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Mitt Floats To The Top In New Hampshire GOP Primary, Santorum Gets Flushed In 5th Place

Mitt Romney cruised to victory last night in the New Hampshire primary with many news organizations declaring him the winner within minutes of the poll’s opening.

“Tonight we celebrate,” Romney told his supporters. “Tomorrow we go back to work.” (Meaning cookies and milk and then he’ll probably fire a few people in the name of the “heavenly father”.)

In order of finish — Mitten was first,  Ron Paul was second, followed by Jon Huntsman in third, Newt Gingrich lied his way to fourth place and Rick Santorum who has been protested, booed and just destroyed  by the good people of New Hampshire came in a frothy mess in fifth place.  And good ole girl Rick Perry hardly made a showing in 6th garnering only 1 percent of the vote.

Expect Perry to be returning to Texas shortly if not this week, next week after the South Carolina primary.  (To which the bar businesses and adult bookstores are looking forward to for return of his income)

And ass for “Roll Over Rover”  Rick Santorum he better hope that he can return all those commemorative sweater vests he’s selling to campaign contributors.