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Former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue Gives $100K to Battle for Marriage Equality in Maryland

Chris Johnson at the Washington Blade is reporting that former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue has donated $100K to Marylanders for Marriage  Equality.

Tagliabue told attendees at the fundraiser, held at gay Democratic lobbyist  Steve Elmendorf’s home in the Logan Circle neighborhood of Washington, DC that the only way to stop the endless  campaigning and court cases by anti-gay groups that follows when equality bills  get passed is to show them that it doesn’t work, adding:

“At some point you’ve got to demonstrate that  people who support this are going to be re-elected, and not get punished for  supporting marriage equality. And I think right now is the time.”

Football is rapidly becoming one of the most LGBT equality sports in America.  How much longer till an active NFL player comes out?

(PLEASE let it be  Green Bay Packers Star Linebacker Clay Matthews – Please, oh please, oh please.!  WOOF!)