should have the right terminate gay and lesbian teachers. where is the “Equality” in that ?

Perversity in all its glory