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More On Magic Johnson Loving & Supporting His Gay Son

Over the past week, news of NBA all star Magic Johnson and his son who is gay has been all over the media. Even more so the attention has been on how loving and accepting Johnson has been since it was discovered that his son Earvin was spotted out with his boyfriend around Los Angeles. In a recent interview, Johnson gave a more elaborate statement on his brief yet succinct statement on his son’s sexuality earlier this week. Here’s more:

The former Los Angeles Lakers superstar said he knew EJ was gay before he told him. So when his son was about 13 years old, he sat him down to have “the talk.”

“I told him, ‘Hey, we are here to support you, man. We are gonna love you no matter who you are, what you do. We just want you to love yourself and also make sure that you have all the information,'” he told TMZ’s Harvey Levin in a candid interview. “And that’s what I wanted to give him. Just provide him with advice and guidance.”

Magic explained that EJ was worried about getting his father’s support. He admitted his son previously had some trouble coming out to those outside his family. After all, as the son of a public figure, the spotlight could be intense.

The biggest reason that this story has garnered widespread attention is not because Earvin is the son of an NBA legend or because the incessantly aggressive media hungry for a story. And it’s not because this is an African American family that is contesting the wide held belief of our society that African Americans are inherently more homophobic (which is not true). The reason that this story is making such huge news is because of how unaffected Magic Johnson and his son are about his son being gay. All we truly see is a father that loves and accepts his son no matter what. Unconditional and irrevocable love. And that is the way it should be. It’s just a story about a loving family.

NBA Legend Magic Johnson Lovingly Supports His Gay Son

Former NBA player for the LA Lakers turned activist Earvin “Magic” Johnson recently was asked about his 20 year old son, Earvin (also called EJ3) who was seen out in public with his boyfriend. The response from Magic Johnson is what we all hope our parents would have, complete love and support. Here’s more:

Earvin Johnson III, one of Magic’s three children, stepped out hand-in-hand with his unidentified boyfriend on Los Angeles’s Sunset Strip on Monday night, TMZ reports.

Although this is reportedly the first time Earvin, also known as EJ, and his boyfriend have been seen together publicly, there is nothing to suggest that he was not open about his sexuality prior to this.

EJ is a 20-year-old student at New York University and Magic and his wife, Earlitha “Cookie” Kelly, couldn’t be prouder of him. “Cookie and I love EJ and support him in every way,” Magic told TMZ. “We’re very proud of him.”

When Magic revealed he was HIV-positive in 1991, rumors about his sexuality arose. Instead of recoiling from the spotlight and the speculation, the former Los Angeles Lakers player used his celebrity to spread awareness and tolerance.

Back in 2008, Magic opposed California’s Proposition 8 — a clause that banned same-sex marriage in the state.

Prop 8 singles out one group of Californians to be treated differently — including members of our family, our friends, and our coworkers,” he said in a recorded telephone message sent to California voters. “That is not what California is about. So this Tuesday, vote no on Proposition 8. It is unfair and wrong. Thanks.”

For over two decades Johnson has set out to challenge and defy the stereotypes of HIV. Not only has this man showed a great example of being an involved activist in promoting awareness, prevention and treatment, he is also a devoted and loving father.