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Brilliant! – Occupy West Side Story – “Officer Winski” – Video

Brilliant!  Simply Brillant!

Dedicated to our favorite perpetrator of police brutality and squasher of dissent. Deputy Inspector Edward J. Winski.   (The NYPD Officer responsible for the clear out and abuse to Occupy Protestors in Zucotti Park and in the Wall Street area during Occupy Wall Street)

Video – Rick Santorum Grins Demonically As Washington Protesters Get Beaten & Tasered

LGBT Activists and Occupy Wall Street protesters chanted and attempted to drown out Rick Santorum for 44 minutes at the Washington State History Museum as Santorum  condemned the state’s newly-enacted same-sex marriage law.

SANTORUM: I know this is a very important day in Washington. And in many respects a sad day for many people. We saw the law signed into here in Washington sate. But it is very important you understand what just happened in another place….in the Ninth Circuit….The Ninth Circuit decided that anybody that disagrees with any of these folks, anyone who disagrees with these folks when it comes to the issue if what marriage is in this country, well they are irrational. That’s what the Ninth Circuit said. They said anybody who disagrees with their decision to shoot down Prop 8 in California, they do so because they are irrational and the only possible reason they can possibly…

Before Santorum could finish Police shoved two protesters to the ground, tased and arrested them.

Santorum briefly paused and as you can see from the capture above grinned demonically and then said , “Let’s give a hand to our men and women in uniform. It’s not easy.”  Santorum then labeled the  protesters as a “radical element” that represents “true intolerance.”

Look at the picture above and and watch the video and then tell me that “The Omen” was just a work of “fiction.”

PROTEST HRC’s $650 A Plate Gala Honoring Goldman Sachs Tonight 2/4 @ 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Tonight while the the Human Rights Campaign is holding its $650 a plate NYC Gala at the Waldorf Astoria honoring Anna Winitour (why?) and Goldman Sachs, the investment bank who deceived investors and Congress about its bets against the subprime mortgage market and helped plunge this nation into its current financial crisis, QUEER RISING and other LGBT Activist and Advocates sick of HRC’s pretentious bullshit and lackluster rush to LGBT equality will be protesting outside.

Tonight on the sidewalk outside of the prestigious hotel at 50th Street & Park Avenue from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.  Queer/LGBTIQA2Z Occupy Wall Street a caucus of the NYC based Occupy Wall Street movement,, Queer Rising, and other angry LGBT advocates and activists will be protesting and holding a a “Guerrilla Potluck”.

The protest is to condemn HRC’s decision to honor Goldman Sachs in a time of financial collapse caused by their unethical business practices and greed.   “HRC honoring Goldman Sachs at this time reveals all one needs to know about the corporate LGBT lobby, and its disconnect from the LGBT people it purports to represent.” The protest is also aimed at  trying to get HRC to pledge that they will work toward full LGBT equality by 2014, the 50th anniversary of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. And that HRC demonstrate more internal transparency and work more with grassroots organizations.

The right to be protected from discrimination secures a core liberty interest. And it is the duty of government to protect LGBT Americans from the harm caused by discrimination as a matter of public welfare, law and conscience, as it has for decades for all other oppressed groups.

As HRC restrains the demand for equality, discrimination takes its insidious toll on LGBT Americans

The Queer Caucus demands equal non-discrimination protections under the 1964 Civil Rights Act because equality is the only true antidote to LGBT abuse – like it has proven to be for race, sex, national origin, religion, age and disability – long protected from discrimination by law.

“Equality and non-discrimination are universal values that define basic human dignity” said Todd (Tif) Fernandez, a human rights lawyer and grassroots activist. “It is our civic duty as Americans to protect and respect the LGBT community immediately.”

Join the Guerrilla Potluck (http://on.fb.me/GuerrillaPotluck). Bring flashlights.

Watch Potluck on Live-Stream Saturdayhttp://www.livestream.com/occupello

Please Take the Pledge for Full LGBT Equality (by 2014) (http://bit.ly/the2014pledge).

OCCUPY HRC! – Human Rights Campaign Gala To Be Occupied By Activist Who Want Equality NOW!

Tired of HRC’s ass-kissing, 8 million dollar office building, cocktail parties and the ever increasing wait for REAL EQUALITY in the United States, LGBT activist and members of  Occupy Wall Street will protest the Human Rights Campaign this weekend outside their black tie Manhattan gala at the Waldorf-Astoria.

Queer/LGBTIQA2Z Occupy Wall Street, a caucus of the NYC based Occupy Wall Street movement, announced today that it will protest a Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Gala honoring Goldman Sachs on Saturday February 4, 2012 at the Waldorf Astoria. In contrast to the $650 a plate Gala, the Queer/LGBTIQA2Z Caucus will host a “Guerrilla Potluck” on the sidewalk outside of the prestigious hotel at 50th Street & Park Avenue from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. The Queer Caucus: 1. Condemns HRC for honoring Goldman Sachs, 2. Calls upon HRC to adopt a strategy of Full Equality by 2014, and 3. Demands that HRC create a transparent process that includes the grassroots.


HRC needs a little pressure to do something other than wear tuxedos and jerk each other off. 

And don’t even get me started on the fact that HRC is honoring Goldman Sachs and its involvement run-up to the financial crisis.

Lets get real.  DOMA repeal and all inclusive ENDA is nowhere in sight, more red states than ever are adding ANTI-LGBT discrimination laws to their books and in NYC where they are hosting their soiree honoring Goldman Sachs over 4000 homeless youth sleep on the street every night,  and these cretins are holding a $650 a plate party at the Waldorf Astoria?

The utter gall is amazing.

NY Daily News Publishes Lies & Propaganda About Occupy Wall Street: Declares Bloomberg Victor

The New York Daily News went to press this afternoon publishing with the biggest piece of bullshit propaganda ever, declaring Mayor Bloomberg the victor against the Occupy Wall Street protesters, while ignoring the rampant NYPD brutality and harm caused to the protesters.

“They didn’t occupy Wall Street for long, shut down the Brooklyn Bridge, or win many new fans.
And by Thursday night, the thousands of protesters flooding lower Manhattan seemed to have worn out their welcome after tying the Financial District in knots.
“Occupy Wall Street had predicted on their website that tens of thousands would be participating in today’s protests, but there have been far fewer – and so far they have caused what can accurately be described as minimal disruptions to our city,” he crowed.   Unless you were in the thick of it.“Today they proved that they’re able to piss off the 99% by stopping them from getting home,” said City Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. (D-Queens). “In my opinion, this is their last gasp.

“With silly stunts like this, they’ve angered people they’re supposed to represent.”

The Daily News also  incredulously reports that only one protester was injured because a policeman cut his hand:
NYPD cops in riot gear seized control of Zuccotti Park after an officer’s hand was badly gashed by a protester, setting off a ruckus inside the Occupy Wall Street outpost. Rookie cop Matthew Walters, 24, took 20 stitches to his left hand at Bellevue Medical Center after he was slashed with a star-shaped piece of glass taken from a protester’s Captain America costume.
The scuffle led to a tense lockdown of the park as cops searched for a suspect in the bloody assault. The fracas came shortly after the demonstrators ended their morning march aimed at cutting off access to Wall Street. The officer was one of seven wounded during the day, said NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly. Scores of cops already at the scene flooded the park after the incident. No one was allowed in or out, and police were seen taking one protester, Brandon Watts, 20 – his face covered in blood – out of Zuccotti after the scary incident.
No mention of the physical harm and abuse hundreds of the protesters suffered at the hands of the NYPD, the baton beatings, the pepper spray, the Sonic Noise Machines,  and indiscriminate arrests.
What complete and utter yellow journalism reminiscent of the propaganda reports used during  during World War 2.   The inconsistencies and lack of truth compounded by the complete blinding of objectivity makes me wonder if the NYPD,  JP Morgan, and Bloomberg themselves didn’t right this egregious article.
The Daily News was never a fountain of integrity when it came to reporting the news.  But did you ever think you’d see the day when it sunk lower than The New York Post?
 Lies, garbage, and complete utter BULLSHIT (And not even well written bullshit at that.)
The Daily News:  New York’s Hometown Newspaper.   More like homegrown because their reporters are either smoking some killer shit,  on the take, or BOTH.

Thousands March In Occupy Wall Streets Day Of Action, NYPD Reacts With Brutality And Arrests

Thousands of protesters have descended on lower Manhattan’s  financial district for Occupy Wall Street’s Day of Action literally shutting down Wall Street and lower Manhattan.

Peaceful protestor violently arrested

Occupy Wall Street’s Day of Action had been planned before the city and park owners cracked down on the encampment in Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan, but took on added importance after police brutally evicted protesters from Zuccotti Park destroying  tents, tarps and even books by orders of Mayor Bloomberg who planned along with 18 other Mayors across the country planned on how to stop the protestors, including openly gay Democrat Sam Adams of Portland, OR

This is a critical moment for the movement given what happened the other night,” said Paul Knick, 44, a software engineer from Montclair, N.J. “It seems like there’s a concerted effort to stop the movement and I’m here to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Reports of whats happening at this morning action in Downtown are sketchy but Jamie Kilstein, activist and cohost of Citizen Radio, is reporting via Twitter that arrests are happening and the NYPD is using forcing, clubbing and dragging away protesters indiscriminately including the arrest of Nadia Lapsina, a disabled woman in a wheelchair.

One of the more dramtic moments of the morning so far has come with the arrest of  retired Philadelphia Police Captain Ray Lewis, who in uniform, knelt in front of police line and asked to be arrested in a show of solidarity to the protesters and to make a statement against the police brutality and excessive force that the NYPD is using on the protestors.

Jamie Kilstien will be folowing the events of the day and pisting vis Twitter.  

Follow Jamie @JamieKilstein  or use the Twitter hashtags #OWS and #N17 to get the real story and news updates that the mainstream media news outlets are refusing to cover.

UPDATE: Security Guard Who Called Gay Veteran “Faggot” At Occupy Wall Street FIRED!

Last night we reported that Joey Boots, a LGBT activist and 6 year military veteran was called a “faggot “ by a Brookfield Security Guard guarding Zuccotti Park at  Occupy Wall Street

News has just come down that Brookfield Properties finally has done at least one decent thing and has  just fired the homophobic low-life neanderthal.

John Del Signore with Gothamist reports:

Matthew Cherry, a spokesman for Brookfield, tells us, “His comment was offensive and inexcusable, and we have a policy of zero tolerance for such behavior. In accordance with our code of conduct he’s been terminated from his work with Brookfield.” Cherry clarified that the unidentified man was a security subcontractor; when asked what company was doing the subcontracting and whether it was still under contract with Brookfield, Cherry declined further comment.

I hope yopu enjoy the unemployment line homophobe and may the video of you calling a gay military veteran “faggot” on camera haunt you the rest of your life.