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Gay Suicide Victim Jamey Rodemeyer’s Abusers Continue After Death, Chanting ‘We’re Glad You’re Dead’ At Homecoming Dance

There comes a point when you get so disgusted at the stories that you read and report that you literally want to stop blogging.

This is one of them.

Jamey Rodemeyer, who committed suicide recently after years of bullying parents appeared on the TODAY show this morning and told Ann Curry that even in death Jamey’s abusers continue to torture not him now but his family and his memory.

At a homecoming dance she attended shortly after her brother’s death, a potentially poignant moment turned ugly after a song by Lady Gaga, Jamey’s favorite artist, who recently dedicated a song at a concert in his memory.

“She was having a great time, and all of a sudden a Lady Gaga song came on, and they all started chanting for Jamey, all of his friends,’’ Jamey’s mother, Tracy, told Curry. “Then the bullies that put him into this situation started chanting, ‘You’re better off dead!’ and ‘We’re glad you’re dead!’ and things like that.

“My daughter came home all upset. It was supposed to be a time for her to grieve and have fun with her friends, and it turned into bullying even after he’s gone.’

These “bullies” shouldn’t be at a dance they should be in jail.  And actually they shouldn;t be called “Bullies” at all.  They are “MURDERERS” and in a perfect world, if I had my way, they would be in rotting in jail for murder and so would their parents as accomplices for allowing their children to become so hateful and evil.

Jesus wept and so do I.