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New Orleans Gay Bar Customers Told To “Get Ready Fags” By Passersby After Trump Election Win

Blaise Navarro of New Orleans wrote on his Facebook page that last night after work he went to The Bourbon Pub, a popular gay bar in the French Quarter right on the edge of the gay section of Bourbon Street, to watch the election results.  After heading out for a smoke he and other bar patrons were harassed by groups of  homophobes emboldened by Donald Trumps surprise presidential victory


Dear America,

As I got off work and went to The Bourbon Pub for a minute to greet friends and catch up on the election results the following happened.

I went outside to smoke a cigarette and sometimes, I use e liquid juice if I feel like being creative. People passing the bar on the street were jeering at my friends, acquaintances, and strangers. What were they saying? Things like, “Worried, faggots?” Or “Get ready, fags.” Or just flat out screaming, “Faggots!” And then just continued walking.

In the 8 years that I have been a regular patron of the French Quarter gay community I have never heard or experienced that on Bourbon St.I know LGBT rights were not the only thing on the line in this election. I know its selfish to assume as much. What is not selfish is knowing that as the end is drawing near in the results my life and the lives of others in many minority communities are at risk. This freely expressed hatred is the monster that is being unleashed.

So thank you. Thank you for the intolerance. Thank you for the ignorance. Thank you for the bigotry. Thank you for the hatred. Thank you for making it possible for people to no longer fear repercussions. Thank you for the fear that I and so many others will now have just to walk down the street.

Sincerely, fuck you!

Get ready people. This is only the beginning and we have have a long fight ahead of us.

So please BE CAREFUL and be prepared.