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Gay History vs. Mindhunters - Paul Bateson: What's Right, What's Wrong and What Was Left Out

Gay History vs. Mindhunter – The Murder of Addison Verrill by Paul Bateson (1979): What’s Right, What’s Wrong and What You Don’t Know.

In season 2 of Mindhunters, Dr. Wendy Carr and Agent Smith team up to visit Paul Bateson, a gay man and former medical radiographer and convicted murderer . In 1979 Bateson was convicted of killing journalist Addison Verrill

Gay History – July 3, 1981: The Day That Changed Our Lives Forever – New York Times Publishes “Rare Cancer Seen In 41 Homosexuals” [Article Included]

Forty years ago today on July 3rd. 1981, The New York Times’s published  it’s first article about AIDS headlined: “Rare Cancer Seen in 41 Homosexuals.” (“Gay” had yet to be accepted by The Times’s style manual.) The cancer was Kaposi’s sarcoma, and until then it had seldom been seen in otherwise healthy young men.

The New-York Historical Society Announces Home For New American LGBT Museum in NYC

The New York Historical Society Announces Home For New American LGBT Museum in NYC

The New-York Historical Society has announced plans a $140m expansion of its building on Central Park West. The new expansion located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan will accommodate additional programming, underground library storage and a home for a planned American LGBT Museum.

#FlashbackFriday – The Infamous Adonis Movie Theater NYC (1975 – 1988)

The 1,433-seat Adonis Theater, was originally built as the Tivoli Theater in 1921 by Billy Rose for Fanny Brice and it was one of a kind.  But as time went by the grandly opulent vaudeville house turned movie theater on Eighth Avenue and 51st Street in its declining years became famous for anonymous stud romping, porn and SEX SEX SEX. 

Gay History – June 4, 1971: Gay Activist Alliance Takes Over the NYC Marriage License Bureau – Rare Videos of the Protest

On June 4, 1971 less than two years after the Stonewall uprising, a group of men and women from the Gay Activists Alliance (GAA) walked into the New York City Marriage License Bureau carrying coffee urns and boxes of cake to hold an engagement party for two male couples and to protest the “slander” of City Clerk Herman Katz,

Lawsuit Filed Against NYC's Yeshvia University For Banning LGBT Student Org

Lawsuit Filed Against NYC’s Yeshvia University For Banning LGBT Student Org

lawsuit has been filed by LGBT students and alumni of Yeshiva University, (YU) a private modern Orthodox Jewish research university in New York City, alleging the university is violating their rights under NYC’s human rights law by denying the recognition of the universities LGBT group the YU Pride Alliance, as an official club