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Koran Burning Lunatic “Pastor” Terry Jones Hangs Obama Effigy With Gay Pride Flag Attached

Quran-burning, publicity hound lunatic “Pastor” Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center in Florida,  has placed an effigy of President Obama outside his church hanging by a noose with a gay flag attached to one hand and a baby doll attached to the other with the words “Obama is Killing America” are written on a trailer nearby.

Jones said the flag was meant to call attention to Obama’s stance on same-sex  marriage and that the baby doll is there because the president is “favorable  toward abortion.”

Jones told a local news sation “It’s very clearly not a death threat. It is to represent that he is to…let’s  say…die politically, if you want to put it like that”

"Burn The Koran" Pastor Terry Jones Was Forced Out Of Germany Over "Pray The Gay Away" Schemes And "Anti Islamic" Tactics

We all know that the deranged “Pastor” Terry Jones of the ironically named Dove Outreach Ministries of Gainesville, FL wants to burn the Koran on September 11th , and we remember that the church  put a “No Homo Mayor” sign in front of their church earlier this year to protest the election of Mayor Craig Lowe.  But Jones, has a record of scandal in the nation of Germany that got him ousted from practicing there.  Jones ran a church in the western German city of Cologne until last year when members of the congregation expelled him.  Former members have spoken of his hate-filled sermons and insistence on “blind obedience.”

“At one point he wanted to help a homosexual member to pray away his sins,” report the former members. This may not sound shocking or even strange to Americans because we have become accustomed to such religious schemes. In Germany however, civil unions have been the law of the land since 2001 and gays are allowed to openly serve in the military. Even the mayor of Berlin is openly gay. It is in this context that congregants found Jones behavior to be “radical” and that he suffered from a “delusional personality”.

No shit.

Jones also began his crusade against Islam in Germany. It was his actions in this regard which lead to a severe loss of congregants, forcing the preacher to try his luck in the United States instead.  (Lucky us.)

In a statement issued last Wednesday, Charlotte Knobloch, president of the Germany’s Central Council of Jews, said Jones’ recent stunt planned for 9/11 was “a terrible and repulsive” idea and that it reminded her of the Nazis’ infamous book-burning in 1933. “Where they burn books, they will end up burning people,” she said, quoting the 19th-century German author Heinrich Heine.

Jones is a repulsive dangerous megalomaniac and needs to be treated with and dealt with as such.

Anderson Cooper Talks With Koran Buring Crazy Ass Religious Extremist "Pastor" Terry Jones – Video

Anderson Cooper took on batshit crazy religious extremest and terrorist Pastor Terry Jones of Florida (Who btw is also ant-gay) who is holding a “Burn The Koran” day on the Anniversary of the 9/11 last night and Cooper held no punches.

COOPER: Do you consider yourself a bigot?

JONES: No, not at all. And we do not consider our message a message of hate.

It is — it is a clear message of warning. We have tried to make it very, very clear that, according to the United States Constitution, Muslims are more than welcome in America. They are welcome to worship. They are welcome to build mosques.

We have made that very, very clear. I understand they’re not in agreement. And they’re mad and angry. They’re — they’re — they’re insulted because we are burning the Koran, but they should, indeed, be with us on the fact that radical Islam is bad. It is evil. We do not want it in this country.

COOPER: Well, I — I — I think the vast majority of Muslims in the United States would agree that — that extremism and radical Islam is a bad thing. And many of them have worked to — to fight it.

But I asked about the bigotry, because the definition of a bigot that I just got off Dictionary.com is a person who is intolerant of any ideas other than his or her own, especially on religion, politics or race.

You do appear to be remarkably intolerant on any ideas other than your own regarding religion.

JONES: We are — as the Bible teaches, as Jesus teaches, we are intolerant, yes.

Jones is clearly insane to the point of Fred Phelps and The Westboro Baptist Church order.  What he is doin is very dangerous.  It has been condemned by the White House and General Petreaus because it can spark an international incident and lead to the harm of American solders fighting in the Middle East and can spark more terrorist attacks at home,e and abroad.

But STLL there has been NO CONDEMNATION from the Republican Party, The Tea Party, any Right Wing Groups or Religious organizations. 

Their silence is deafening.

*You can watch the FULL Anderson Cooper 360 Interview after the jump….