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Homo Say What? – American Family Association’s NUTCASE Tim Wildmon: "Impeach Judge Vaugh Walker"

As the relisious rights goes INSANE after yesterday’s striking down of Prop 8 as unconstitutional we have total loon Tim Wildmon of The Amerrican Family Association calling for the “impeachement” of Judge Vaugh Walker by the California House of Representatives!

“This is a tyrannical, abusive and utterly unconstitutional display of judicial arrogance. Judge Walker has turned ‘We the People’ into ‘I the Judge.’ It’s inexcusable for him to deprive the citizens of California of their right to govern themselves, and cavalierly trash the will of over seven million voters. This case never should even have entered his courtroom. The federal constitution nowhere establishes marriage policy, which means under the 10th Amendment that issue is reserved for the states.

“It’s also extremely problematic that Judge Walker is a practicing homosexual himself. He should have recused himself from this case, because his judgment is clearly compromised by his own sexual proclivity. The fundamental issue here is whether homosexual conduct, with all its physical and psychological risks, should be promoted and endorsed by society. That’s why the people and elected officials accountable to the people should be setting marriage policy, not a black-robed tyrant whose own lifestyle choices make it impossible to believe he could be impartial.”

What an asshat.

So if Judge Walker needed to recuse himself from the case for being a “practicing homosexual”,  then that means that any “African American” judge couldn’t oversee a case concerning “African American issues”, or a “Hetrosexual judge” couldn;t oversee any case with “hetrosexusl issues”.

I tell you kids its going to be an interesting next few days because insanity isn’t just running rampant through these anti-gay hate groups, its fucking galloping!

Oh The Hypocracy! – Originally Against The Prop 8 Trial – Perry v Schwarzenengger Joe Solmonese, HRC, And Other Gay Inc. Organizations Suck Up The Victory Limelight.

Way back in  May 2009 when Chad Griffin had lined up Ted Olson and David Boies to argue the shit out of Prop 8’s unconstitutionality, America and California’s Gay Inc. groups were really pissed off.

HRC joined Lambda Legal, the ACLU, National Center for Lesbian Rights, (who originally won same-sex marriage in California in In re Marriage Cases and defended it in Strauss v. Horton) GLAAD, Victory Fund, Log Cabin Republicans, and PFLAG in denouncing the Perry v. Schwarzenegger lawsuit, saying in an open letter, “Rather than filing premature lawsuits, we need to talk to our friends, family and neighbors, and help them understand why denial of the freedom to marry is wrong.”
Oh and here’s your PROOF in PDF Form
So lets check in with these naysayers today who have no problem
Evan Wolfson – Freedom to Marry:  “Today’s federal ruling strikes down a cruel and unfair constitutional amendment that should never have become law and affirms that the freedom to marry belongs to every American. As the first court to strike down race restrictions on marriage said in 1948, ‘the essence of the right to marry is freedom to join in marriage with the person of one’s choice.’ There is no gay exception in the Constitution to personal choice and the right to marry, and there is no good reason to continue excluding same-sex couples from marriage. Judge Walker’s decision will be appealed and litigation will continue, but what we witnessed in the clear light of his courtroom cannot be erased.”
James Esseks – ACLU LGBT Project:  “Today’s decision is a huge victory for the LGBT people of America. For the first time, a federal court has conducted a trial and found that there is absolutely no reason to deny same-sex couples the fairness and dignity of marriage. At the same time, we know that this is not the end. In order to give this case the best possible chance of success as it moves through the appeals courts, we need to show that America is ready for same-sex couples to marry by continuing to seek marriage and other relationship protections in states across the country. It’s simply not fair, and not legal, to continue to exclude committed same-sex couples from marriage.”

Jarrett Barrios: – GLAAD:   “More and more Americans are supporting equality, and it is the stories of same-sex couples that are leading that charge across the nation. Today’s decision comes after same-sex couples from across California shared their personal stories with Judge Vaughn Walker and the public, helping to show that all loving and committed couples — straight and gay — should have the same opportunity to take care of and be responsible for each other. We urge media to highlight the couples impacted by today’s decision to grant them the liberty and equality upon which our nation was founded.”

Rea Carey – National Gay and Lesbian Task Force:  “This ruling marks a victory for loving, committed couples who want nothing more than the same rights and security as other families. From the start, this has been about basic fairness. Today we celebrate the affirmation of this fundamental principle; tomorrow we are back out there sharing our personal stories and having conversations with Californians and people all across the country about why this matters and who we are. The tide is turning nationwide in favor of marriage equality, but our work is far from over. Today’s ruling is just a beginning step in what will likely be a long process, yet we are confident that fairness will prevail. Our conversations are breaking down barriers and helping to transform our country.”

And then we have KING HYPOCRITE Joe Solmonese who was already doing a segment on Keith Oberman last night and its been said that the HRC is already sending out emails using the California decision tosolicit HRC donations.

he one thing we need to remember is that if everybody took their advice last year — and opted not for a federal lawsuit, but a continued piecemeal strategy that’s an exercise in two steps forward, one-to-three steps back — we’d be here in August 2010 still with our tails between our legs. And while Perry has a long way and likely several years to go before today’s ruling becomes the law of the land, it is unarguably the most significant victory in the history of the marriage equality battle. And HRC, an organization devoted to securing federal equality,and many others orgs from Gay Inc. didn’t have a single hand in it or do any work for it.  Actually they went out of their way to hinder it.

Instead of comments of praise and television segments in which they suck up the limelight for something that they against these groups need to be sending out apologies to the plantiffs, Olsen and Boises and the entire LGBT Community.

Let us not forget this.


Today 8/4/2010 Is Our Proposition 8 "Day of Decision" – Whatever The Outcome We Must ALL Stand Together (VIDEO)

Today is the day we find out Judge Vaugh Walker’s decision in the Prop 8 Trail – Perry v. Schwarzenegger.

Whatever the outcome, weather we WIN or LOSE, CELEBRATE or PROTEST we must all band together and support each other.

This is a historic day.  If we WIN it is not only a win for the Lesbian and gay Community of California but it a win for Lesbians and Gays throughout the United States and sets precident for other challanges and the eventual fight all the way to The Supreme Court.   And even if we LOSE this is not over and will never be over until we have the same exact rights as all American Citizens. 

We must stand together, in celebtaion or tears and continue fighting..

Here is to HOPE!

BREAKING NEWS! – Prop 8 – Perry v Schwarzenengger Trial Verdict To Be Announced TOMORROW! (Wednesday August 4, 2010)

From the American Foundation for Equal Rights:

The federal court announced today that it will release its decision in the American Foundation for Equal Right’s landmark case, Perry v. Schwarzenegger, on Wednesday August 4, 2010, the court will issue its written order containing findings of fact and conclusions of law following the court trial held in January and June of this year. The order will be e-filed in the court’s Electronic Case Filing system, and will be immediately available thereafter through ECF and PACER. Visit www.cand.uscourts.gov for details on registering for PACER. There will be no court proceeding associated with the publication of the order.

A small number of hard copies will also be made available for public review shortly after the order is e-filed in the following locations:

San Francisco Courthouse: Clerk’s Office (16th Floor) & Press Room (18th Floor)
Oakland Courthouse: Clerk’s Office
San Jose Courthouse: Clerk’s Office

Here we go kids.  Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day.  I am so excited I’m sick!

Hold me James Franco!  (What?  it’s as good an excuse as any.)

Read The Official Transcript of Perry v. Schwarzenegger – Prop 8 Closing Arguments

After yesterdays closing arguments in the Perry v. Schwarzenegger – Prop 8 trial Judge Vaugh Walker is expected to rule in Perry v. Schwarzenegger in a few weeks.

Yesterday, Reuters reported on the defense’s (Charlie Cooper’s and the bad guys) stunning (and assinine) statement that they did not need any evidence to prove the purpose of marriage:

Conservative Charles Cooper led the defense, arguing that it is reasonable to fear that allowing same-sex marriage would undermine heterosexual marriage and self-evident that the purpose of marriage was procreating and raising children.

“You don’t have to have evidence” to prove that the purpose of marriage is to bear and raise children, he said in the closing arguments, citing legal precedents.

Months earlier, he had surprised the court by saying he did not know how gay marriage would hurt heterosexuals — and that he did not need to know in order to win the case.

“At the end of the day, ‘I don’t know’ and ‘I don’t have to present any evidence,’ with all respect to Mr. Cooper, doesn’t cut it,” responded Olson on Wednesday.

Walker subjected Cooper to a barrage of questions, turning the lawyer’s closing arguments into a cross-examination about the purpose of marriage, the state’s role, and whether gays deserve special court protection akin to racial minorities.

Cooper contended that the only way to invalidate Prop 8 was to prove there had been absolutely no good reason, or rational basis, for millions of Californians to back it.

Below  is the official transcript from yesterday’s closing arguments:

Homo Say What? – National Organization For Marriage’s Barefoot BITCH Maggie Gallagher Concedes Prop 8!

Mooooooooooooooooo – gie Gallagher the ex-president and current BITCH of The National Organization For Marriage not only tried to screw with out rights but at one point today had to be the bailiff at the closing Prop 8 arguments to put her bare feet down from which she had resting on the back of the chair in front of her!  WHAT A SLAG!

Afterwards, the slag bitch posyed on their Anti – Prop 8 site:

“Chuck Cooper is a heckuva lawyer. At stake in this case is the future of marriage in all 50 states, and he’s right that this attempt to shut down the debate by constitutionalizing gay marriage will backfire. Americans have a right to vote for marriage. Ted Olson doesn’t seem to understand the argument, and judging from today’s exchanges neither does Judge Walker. I expect Judge Walker will overrule Prop 8. But millions of Americans do understand why marriage is the union of husband and wife and I believe the majority of the Supreme Court will as well.”

I’m surprised she didn’t say “I expect the gay Judge Walker will overrule Prop 8.” You know those will be the first words out of her mouth if it is indeed overturned.  Its actually hinted to already on thier crappy website.  This group feels perfectly justified in dehumaniizing people. Their income depends on it.

But I’ll give the bitch one thing.  She’s was right. Cooper is a heck of a lawyer. He almost did a better job proving the plaintiffs case than Olsen did!  MANY thanks to him from our side!

New Written Arguments Presented At Prop 8/ Perry v Schwarzenengger Trial – Bigots Grasp At Straws And The Craziness Continues To Flow

Lawyers in the first federal trial to examine whether state bans on same-sex marriages are constitutional have submitted new written arguments to the judge who will decide the case.

Chief U.S. Judge Vaughn Walker requested the briefs summarizing the respective sides’ evidence to help him prepare for closing arguments.

In papers filed late Friday, lawyers for the sponsors of California’s gay marriage ban offered new twists on their claim that allowing gay men and lesbians to wed could undermine man-woman unions

“Californians voted for Proposition 8 because they thought it would strengthen the institution of marriage (and) … because they thought it would benefit children,” (Blah, blah, blah)

 But get this.  The “new” reasons they cite is that legalizing gay marriage can lead to giving bisexuals a legal basis for pursuing group marriages and unmarried fathers an incentive to abandon their children..

And they have the nerve to call us fruitcakes.

The Mormon Church – LDS Is Afraid That Perry v. Schwarzenegger Will Infringe On Thier Right to Hate

You know its not really like I, or any of us should be surprised.  After all it wasn’t until the 1960’s that the Mormon elders had a “revelation” that allowed them to change official church doctrine saying that black people were not really people.  What is surprising though is that the Mormon Chruch whines constantly that they themselves are discriminated, looked down upon and hated and after reading statements like the above one knows why.  The pompus arrogance alone sets ones teeth grinding and that on top of the fact that racism, sexism, and bigotry are all built into the very fabric of the Mormon church seals the deal.

“I believe that the greatest challenge faced by the church is the challenge to religious liberty that is growing worldwide. … A battle is looming over the effort to acquire civil social rights at the expense of civil religious rights. This battle, I believe, represents the acceleration of a disturbing slide downward in the law regarding the place of religion in the public square. … Perry seeks a court declaration that, as a matter of law, religious views may not be used to justify the denial of a social civil right. Stated differently, they essentially claim that the voters, from whom all authority in a democracy flows, may not consider religious views and values when deciding these alleged social and cultural civil rights. These are serious allegations and represent an arrow directly at the heart not only of traditional marriage but at the place of religion and religious views in the political dialogue of this country.” – LDS Wlder and Member of the Quorum of the Seventy -Lance Wickman – 2010 J. Reuben Clark Law Society Conference at the University of Utah

Same-sex marriage in no way infringes on anybody’s “religious freedoms”. Religious people are always free to worship as they choose. They are even free to hate whomever they want to the ends of the earth (just as the KKK, Neo-Nazis and other hate groups do). That will never change no matter how many laws there are to protect women, LGBT people, blacks, immigrants, etc. The laws aren’t in place to prevent hatred or change beliefs. They’re in place to prevent discrimination and harm.

The only thing that’s denied to them is the “right” they believe they have–to discriminate against others in the name of their religion. That is not a right they deserve nor is it a “religious freedom” guaranteed under the Constitution. Their freedoms stop where the rights of others begin. Or as my father used to say and bear this in mind Mr. Wickman if ever we should meet. “Your freedoms stop where my fist connects with your nose”

Perry vs. Schwarzenegger – Olsen & Boies ReadyTo Rest Case Monday 1/25/2010

Lawyer David Boies tells the Wall Street Journal today that his side will rest their case tomorrow.  After they rest, the religious freak bigots are expected to present a short defense as four of their six witnesses have withdrawn over claims that violent homosexuals will attack their families if they do.

From the WSJ:

“We’re pleased with the way it has gone,” said David Boies, an attorney for the gay couples who want to wed. He said he set out to prove that marriage was an important right, that gays were harmed by being denied that right and that marriage wouldn’t be hurt by extending it to same-sex couples. “We’ve proven all three of those,” he said. Judge Vaughn Walker will decide whether the 2008 voter initiative that limited marriage to a man and a woman codified discrimination or protected a legitimate state interest. This is the first federal challenge to state gay-marriage bans. Defense lawyer Andrew Pugno said his side would present evidence from experts that traditional definitions of marriage between heterosexual couples have special benefit for children and for society.