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Brett Favre Fined $50,000 Over Penis Pics – Man Was He Over Charged – Have A Look

Poor Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre has been fined $50,000 by the NFL for sending picutues of his penis to a female employee of the New York Jets, for whom Favre played at the time. 

Now I don;t understand why the NFL fined him because I mean they don;t own the exclusive rights to Bretts penis do they?

But anyway you look at Brett was seriously over fined because after looking at the pics you’ll see it ain’t no big thang!

Poor little Brett. 

CLICK to see ——>  Brett Farve’s Infamous NWSF Penis Pics

Tampa Bay Rays Evan Longoria Naked And Swinging A Mighty Bat

Tampa Bay Rays 3rd baseman Evan Longoria sure knows how to swing a mighty bat!  The 24-year-old had a nudie photo hit the interwebs yesterday that was obtained by Barstool Sports writer Jenna who says he tried to hook up with her through Facebook, years ago, before he joined The Rays.

LONGoria never denied or apologized for the picturs.  And as you can see after the jump he has NO REASON to apologize.  It’s a mighty impressive louisville Slugger he swings.

CLICK “Read more” below for Evans NWSF pic.

Evan LONGlorious

Whats "Too Gay" Today? – Betty White Hoodies!, Jason Akermanis Whines, Director Don Roos Self Loathes, Enrique Iglesias Snaps His Junk and MORE!

Woman’s Wear Daily reports that Betty White “who has more street cred than people a quarter of her age” is launching her own line of T-shirts and hoodies that will hit stores in August.  Portions of sales for the will go to the Morris Animal Foundation, an animal health organization, for which White serves as a trustee.  Awwww We LOVE Betty!

*  Homophobic, bleached blond and butt ugly homophobe Australian Rules Football  player Jason Akermanis just won’t STFU!  Dude give it a REST!

* Openly gay movie  director Don Roos says that gay actors are distracting to homophobic audiences.  This comes from a hack homo director.  Self hate much Don?

*  Enrique Iglesias at a concert in Las Vegas took a camera from a fan pointed it down his pants and took a picture of his junk and gave the camera back. From what rumopurs we hear lets hope it had a telephoto lens/

*  Young and openly gay Kentucky House candidate Matthew Vanderpool, rejects contribution from Victory Fund: Saying that while he IS gay, he has no “gay agenda” and does not want to be in the groups back pocket.  Is this clever marketing to the haters in Kentucky? Because it’s really not tall hat clever.  Gay agenda or not they GOP and the Kentucky Redneks are ALWAYS going to hate and be against you.

Whats "Too Gay" Today ! – Lady Gaga DOES NOT Have A Penis, Zac Efron: Seaman [Spelling?], Sarah Ferguson Sells The Queen, John McCain Hires A Gay, and Homophobe Pastor Jeff Owens Apologizes…….Sort Of.

*  I’m not usually into twinks but I’d swab Zac Efron’s decks anyday!

Okay everyone listen up!  It is NOW OFFICIALLady Gaga DOES NOT have a penis!.  Reporter goes to the bathroom with the Lady and gets visual confirmation!

*  Have an extra $750k lying around?  Well if you do Sarah Ferguson will SELL you access to the British Royals!  (Or you can just save you money and go to “SPLASH” in NYC. (Video)

* Grandpa Munster, I mean Sen. John McCain has enlisted the support of Mark Buse, his gay Senate chief of staff, to lead his Senate re-election campaign.  Buse, a former lobbyist, (and TOTAL asshole) was outed as a homosexual (by his ex!) back in 2008 during McCain’s presidential campaign,

*  Pastor Jeff Owens, of the famous “Time to burn fags, not flags” sermon apologized, sort of in a message posted on the site of the Shenandoah Baptist Church..  note that the message is on the church’s “contact” page, not their main page, and one must go through the below button to read it. In other words, it seems like this apology is meant to be seen by homos that are looking for the church’s phone number. And not by the church’s members. Owens did post an audio apology as well, however

James Franco’s Gay Naked Basketball Short Film SNEAK PEEK! – (Video)

As A Single Man taught us, when gay men stare longingly at shirtless hunks engaged in athletic activity, their dull worlds become color-saturated. But even though James Franco’s black-and-white, NSFW short film The Feast of Stephen is wildly unrealistic in that regard, but it still managed to score a Teddy Award last week in Berlin for excellence in queer cinema. Here (via Movieline) are 41 basketball- and penis-filled seconds from Stephen.

God, ya just gotta love James Franco.