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Ashley Judd and NPH to Star in Biopic of the Queen of Anti-Gay Bigots Anita Bryant

Ashley Judd and NPH to Star in Biopic of the Queen of Anti-Gay Bigots Anita Bryant

Ashley Judd and Neil Patrick Harris have been cast for the title roles in “Anita,” a biopic on Anita Bryant, a former TV pitchwoman who lead her “Save The Children” campaign against Florida’s anti-discrimination ordinances and in the process lit a fire under the gay rights movement which would destroy her marriage and her career.

Chad Hodge, the man behind TNT series ‘Good Behavior’, will write and direct the film which will be produced by Howard Rosenman and Darren Star, Variety reported.

In the film, Harris plays the role of Hodge, who spent significant time with Bryant in her Oklahoma home while researching the history.

“As a gay man and a writer who likes to explore complex, messy characters” said Hodge. “I’ve always thought about Anita Bryant. How could this celebrity who espoused Christian goodness and orange juice through song suddenly use those platforms to go on a nationwide anti-gay crusade and overturn gay rights laws?”

Principal photography will start in September. Tim Duffy will also produce. Michael W. Gray will exec produce.

No mention if a fruit pie will co-star.

"Whats "Too Gay" The Week In Review: NPH to Star In "Company", Wonder Woman, Low Carb Queers, Glenn Beck Is A Fraud, The Venus Di Milo Should Wear A Bikini

\*  The newest member of the “Gayby Bunch” Neil Patrick Harris will star next April in a production of Stephen Sondheim’s musical Company, as straight swinging single Bobby.  Talk about miscasting.

*  David E. Kelly has confirmed he’s trying to develop Wonder Woman for television, but he says it’s too soon to discuss casting, and he doesn’t even know if he’s capable of writing it. Hey David, not that Logo’s The A List: New York is FINALLY over I hear that Reichen Lehmkuhl is available to star.  As Diana Prince that is.

*  New Zealand beer company Moa is apologizing for a T-shirt t campaign which “suggests” low carb beer drinkers are gay. The t-shirts read “Low Carb Beers,” with a pink ‘Q’ superimposed over the letter ‘B’ making it “Qeers.” Surprisingly, the marketing manager admitted that the campaign is saying that anyone who drinks low carb beer must be queer, but they are “bothered” that it might offend people.  Did I miss something?  Anyone who drinks low carb beer IS QUEER!

* The gold company that Glenn Beck has been pimping as he forecast the coming fall of America has had all its assets seized by the courts for “fraud.” – Turns out that Glenn was the perfect spokes-fraud for the company.

*  Older than dirt bigot and homophobe Pat Buchanan, who should have gone to jail during the Nixon era, wants to defund the Smithsonian Institution for the exhibit of gay art currently being displayed. I tell you what douchebag as soon as they paint over the nudes of Michaelangelo, Rafael, and put a bikini on the Venus Di Milo we’ll talk.