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Catholic Bishops Order Priests To Encourage Congregations to Attend NOM’s Gay Hate March

NOM anti0-gay March

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has issued a letter to all American dioceses that orders every parish to encourage parishioners to attend the National Organization for Marriages anti-gay  hate march on the Supreme Court which is being backed and partially fynded hate groups such as the Family Reserach Center.

“We are grateful for this opportunity to express support for the Marriage March and to encourage participation in this event. We realize that the march will occur during the solemn days of Holy Week, but we ask that you consider promoting this event in your diocese and parishes and encourage participation where possible.  The march will be a significant opportunity to promote and defend marriage and the good of our nation, to pray for our Supreme Court justices, and to stand in solidarity with people of good will. It also complements well the bishops’ Call to Prayer for Life, Marriage, and Religious Liberty (http://www.usccb.org/life-marriage-liberty) that was approved last November. This is a decisive time for marriage in our country. We are deeply grateful for any support you can offer for this march.”

The letter itself was written by Archbishop Cordileone, the closeted gay drunk driving archbishop of San Francisco and father of Prop 8