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GOP Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul Add Union Busting Amendment To ENDA

Rand Paul bad toupee

As if the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) did not have enough problems with religious extremists and a gaping religious exemptions clause that renders it almost useless and would give religious organizations, schools, hospitals and businness a free pass to continue discriminating LEGALLY against the LGBT community.  NOW we have Senators Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) trying to attach a national so-called “right-to-work” law to the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.  The two filed an amendment attaching ENDA to the anti-union measure hours before it passed the key hurdle of cloture on its way to its to the  floor debate and vote.

The idea behind right-to-work laws is much more complicated and deceiving than the name suggests. The laws prohibit unions from requiring dues payments from all employees in a unionized workplace. That creates a free-rider problem whereby workers who stand to gain higher wages and better job conditions from a successful union contract bargaining effort can refuse to help pay for those efforts. While the laws are often billed as rescuing workers from being forced to pay union dues, it weaken unions, and drives down wages. Workers in right-to-work states like Michigan and Indiana make about $1,500 less per year than those in other states and workplace safety and health insurance benefits are much weaker according to studies of the 22 states that operate under the policy.

Dirty GOP politics and corporate greed at the expense of civil rights and the well being of American citizens.

THAT is the Republican party

Source: Think Progress

Tennessee Man Beaten At His High School Reunion For Being Gay – Sometimes It Doesn’t Get Better

So much bad news today.

Shawn Farris of Franklin County, Tennessee was attacked and beaten over the weekend ay his High School reunion for that fact that he is gay.

Ironically, Shawn Farris, who is a flight attendant, started the group the “Flight Attendant Project” to help at-risk LGBT youth.

And of course the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office is not going to investigate the incident the violence against Shawn as a hate crime. The are calling the case a simple assault

Its not “simple” when someone calls you a “faggot” and a “queer” and then beats you up you banjo playing, redneck, yokel Sheriff.

Its a HATE CRIME and should be dealt with as such Bubba.

Franklin County Sheriff’s Office
420 Wilton Circle Winchester, TN 37398
(931) 962-0123

Chicago Police Mock Boystown Robbery Victim: “Don’t Mess With The Boys In Dresses”

During a recent rash of iPhone robberies in LGBT area of Boystown in Chicago over the weekend disturbing audio has come forward of Chicago’s not-so-finest mocking and blaming the victims of crimes over the police radio.

In an audio recording of the police scanner traffic received by ChicagoPride.com, a male dispatcher is heard broadcasting a robbery in progress near North Halsted at 5:17 a.m. Sunday.

A male officer replies four minutes later that he found nothing in the area.

Less than 30 seconds pass before the dispatcher reports that the victim, a Hispanic male, placed a 911 call and was robbed by “four male blacks dressed as females.” An ambulance is dispatched.

The officer then states over the police radio, “If you wouldn’t stay out late, this wouldn’t happen.”
The dispatcher jokes, “If you wouldn’t mess with boys in dresses, this wouldn’t happen.”

About eight minutes after the initial dispatch, the victim received help from another officer responding to the call.

“Blaming the victim aspect of this incident is troubling,”said Christina Kahrl, Lakeview Action Coalition (LAC) volunteer leader and Equality Illinois board director.  “LAC has been working with the Chicago Police Department to develop general protocols to ensure police sensitivity and competence on transgender issues, whether they are suspects or victims. The goal is that the police treat transgender folk with the same dignity and respect owed to all people.”

The Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC) is looking into the matter but (of course) neither the officer nor dispatcher have been identified.

Video – Lieutenant John Pike Viscously Pepper Sprays Unarmed Student Protestors At UC Davis

Pike and his fellow officers claim they were in fear of thier lives.

They look threatened by the unarmed kids sitting on the ground, don’t they?

Lieutenant John Pike Phone: 530-752-3989 –  email: japikeiii@ucdavis.edu