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Osmond Family Brother Alan Ratchets Up The Hate, Attacks LGBT’s Over Utah’s ENDA Bill

Alan Osmond

For the past few years I have been reporting on and off  about Alan Osmond, best known for his years as one of the Osmond Family singers. (The one with the z~mutton chops) and who now currently serves on the high council of the Orem Suncrest Stake in Orem, Utah for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons)

For the past few years Osmond  has been crusading against gay marriage hiding behind religion as so many bigots do.  Now Osmond is expanding his horizon of hate using every vile trick in the book from lying about the transgender community to “its all about the children” to try to stop Utah’s Non-discimination Bill .

In the screed below Osmond proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that his bigotry is based in hate and ignorance and that “real” religion has nothing to do with it.

From Alan Osmond’s TheFamily.com

As we draw together with family at this precious time of year, I hope you will consider how important family and gender are to each of us, as illustrated by this surprising new bill that redefines gender (and eventually family,) and makes it illegal to disagree.

Ending Privacy concern about Urquhart’s new “non-discrimination” bill are spreading like wild fire, some going so far as to name this the “Bathroom Bill,” referring to lines 584-589:

“….It is a discriminatory and prohibited employment practice to deny an employee access to restrooms, shower facilities, or dressing facilities that are consistent with the employee’s gender identity” ( Meaning gender “without regard to the individual’s designated sex at birth.” as defined in lines 88-91 )

Rather than denying the problems, the LGBT simply labels the response to legal wording as “paranoia“or “bathroom panic.” But bathroom confusion is only the first issue created by this redefinition. Being accused of hate crimes when you complain is the second. 

                                 California’s Transgender student bill

                                 45 year old man using women’s showing facility

                                 Transgender boy accused of sexual harassment in girls restroom

                                 Girls threatened with Hate crimes if they complain

Redefining Gender

Even if the bathroom language were absent the bill would have the same essential problems. Urquhart’s non-discrimination billdefines and creates two new types of gender or sexual identities:

“Gender identity” means an individual’s internal sense of gender, without regard to the individual’s designated sex at birth. Evidence of gender identity may include an individual’s self-identification, as well as the individual’s gender-related appearance, mannerisms, and other gender-related characteristics. (lines 88-91)

“Sexual orientation” means an individual’s actual or perceived orientation as heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual. (lines 124-125)

Creating new than redefining privacy. Gender law, much like marriage law, is not meant to serve the emotional needs of society, but rather to be the structure that protects women and children and even men from unchecked sexual impulse.Gender is the way we organize privacy.

It is the way we structure modesty and standards of public decency.

 We regulate the institution of marriage based on gender complementarity When marriage fails, our state law works to protect the child’s relationship with both the mother and the father, not based on what the parents want, but based on the child’s right to have both genders modeled in his life.

 Man/woman marriage is the only way to protect the child’s biological right to have both a mother and a father- two distinctly different gifts.

Man/woman marriage is only possible in a system of two genders

Adoption follows the same premise-All born of man and woman, all raised by man and woman.

 Invitro fertilization laws protect an infant’s right to have both a male and female parent, declaring it cruel to create children with the life plan that they will have no father.

Owning children irrelevant to their own emotional or biological needs for both mother and father, creates a solid foundation for human trafficking–(in French and the English translation)

If we end gender as a “sex designated at birth” and replace it with gender as an “orientation,” all of these gender based protections will end, legalizing gay adoption and gay in vitro-fertilization, punishing those who decline to participate.

                                 Adoption agencies forced to close

                                 Lesbians given power to create fatherless children 

                                 OB forced to create child for lesbian couple

                                 Methodist church forced to host gay marriage

Codifying “orientations” makes it legally acceptable, if not a legally ideal, to abandon commitments and obligations, in preference to a “sense of gender” or “sincerely held belief,” based not on a child’s needs, but on adults’ desires,or “perception of orientation;” making all of us objects in other people’s needs, rather than adults meeting our obligations to society and children. This attitude will weaken our cultural commitment to self restraint and responsibility. It will affect divorce cases and custody battles adversely, as well as weakening marriage culture in general. Can we imagine that the court could condemn parents who abandoned children in order to follow their legally protected orientation?

Since Utah’s Marriage Amendment relies upon a clear understanding of marriage as a “legal union between a man and a woman” it is imperative that we hold clear legal signals as to what gender means in Utah law.

Activist lawyers and judges are hungry to exploit such a contradiction in Utah’s code.  In this way Utah would unavoidably join the several states forced by judges to accept gay marriage, is ending “every child’s right to have both a  mother and a father.”

This debate will come to an abrupt finish within 6-9 weeks.

We, and ask them to stop a redefinition of gender as created by the non-discrimination bill. Together we can make a dramatic difference in the world we leave our children



Gays “Party Crashed” The Osmond Family’s SLC Anti-Gay Hate Rally. Mormon Reporter SHOCKED!

ABC 4 News out of Salt Lake City, Utah is running a truly biased  story that spotlights how a large number gay rights advocates showed up to defend their civil rights at the Osmond Family’s Utah’s anti-gay hatefest on Tuesday.

Gay right advocates crash Utah traditional marriage celebration – by Brian Carlson

Brian CarlsonTuesday’s celebration of traditional family marriage had everything: the Osmonds, the Governor, and hundreds of gay rights party crashers. Needless to say it was not what traditional family supporters expected. “Do you think it makes this thing tense?” asked Reporter Brian Carlson. “In some ways yes, in some ways no,” said Claus Nielsen, traditional family supporter. “It breaks my heart to see some of the signs around her that talk about hate, there’s one I’m looking at right now that says ‘Hate is not a family value,’ and that’s not what this is about, it’s about sharing love but standing up for what we believe,” said Jill Johnson, traditional family supporter. “I don’t believe that man defines marriage, but God defines marriage,” said Cameron Smith, traditional family supporter.

With protesters in every direction, celebrating traditional marriage seemed to take on extra emotion especially during a young speaker’s remarks.

“It takes a mom and a dad to raise a child, so it takes a mom and a dad to raise one,” said Amelia Summerhays, traditional family supporter.

Reporter Brian Carlson asked the organizer of the protest why they crashed the party.

“Why do you have to do it on the night and especially the location where you have traditional family holding their celebration?” Carlson asked.

“Well because often we’re disregarded and we’re seen as invisible and I don’t want us to be invisible anymore,” said Kat Phillpotts, gay rights activist.

They certainly were seen. But even with all the distractions, supporters of traditional marriage said Tuesday’s event was about celebrating the family.

“What we’re celebrating here tonight is marriage between a man and a woman, and that’s one thing regardless of what your stance is that we have in common,” said Nathan Osmond, event performer.

Obviously not only is “Reporter Brian Carlson” so self-important (and such a shitty journalist) that he refers to himself in the third person sense in (TWICE!) he also seems to think that members of the public can “crash” a public event held on public property.

I wonder if Carlson would describe it as “party crashing” when religious folk hatefully, loudly and nastily protest Gay Pride, Gay days at Disney or  anything else they feel like.

“Reporter Brian Carlson” also happens to be Mormon who graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism and hobbies include rock climbing, football, drawing, volunteering, skiing, wakeboarding, working out, and watching movies when not cruising the Mormon Temples mens room.

Good ole BYU.

Where Mormon men are idiots and chaste and the sheep are extremely nervous.

The Osmond Family To Host Anti-Gay Marriage Hate Rally In SLC Utah

Alan Osmond, best known for his years as one of the Osmond Family singers. (The one with the mutton chops) and his wife Suzanne (along with various “other” Osmond Family members) are taking time off from performing in Branson, MO to hold an anti-gay marriage hate rally in Salt Lake City, Utah at the State House called: “A Celebration of Marriage – Every Child Deserves A Mom and Dad” that will coincide with the Supreme Court cases over Prop 8 and DOMA and also the National Organization For Marriage’s hate march in Washington, DC:

Alan Osmond  currently serves on the high council of the Orem Suncrest Stake in Orem, Utah for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recently penned an anti-gay article for the Mormon website The Family, which is run by “The Osmond Network LLC” and is linked to by the “Official Osmond Family Website”

In Osmond’s article (which you can read by clicking HERE) he states that being gay is not genetic and that reparative therapy does work. He also goes on to quote LDS President Gordon B. Hinckley who has said in the past “Prophets of God have repeatedly taught through the ages that practices of homosexual relations, fornication, and adultery are grievous sins. Sexual relations outside the bonds of marriage are forbidden by the Lord. We affirm those teachings.”

Theres been no word on whether Marie Osmond and her lesbian daughter will be attending.

Osmond Hate Rally