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Rookie GOP New York State Senator Introduces New York Same Sex Marriage Repeal Bill

A newly appointed GOP New York State Senator is wasting no time pushing his anti-gay hate agenda.

Just ten days after taking office proposed Republican David Storobin introduced a bill that would repeal the one-year-old law allowing same-sex couples in New York to marry. ( His campaign was heavily funded by the National Organization for Marriage)

Storobin, an attorney from Russia, defeated Democratic City Councilman Lew Fidler in a race so close it needed more than two months and a hand recount to settle. Introduced the same sex marriage repeal bill with a memo attached stating: “The government has thrust upon the people of this state a definition of marriage that violates their religious and personal moral beliefs.”

Storbin used the issue of being against same sex marriage as his campaing platform which helped the GOP win the  large Orthodox Jewish bloc in his district.

For now Storbin is the lone sponsor of the measure, and there’s no companion bill in the Assembly, where same-sex marriage has more robust support.

Source: WSJ