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Giant Erection Waving Devil Statue Pops Up In Canada

Devil Cock


A large red Satan statue, complete with horns, a tail, and anatomically correct (1.e. with HUGE fucking penis) appeared out of no-where one night earlier this week along the highly trafficked Grandview Highway in the city’s Grandview-Woodlands neighborhood in Vancover, Canada where it could be seen by literally thousands of commuters before the city stepped in to tear it down.

The statue was not a piece of City commissioned artwork and consequently it has been removed,” says City of Vancouver spokesperson Sara Couper.

The site was previously home to a bronze Christopher Columbus commemorative statue, installed in 1986. The statue was moved to the Italian Garden in Hastings Park 10 years ago.

Back2Stonewall.com is currently looking for the model the statue is based on. #HailSatan

Russian Military To Give “Short Arm Inspection” To Look For “Gay Tattoos” On Soilders Penis’

Naked russian soilder

Today in the “Where do I apply for this job?” department.

The St. Petersburg Times is reporting that The Russian Defense Ministry has come up with a new plan  for searching out gay soldiers which includes a directive to inspect firm russian soilders asses and peens  for “gay tattoos.”

Special attention is recommended for tattoos near the face, sexual organs and buttocks, as the author believes that such tattoos reveal possible sexual deviations. “The reason for getting tattoos could indicate a low cultural or educational level. If an influence by external factors is determined, for example, persuasion or direct coercion, this indicates the malleability of the young man, his disposition to submit to another’s will,” the text says.

The guidelines also include a wide range of warning signs indicative of mental instability, including early sexual experience and ‘uncontrolled sexual behavior,’ both of which are included in the same category as alcohol abuse, running away from home, suicidal tendencies and theft. Officers acting as mentors to new recruits are advised to hold a personal conversation with the conscripts to ask about sexual experience and conduct a physical examination, paying special attention to any tattoos — but only after leading up to such intimate questions by asking about family, everyday life, success in school and attitudes toward alcohol.

Falcon Video porn parody of this story in 3…2…1…


2012 Golden Globes Winner List & Highlight Video: George Clooney, Penis Jokes, and Madonna

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Presenting: The Penis Size Across Europe Map! – Hungary For More?

Don;t get too excited by the numbers just yet kids.  That is centimeters they are talking about on average not inches

But Hungary is clearly the winner.  And as for Russia, now we know why they’ve been pissed off all these years.

But I must say as a proud bohunk Polish/American by looking at the numbers it must have been a very cold day in Warsaw when they took those measurements because the numbers don’t ring true to what I know.

Andrew Breitbart Leaks Anthony Weiners Penis Photo – Wanna See Weiner’s Wiener?

Supposedly Andrew Breitbart made a deal with Rep. Anthony Weiner that he wouldn’t leak Weiner’s penis pic as not to as Breibart said ” “I don’t think I want to put his family through that type of thing.”

But that didn’t stop Briebart from whipping out his IPhone and showing the pic to some buddy’s who immediately photographed it and has sent it on its merry way.

So now its ALL out and  this should invalidate whatever deal  cut with that douchebag Briebart not to show it and hopefully Briebart will be prosecuted for attempted extortion and blackmail.

Now about the pic.  Its fuzzy but DAMN Anthony is packing a nice piece!

I told you all he has the biggest balls in the House

UPDATE:  I have removed the picture of Anthony Weiner’s penis from Back2Stonewall.com.  My integrity has won out over page views.

I saw it.  Its impressive and I still think that this is not such a huge deal as to ruin a brillant politican’s career. 

If you want to follow-up on this please head over to Gawker.com

Andrew Breitbart Releases MORE Anthony Weiner Pics!

Andrew Breitbart’s BigGovernment.com and BigJournalism.com has released MORE pics of Rep. Anthony Weiner.

Relax they are only bare chested and face pics.

I just want everyone to know I’m not posting the pics as a condemnation of Weiner because I believe what he did has absolutely NO baring on his political prowess.  The man IS a great politician.  I’m just posting it for you out there who are into skinny guys with BIG dicks.

That is all.

CHORIZOGATE – MMA And Former UFC Champion Tito Ortiz Naked Picture Leaked Online

First we had “Weinergate” and now we have “Chorizogate”!

First we have a junk shot of what “might be” Rep Anthony Wiener’s wiener (YUM) after his Twitter account was “hacked” and now full blown nude of Tito Ortiz, an MMA and UFC ultimate fighter champion has been sent out on Twitter and Tito also says he was “hacked”  (And unlike Wiener’s pic we cal tell this is 100%  Prime Grade A Tito)

The photo shot with phone is a self portrait where Tito stands in front of a mirror in all his glory and his chorizo puts Anthony’s weiner to shame.

Moments after the photo was tweeted Ortiz tweeted “Someone hacked my fucking phone!”

Tito man, chill out.  You’ve got nothing to be ashamed of.

To see the full NWSF naked pic of Tito Ortiz click READ MORE below to expand the page

Video – Jon Stewart On Weinergate: ‘No way! His dick is just not that big’

Jon Stewart of the Daily Show took a long hard look at Anthony Weiner’s wiener and “Weinergate” last night a story that hits close to home to Stewart.  So close in fact that Stewart spent weekends when he was younger at  Anthony Weiner’s lake house in the mountains and as Jon compared the picture to his memories of swimming experiences with Weiner he concludes that the picture is indeed NOT Weiner’s wiener because as Stewart puts it.  “There was a lot more Anthony and alot less weiner.”

Brett Favre Fined $50,000 Over Penis Pics – Man Was He Over Charged – Have A Look

Poor Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre has been fined $50,000 by the NFL for sending picutues of his penis to a female employee of the New York Jets, for whom Favre played at the time. 

Now I don;t understand why the NFL fined him because I mean they don;t own the exclusive rights to Bretts penis do they?

But anyway you look at Brett was seriously over fined because after looking at the pics you’ll see it ain’t no big thang!

Poor little Brett. 

CLICK to see ——>  Brett Farve’s Infamous NWSF Penis Pics