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700+ LGBT and Straight Allies Rally In Cincinnati During 6th Circuit Same-Sex Marriage Hearing

Rally 1


Crowd of 700+ LGBT and Straight Allies Rally In Cincinnati During 6th Circuit Same Sex Marriage Hearing – Outnumber Anti-Gay Protesters 35 to 1 

A crowd estimated at well over 700 people gathered at Cincinnati, Ohio’s Fountain Square today to rally and show their support for same sex marriage at a rally put together Joshua Snyder-Hill, James Gutierrez-Winnettand Freedom to Marry Ohio while a three-judge panel of the 6th. U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is hearing cases from Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky and Tennessee relating to recognizing same-sex marriages performed in other states and allowing same-sex marriages themselves.  

Over a dozen speaks took to the stage, including myself to speak out for not only same-sex marriage but for full state and federal equality also.

Jim Obergefell who married John Arthur in Maryland shortly before Arthur, who suffered from ALS, died last fall too to the stage and told of his fight  to keep his name on Arthur’s death certificate as corrupt Attorney General Mike DeWine fights for the state of Ohio to remove it.

 “The death certificate showed he was married and I was the surviving spouse,” said Obergefell, “It means we exist. The state wants to erase those facts. It is not right, not fair and downright disrespectful.”

Other speakers included:  Cincinnati City Councilman Chris Seelbach,  Democrat David Pepper who is running to unseat Ohio’s anti-gay Attorney General Mike DeWine, and Micheal Chanax who gave a heartfelt remembrance speech for Worley Rodehaver longtime editor of Cincinnati’s GLBT News,  community volunteer, and activist who passed away on July 23, 2014 and did not live to see this day.

The Citizens for Community Values run by Phil Burress and is not only officially “affiliated” with the anti-gay hate groups the Family Research Council and the American Family Association but also helped write Onio’s SuperDOMA that banned same-sex marriage warned that “God’s design for marriage is under attack!” and urged its followers to gather outside the courthouse to pray on Wednesday at the same time of the rally.  Only 20 showed up and Phil Burress was nowhere to be seen.


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LGBT ally and Ohio Attorney General candidate David Pepper (center) with two really cute Aides.
LGBT ally and Ohio Attorney General candidate David Pepper (center) with two really cute political aides.
Falled anti-gay prayer protest lef by the Citizens for Community Values - They should have prayed for rain.
Falled anti-gay prayer protest led by the Citizens for Community Values – They should have prayed for rain.

CNN Hosts FRC Hatemonger Ken Blackwell To Discuss Michael Sam Kiss – Video

CNN SucksCNN has once again shown its lack of intelligence and journalistic integrity by hosting Ken Blackwell of the anti-gay hate group the Family Research Council to discuss the nationally televised kiss between gay NFL draftee Michael Sam and his boyfriend, resulting in a segment that included questions about whether homosexuality is a sin and a choice.

On May 11, the St. Louis Rams announced that they had drafted the former University of Missouri defensive end, who made national headlines when he came out in February. The Rams’ pick means Sam will be the first openly gay active player in NFL history.

During the Monday 4/12 edition of CNN Tonight, anchor Bill Weir invited local Family Research Council’s (FRC) Ken Blackwell to discuss the the “controversy” of live televised gay kiss. The segment – during which Blackwell asserted that Sam kissed his boyfriend to help push an “agenda” and speculated that the kiss was a “political prophylactic” to protect Sam from getting fired – disintegrated into a back-and-forth over whether homosexuality is a choice and a sin, with CNN once again providing a platform to hate groups like the FRC to spew misinformation and hate on national television.

BLACKWELL: I thought the kiss was inappropriate and over the top, but I am just surprised with the duplicity among owners and leadership of the NFL. I take it it was just a few years ago when there were players who criticized Tim Tebow for wearing his faith on his sleeve. There were folks who basically said he was not a good football player; that’s why they were critical of him, not because he was a professed Christian who practiced his faith in all aspects of his life.

I — I really do question the network’s judgment, editorial judgment in putting the kiss on — on TV. Look, this is a very clear opportunity for Mr. Sam and others to co-op a professional sports, in this case the NFL, as a platform and as a force multiplier for advancing their agenda.


Let me just say that I hope he hasn’t created a political prophylactic that will shield his inability to make the team as a football player — as a football player because he’s an advocate for a lifestyle.

Good old Kenny Blackwell, the man responsible for rigging Ohio for Bush in 2004. (Blackwell was GOP Election chairman of Ohio, who, during the 2004 election, tried to have thousands of Democratic ballots thrown out because he had asked for them to be printed on a different weight paper, and then claimed the different paper invalidated them.)

Oh my, how the mighty have fallen! Wonder where Kenny’s going to end up when the FRC runs out of cash, that shit hole Brietbart.com or with Bozo Bozell?


Mission America’s Linda Harvey: The “Gay-stapo” Are Coming For Our Children‏!

Linda Harvey

Columbus ,Ohio hausfrau and Mission: America hate group leader Linda Harpy Harvey let loose with a whole lot of gay hate craziness today in Matt Barber’s anti-gay “Christian” propaganda rag BarbWire.

Harvey claims that LGBT rights groups and “vicious homosexual bloggers” (like me!) are the real bullies, while Christian students are increasingly the victims of “troubled ‘gay’ adolescents whose destructive actions go unpunished.”

Harvey also goes on to screech say that schools are embracing bullying prevention programs from the “gay-stapo” who are “corrupting children with misinformation and hyperbole about bullying, all laced with explicit ‘gay’ sexual messages” in their “mandated ‘LGBT’ indoctrination” courses.

“Using disruptive, anti-child advocacy, the Human Rights Campaign (promoters of the grade school gender confusion program, “Welcoming Schools”) and GLSEN (sponsor of the victim-posturing “Day of Silence,” held in April in public schools) are busy corrupting children with misinformation and hyperbole about bullying, all laced with explicit “gay” sexual messages.

The real tragedy is that these groups in reality exploit vulnerable and fragile kids, all the while espousing great compassion and, disingenuously, “tolerance” as a motive. And let’s just be frank: there’s one type of bully in the current climate almost never held accountable: the verbally combative homosexual, lesbian or cross-dresser who taunts and insults others. In the adult world, this is personified by vicious homosexual bloggers who spread lies, distortions, and have called me and others vulgarities I’d never attribute to my worst enemy, but to them, it’s their daily bread. How these people have gotten any traction is beyond unbelievable. They’d never last two weeks in the corporate environment.

Then there are students who fall into this category. I know of several situations where life was made a living hell for peers by troubled “gay” adolescents whose destructive actions went unpunished.

But if anyone thinks these desperately discontented people will stop their assault at Christians, think again. First, they came for the Christians and the children…”

“Gay-stapo”.   Bet the bitch was up all night thinking that one up.

17 Year Old Brings Hundreds Of People To Cincinnati, OH In Support Of Same Sex Marriage

Cincinnati, OH is not known to be a hotbed of LGBT activism.  But that didn’t stop 17 year old high school student Adam Hoover, who as I posted here yesterday with the help of his friend  Nicholas David Wymer, and later The Catholic Reformed Church, Northern Kentucky University, GetEQUAL and Equality Ohio  to gather an estimated crowd  of 700 to 900 at its largest point to protest for same sex marriage and LGBT equality rights in Ohio yesterday.

17 year old Adam Hoover leads the protest for LGBT Equailty in Ohio

Adam who originally thought up the protest only a month ago used social media sites like Facebook and YouTube to promote it before and after his days at school and did so because he believes that “Everyone has their God-given right to marry the one they love.”

Micheal Chanak a longtime LGBT advocate and activist who serves at  Cincinnati’s LGBT Cnter was ecstatic that someone in Cincinnati was actually doing something to lead the charge for LGBT Equality in Cincinnati stating ” (This is the) First major protest in Cincinnati since the Anti Prop 8  rally in front of City Hall on November 15, 2008.  Thank the Goddess.”

In a telephone interview with B2S.com Adam stated that he called both Equality Cincinnati and HRC Cincinnati both of which are supposedly the city’s largest LGBT rights groups, both of which who have a checkered past in Cincinnati and they never called him back.  So he reached out to Equality Ohio who weer more than happy to pitch in to help with the protest and rally.

Said Adam, “I want to be able to change stuff in Ohio. I don’t want to be that person that doesn’t do stuff. I want to be the person that is there for everyone. No matter what I do, I just want to be there.”

Looks like Equality Cincinnati and HRC Cincinnati could learn a lot from Adam.
Congratulations on the successful rally and protest Adam.  We need more like you not only in Ohio but across the country

17 Year Old Organizes Protest and March For LGBT Equality In Cincinnati, OH

And a child shall lead them…

17 year old high school student Adam Hoover wants to make a difference.

So Adam, with help from a number of supporters, including Nicholas David Wymer, a junior at Walnut Hills High School,  have stepped up to organize what could be a huge rally in downtown Cincinnati, OH today (Saturday) in support of same-sex marriage and LGBT Equality.

“I know I don’t have to do something, but I feel like I need to do something,” Hoover said. “People don’t feel accepted anymore and I thought, start something. So I came up with the ideaAdam and Nick have used social media networking sites  to create buzz for the event.   A Facebook page called “Support Gay Marriage in OHIO”already has over 172,000 followers.And while Adam can’t say exactly how many people will attend, it has potential to be the largest LGBT protest to ever happen in Cincinnati with over 2,500 people already sending RSVP’s including a group of 25 people from Texas and another group from New York.

 “Adam always wants to make a change. He doesn’t want to be the one who is quiet. He works on it from the time he gets up until school, until 1 or 2 a.m. in the morning,” said Hoover’s mother, Anna Abdin
Adam said he hopes to change a few attitudes this weekend and ignite a new discussion about same-sex marriage in Ohio.”I don’t know if it will but it’s a goal,” Hoover saidThe protest itself start at 11 a.m. on Fountain Square, 520 Vine Street. Cincinnati, OH and then march to the Underground Railroad Freedom Center at 12 noon and stop for a few speakers – including gay Cincinnati City Council candidate Chris Seelbach – and then continue to march around Cincinnati until 6 p.m.

Football Hall Of Famer Anthony Munoz To Sponsor Anti-Gay Hate Group Fundraiser (And yes, Chick-fil-A too!)

Pro Football’s Hall Of Fame Michael Anthony Muñoz, an offensive tackle who played most of his career for the National Football League’s Cincinnati Bengals, along with former 2-time Superbowl Pro Football player Jim Breech, and yes of course once again christo-facist Chick-fil-A will be sponsoring a fundraising golf tournament for Ohio’s nationally affiliated hate group, the Citizens for Community Values on September 6, 2011 in Cincinnati, OH.

The CCV which proudly proclaims that it is “officially associated” with the Family Research Council, Focus on the Family, and the American Family Association is one of the many umbrella hate groups of FRC, FOTF, and AFA that fly under the national radar and operate mostly in the Midwest in Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, but also has a few chapters throughout the country as far reaching as Connecticut and California.

And while the CCV states that:”CCV definitely is not against homosexuals,” in one paragraph, the next paragraph firmly states that, “We believe that homosexual behavior is unhealthy and destructive to the individual, to families, and thus to communities and to society as a whole.” and that “(you) will join us in resisting, on every front, the organized effort to normalize homosexual behavior in our society”  And also used the Family Research Council hate group’s anti-gay, lie filled propaganda as a brainwashing tool.

While the FRC, FOTF, and the AFA gets the national hate spotlight, its smaller groups that they help control like the CCV breed and hold the Midwest in a vice grip of hatred flying under the radar and enjoying a 501c status because it uses the guise of “pro-family issues” while having Midwest Republicans in their pockets like OH Congressman Jim Jordan and OH Senator Tim Grendall.  These satellite groups of the FRC, FOTF, and the AFA and those who represent them and endorse them must be exposed for the hatemongers that they truly are because while we focus on Tony Perkins, Bryan Fischer, and Matt Barber these are the real culprits who spread the hate on a grassroots level.

These groups should not to be taken lightly and they should not be overlooked.

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