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Video – D.C. Douglas Does It Again! “Santorum – Google It” aka Rombo vs Santorum

For those of you who don;t know D.C. Douglas is a character actor, voice actor, and director who in April  of 2010 came under fire from the Tea Party movement for a phone call he made to Freedomworks in which he left an inflammatory voice mail.  A day later GEICO dropped him from the new “shocking news” series of internet commercials that were in post-production. Douglas responded by producing a mock Tea Party PSA for YouTube and since then D.C. has been creating short political videos skewing the GOP and the Tea Party.

In November, 2011, D.C. Douglas was the one tweeted and passed along a quote from a Tower Heist Q & A where Brett Ratner said  “rehearsing is for fags,” which led to Ratner stepping down from the 2012 Oscars.

The Way "LOST" Should Have Ended!

Did you guys hear about that show about the crashed  plane on the sland that lasted 6 overly long seasons that ended last night and disappointed 14 million viewers and really answered no questions.


Luckily the parody’s have begun!

Hopefuly this will make up for it.  As for J.J. Abrams all I can say is that “Super 8” better be in-fuck-ing credible to make up for last night!