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Anti-gay GOP Indiana Closet Case and Call Boy Buying Rep. Phil Hinkle Refuses To Step Down

Two weeks ago Back2Stonewall.com reported on Anti-Gay Conservative Christian Indiana State Rep. Phillip Hinkle who was BUSTED responding to a local posting on Craigslist — offered a young man $80 plus tip to spend time with him at a JW Marriott hotel and then bribing him to stay quiet.

Phil Hinkle is refusing calls, now public, from the House Speaker,  to step down.

From theIndy Star reports:

Hinkle said that he understands why he’s being stripped of his committee chairmanships and that he won’t seek re-election. But he said he will not resign, despite House Speaker Brian Bosma’s call Tuesday to do so.  And he said he did nothing illegal with — or to — the young man and that he himself was the victim of a crime. But he said he would not file a police report.

Gotta love the Roy Cohn approach. “I’m not gay, I just have sex with other men.”

Hinkle attempted to pay for sex, but the sex never happened and money was never actually exchanged. Hinkle (and his family) then piled on the bribes, which were not accepted.  Solicitating sex for money is against the law in the State of Indiana.   Also the GOP  double standard is mind boggling.  Anthony Wiener gets tortured for sending a picture of his wang to another consenting adult but a 50 year old GOP closet case who attempts to buy sex from an 18 year old boy and then bribe him to remain silent gets a pass from the GOP and the Conservative Christians who are staying extremely silent in this matter as per their usual hypocritical ways.