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Santorum Booed Over Gay Marriage In New Hampshire AGAIN – NOM Takes Drugs

Yesterday we posted about how some New England College students called Rick Santorum out on his “irrelevance” of comparing gay marriage to polygamy and put him through the wringer and we posted video showing it.

Today the National Organization For Marriage blog writer was SERIOUSLY tripping (and lying) when THEY wrote about the altercation between othe throwdown between Ole’Frothy and the college students.

He’s rather charming here. And patient. Why doesn’t marriage equality include all marriages, including polygamous marriages, if the only principle at stake here is all people have a right to have their relationships treated equally if those relationships are important to their happiness? The students have no answer, so they try to claim its not a legitimate question.

Well thats certainly some “Go Ask Alice” blogging. (Button, button who’s got the button?)

But whats great is that Roll Over Rover Ricky is getting pummeled in New Hampshire as once again today he was “booed” after he answered a question about LGBT Equality, Same Sex Marriage, and DADT.

BOOING may be the NEW Glitter-bombing but call me when the rotten tomato throwing starts!

At Bizarre N.H. Democratic Presidential Candidate Debate, Candidate Glitter Bombs Anti-Gay Activist Randall Terry – Video

While we’ve all been focused on the almost nightly televised train wrecks called the GOP Presidential Candidate debates throughout the country there have been lesser known individual state Democratic Presidential debates where candidates are trying to get on “state” tickets to battle Obama for the Democratic nomination even though they stand very little chance of ever making it as a contender.

One of the most BIZARRE state Democratic Presidential Candidate debates have come out of New Hampshire where Vermin Supreme a self described fascist went up against anti-gay, anti-abortion Randall Terry founder of Society for Truth and Justice  who are both on the January 10th Dem primary ticket.

Individualist running as Democrat Vemin Supreme of Rockport, Mass., has made a name for himself since 2004 running on a platform of giving a pony to every American and mandatory oral hygiene – “strong teeth for a strong America.” Even in a crowded room, he’s hard to miss, wearing a black rubber boot on his head.  Vermin Supreme is the best known of the nearly 20 candidates, and some voters said they attended just to meet him.

“I want my pony,” said Babz McGovern

While Randall Terry the anti-gay, anti-abortion Democratic candidate preached at the debate to the crowd. “The founders gave us the Tenth Amendment to prevent the federal government from micromanaging the vast majority of details that would affect us as a country. However, they never could have conceived of a moment in which we would become so debauched that we would elevate homosexual marriage or civil unions to the level of marriage. “There’s some things that are fundamentally evil, like slavery and there is no state right to hold another human being, there is no state right to kill your offspring, there is no state right to have homosexual marriage,” Terru said.

It was at that point that Vermin Supreme stood up and dumped glitter all over Terry Randall’s head shouting “He’s turning gay, he’s turning gay, whoooooo!”

And you though the GOP debates were the only crazy ones. 


AFA Hate Group’s Bryan Fischer DOES NOT Want Same Sex Marriage In New Hampshire Repealed. WTF?

Hate Group idiot is as Hate Group idiot does.

“New Hampshire is getting ready to leagalize incest by repealing New Hampshire Same Sex Marriage Law” and “All of a sudden we’ve got Muslim polygamy on full display.”

Via the AWESOME Jeremy Hooper at Good As You:

“Bryan Fischer doesn’t seem to realize that the clumsy New Hampshire repeal bill is HIS SIDE’S effort, not ours. The bill to which Bryan is referring is the same one being championed by the National Organization For Marriage, Cornerstone Policy, Focus on the Family, Family Research Council, and all of the other groups that misuse the words ‘traditional’ and ‘values,’ even while some of them fully admit that the flawed legislation would create separate classes of citizens.”

To Bryan Fischer life is like a box of chocolates.  A big hate filled evil box of maggot filled idiot chocolates.

Video – Was Rick Perry Drunk During His Cornerstone Speech In New Hamshire? YOU be The Judge

Many peope think that Rick Perry might have been emulating his role model George Dubya Bush a bit too much and had a few too many drinks when he gave his Cornerstone Speech in New Hampshire this weekend.

The very last thing we need is another drunk Texan in the White House

New Hampshire House Panel To Vote On Same Sex Marriage Repeal Bill

The New Hampshire House Judiciary Committee will consider a subcommittee recommendation on Tuesday that the N.H. House pass a bill repealing the law that took effect last year legalizing same-sex unions. It also would establish civil unions for any unmarried adults.

Lawmakers approved the marriage equality law in 2009 when Democrats controlled both chambers of the New Hampshire State Legislature and the Govenors seat. Republicans last year took back control of the Legislature from Democrats.

State Rep. David Bates, the bill’s sponsor, says there is no reason to limit civil unions and the legal protections they provide solely to same-sex couples. (Other than the fact that its seperate and unequal and would never give the same rights to same sex couples in the end, of course)

A recent poll shows that only 27 percent of New Hampshire residents supposrt the repeal os same sex marriage.

Governor John Lynch has stated that if the bill did eventually pass and make it to his desk he will veto it.

With New Hampshire over 11 Billion Dollars in debt and with almost 32,000 unemployed workers half of which are on food stamps you’d think the Republicans in the New Hampshire Legisature would have more pressing matters to think about.

The FRC & Rick Santorum Roll Into Concord NH To Spread A Frothy Mix Of Lies

Rick “Roll Over Rover” Santorum might not be the choice of the choice of the GOP, but he sure seems to bt the choice and the favorite son of the Tony Perkin’s anti-gay hate group the Family Research Council  as both rolled into Concord, New Hampshire together yesterday to hold a  “Restore Marriage Rally” on the FRC Values Voter Bus Tour to  fight for a repeal gay marriage in the state next year.

Christopher Plante, northeast regional coordinator for the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is working with the VVBT (Yes NOM works with a HATE GROUP so thus NOM IS A HATE GROUP) said about New Hampshire “We’re going to let bygones be bygones, and we’re going to look in January and say, you’re going to be the first in the nation to legislatively repeal homosexual marriage.” (What a dick)

Santorum told the whopping three dozen people that attended Rick  that one-man, one-woman marriage is the glue that holds together the American family, and families form the nation’s foundation.

“Our country is not founded on the individual,” Santorum said. “It is founded on the basic unit of society, which is the family. You don’t want to found your society on individuals, because that’s like founding a house on grains of sand.”

Tony Perkins who spoke yesterday seemed to be grasping at anything including the nonsensical to make his point:  “You want to get the economy going again? We need to put a focus on marriage and on children, because that is our future.  Look at the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and growing the GDP – we’ll never grow the GDP with a shrinking population.”

Craig Stowell, co-chairman of an anti-repeal group called Standing Up for New Hampshire Families, pointed to a  University of New Hampshire poll that showed only 29 percent of residents wanted to repeal same-sex marriage and Gov. John Lynch,, has pledged to veto any repeal. That means any measure would need two-thirds support in both chambers to become law.

Video – Maggie Gallagher Of NOM Herself A Mother Of Bastard Child Speaks Before New Hampshire Judiciary Committee

Professional gay hater Moooooo-gie Gallagher of the National Organization for Marriage stepped away fro the bakery aisle of her local Piggly Wiggly yesterday to to testify in New Hampshire before the House Judiciary Committee about an attempt to repeal the state’s same-sex marriage,

Maggie who IS NOT a resident of New Hampshire’s brilliant argument to repeal same sex marriage: ? “Opposite sex unions … [are] the only unions that can make new life.”

So I guess Marriage vows should actually read. “To love honor and get knocked up continually from this day forward?”

Back away from the doughnuts Moo-gie and come into the twentieth century.  Marriage certainly is not necessary to reproduce, and the ability to reproduce is not necessary to marry.  And she should know.  She HERSELF had a child out of wedlock and doesn’t even use the last name of her husband (Raman Srivastav) because his foreign, Hindu origin would alienate her Arch Conservative base.

Hypocrite much there Moooooo-gie?!

Homophobe Massive FAIL – New Hampshire House Rejects Gay Marriage Ban By Wide Margin

The New Hampshire House of Representatives has rejected CACR 28 which defined marriage in that state by saying it can only be between a man and a woman. It was rejected by a wide margin, 201-135, short of a simple majority and far below the three-fifths majority — 238 votes — it needed to advance to the Senate. Sponsors tried to delay a vote on the bill until March 17, so local voters could weigh in on petitions at town meeting that ask for a popular vote on the amendment. “All we’re trying to do here is put this on the ballot,” Rep. David Bates, R-Windham, (Bates = jerkoff you know.) arguing voters should have their say. His effort to delay a vote fell short on a 191-148 vote. The House also rejected another bill, HB 1590, by a vote of 210-109 which would have repealed the state’s marriage equality law.


Too bad, bigots.