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FINALLY! - Human Rights Campaign President Chad "Rosa Parks" Griffin Steps Down

FINALLY! – Human Rights Campaign President Chad “Rosa Parks” Griffin Steps Down

Via the AP (Take the article with a huge grain of salt)

Chad Griffin, the influential gay rights activist who helped turn the Human Rights Campaign into a powerful political force, announced Thursday that he is stepping down as the organization’s president.

Griffin informed staff at HRC of his decision to step down Thursday. Griffin hasn’t said what he plans to do next. He is expected to stay at HRC until the organization names a new president; that process could take several months.

A prolific fundraiser with deep political ties, Griffin probably will become one of the most sought after advisers for Democrats preparing to undertake White House campaigns.

Said Grifter Griffin in a released statement:

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of this incredible organization at such an important moment in the history of our movement — and our nation. The true strength of the Human Rights Campaign is in its fearless army of staff and volunteers, who are committed to ensuring full equality reaches every LGBTQ person across America, and around the world. For decades, this organization has shown the world that love conquers hate. But this year, in this election, with the future of our democracy on the ballot and the equality of future generations on the line, we proved that votes conquer hate, too. Every single person across this country deserves an equal opportunity to succeed in life, without having to overcome roadblocks put in place by politicians advancing a discriminatory agenda. Even as I step down from my role in this remarkable organization, I remain committed to HRC’s mission and will continue to fight for the rights and dignity of LGBTQ people — and all Americans — as I embark on this next chapter. So now is the time to fight harder and dig deeper. Because there are still more trails to be blazed. There is still more history to be made and more battles.”

Back2Stonewall.com has never been a big fan of the HRC or of Chad “Rosa Parks” Griffin both of whom have taken the credit for work that many grassroots activists have done while sucking up all the money in the LGBT community by throwing garish galas and sending out weekly money begs only to spend more on salaries than actually lobbying for LGBT rights.  Griffin a very good friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton (Griffin worked for Bill as an Aide during his White House years) has been one on the highest overpaid ($500k + benefits a year) LGBT rights org presidents and one of the most ineffectual leaders the organization has ever had. 

We will assume there’ll be a farewell cocktail party forthwith?

Oh and Chad…….


HRC President Chad Griffin Gushes Over President Obama on MSNBC

Grossly overpaid ($350K+ a year of your donation dollars kiddies!) Chad Griffin of the Human Rights Campaign appeared on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports to gush and cream his $500 dollar designer suit pants about President Obama mentioning Stonewall and the gays during his Inaugural Address and also to talk about accepting anti-gay Chuck Hagel’s apology.

THANK GOD we have professional, big money-making advocates like Chad Griffin and others keep the pressure on President Obama our “fierce advocate”


Top 13 Human Rights Campaign Salaries Topped $2.1 Million Last Year And All We Got Was A Lousey Tee Shirt!

Oh, thats right we didn’t even get a tee shirt.  Just some lame cocktail parties at the White House and a few crumbs.

AIDS and Human Rights Activist and Blogger Michael Petrelis of the Petrelis Files has a posting that reminds us just how worthless, pampered, greedy, and over-paid the HRC’s Top “Executives” and Little Joey Solmonsleaze truly are.

Michael rminds us, via Washington Blade, longtime reporter Lou Chibbaro’s story last year that had a salary survey of our gay and AIDS orgs’ executive directors that Joe Solmonese “took a voluntary pay cut of 10 percent, lowering his total compensation from $338,400 to $302,200 a year.  That was mighty BIG of LITTLE Joe especially since he is essentially worthless.  And this year when HRC released its most recent IRS 990 filing on August 14, HRC estimate for his pay was adjusted slightly, up to $307, 050. Whats an extra 4 Grand after all for an organization that CONSTANTLY begs the Community for money while doing jack shit. 

Then we are hit with this little piece of info.  JOE FLIES FIRST CLASS! (On pg 14)
Well considering that refunable Coach and First Class tickets ARE NEVER the same price thats a very strange and since Little Joe likes to fly and flitter about to all the Gay A list events like LA to walk the red carpet for an HRC “L Word” party, or to the Sundance Film Festival, to schmooze with indie, creative types, and lets not forget the BIG HRC Fundraising Events in NTC, North Carolina, and Los Angelos thats ALOT of free drinks and smoked almonds that Little joe has consumed on our dime instead of actually WORKING.

“HRC provided first class air travel on occasions for President Joe Solmonese, as permitted by policy adopted by the HRC Board. The president’s schedulue often requires last minute changes in travel plans, and therefore fully refundable tickets are frequently used. First class tickets were occasionally purchased in situations in which fully refundable coach tickets were comparably priced to first class tickets.”

But now lets talk about the OTHER HRC Board Executives and thier bloated salaries…

Cathy Nelson

David Smith

Martin Rouse

Susanne Salkind

Alison Herwitt

James Rinefierd

Robert Falk

Christopher Speron

Elizabeth Pursell

Andrea Green

Kevin Layton

Ann Crowley

Halcyon Mathis

Total: $2,185,803

Nice work if you can get it.  And the amazing thing is that NOBODY knows what the fuck these people actually do to make these wonderful salaries while we go nowhere and remain second class citizens year after year! 

The HRC is nothing more than expenisve embaressing joke on our community at this moment.  Again and again they have proven themselves to be ineffectual and out of touch with the community, its frustraions, and its goals.  It has absolutely no sense of urgency when it comes to achiving our rights, (Probably because they will go out of business when we do), and it refuses to fight to its fullest for us.

There are ONLY two choices now.

One is to DEMAND the resignation of Joe Solmonese and the HRC Board and fill those spots with REAL Activists and Advocates and retool the entire organization.  And the other choice is to simply destroy it and cut our losses.

One thing is for sure though WE CANNOT ALLOW the HRC in its current form to continue to say that it represents us.  It is doing more harm than good and is a total embaressment and an insult to the memories of the REAL LGBT Gay Rights Activist and Advocates who not only fight today but have fought in the past to gain us our rights.