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UK LGBT Student Activist Group Says Gay Men Not Oppressed Enough to Deserve Representation.

special snowflake

The National Union of Students’ LGBT Campaign—a coalition of British student-activists—passed a motion to end committee representation for gay men, because they aren’t as oppressed as other LGBT individuals: like students of color and transgender students. 

“Misogyny, transphobia, racism and biphobia are often present in LGBT+ societies. This is unfortunately more likely to occur when the society is dominated by white cis gay men.”

 The conference also resolved, “To encourage LGBT+ Societies and organizations that have a gay men represented on its board to drop them.” Because “Gay men do not face oppression as gay men within the LGBT+ community and do not need a reserved place on society committees.”

So in a nutshell.  Special snowflakes who have never done a real days worth of LGBT activism in their life want to prove that they are so oppressed that they in turn will not only oppress the people responsible for getting them the rights and freedoms that they enjoy today, but are also willing to alienate a group which suffers from the highest percentage of hate-crime violence and has the highest percentage of HIV – AIDS infections.

Oppression Power Rangers a go!