Guest Bloggers Wanted! (Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease?)

Back2Stonewall.com is looking for LGBT and Straight writers and bloggers out there who would like to contribute  post, articles. or op-ed pieces or Guest Blogger’s to the site.to add some diversity and to reach out to a larger audience.

Looking for Movie, Televison, Book & Music Reviews, Current Events, First Person LGBT History, News Worldwide and USA, Opinion Pieces, Rants, Raves, Original Fiction, Art or Poetry, Funny Video’s as long as it has ties to the LGBT Community!

I think we all  learn, get a few laughs, think, and generally becaome ore of a community by hearing about the experiences of others in the LGBT Community and local LGBT blogging space. Whether you’re a local blogger, a traditional journalist, or just someone who wants to say something.   I want to hear from you. You’ll get some exposure for your ideas, not to mention a link or two that might lead to some new traffic

Just drop me a line at freewil@hotmail.com  (Put Back2Stonewall Blog in the Subject line) and let me know if you’d be interested in contributing and your idea and lets get this party started! 

Thanks in advance….I hope