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Liberty Counsel’s ‘Fat Matt” Barber Is In A Tizzy Over SCOTUS: Gays Will Invade Liberty University!

Fat Matt Barber Liberty Counsel

“As soon as DOMA is overturned, the floodgates open. All of those  [state] constitutional amendments are wiped out and schools like Liberty University, for instance, and private organizations with Christian  ownership, we know the homosexual activists already have their gay  married people planning to come and apply to Christian universities so  that they will have a court challenge.  The persecution is going to run  rampant if gay marriage becomes the law of the land; there is just no  questioning and that is a big part of the motive behind it. If the federal government puts its official stamp of approval on  homosexual behavior and says that it’s equal to, in every way, natural  heterosexual behavior up to and including marriage, then that officially pits the federal government against those who hold a Judeo-Christian  worldview relative to sexual morality. We automatically become the  modern day racists.” – Currently under Federal Investigation Liberty Counsel spokesdouche and ex-failed boxer Fat Matt Barber


Because you know 3rd rate Liberty University in bumfuck Virginia is every LGBT’s first choice for higher education. *snort*