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Former NBA Star Gilbert Arenas Goes Off On The LGBT Community: 'Most unfair group walking the planet right now'

Former NBA Star Gilbert Arenas Goes Off On The LGBT Community: ‘Most unfair group walking the planet right now’.

Did someone say “cancel”?

Three-time NBA All-Star with the Washington Wizards, Gilbert Arenas sat down for an interview with VLAD TV. and started to dive into how people have to watch what they say around certain people, he opened up with a crazy rant about what he sees as a problem with the LGBT community.

“I think it’s the most unfair group walking the planet right now. They have a playbook that only they’re playing by. No one else gets to see this playbook, but we’re being judged by everything that’s in this playbook. But we don’t know it. So, there’s no open dialogue about what is appropriate and what’s not. We only find out after we f— up. That’s unfair. That’s f—ing unfair. You can’t do that. How do I know something’s wrong until you give it to me?”

Just words, phrases. Like he, she, it, they. … How do we know? You’re making it up as we go,” he explained. “There’s not like there’s this f—ing dictionary of updates, and we can sit there, click it and say, ‘All right I can’t say … they took this out. They added this in.’ We’re just learning, right? That’s really unfair that you can cancel somebody on a playbook that only you have.”

“Like having an argument with someone from the LGB … f—ing suicide. Here’s why – they have the whole dictionary to use against you. They can say whatever the f— they want. They can, technically, make a straight man gay by saying, ‘You look like a gay guy, you look like this,’ and call you all kind of gay words which is technically offensive, right? To a straight man. As soon as I say something back that’s gay, I’m f—ing canceled. How does that f—ing work?

Even us talking about it makes us feel uncomfortable because we know there’s gonna f—ing be backlash, but it’s true. You can use whatever vocabulary against me. I get to go back, now it becomes, you get to use, ‘LGB, can’t do that..”


Well Arenas if you weren’t cancelled you are now.

I tell you there is nothing more heartwarming than one minority who has experienced hate and discrimination lifting up another.

Former NBA Star Charles Barkley: “If you’re gay or transgender, I love you”

A video, originally posted to TikTok by user I.­ banana, taken earlier this month at Harvey’s Lake Tahoe, a casino located in Stateline, Nevada shows NBA legend Charles Barkley pledging his support for the LGBT community 

The clip shows the 11-time NBA All Star onstage telling a crowd that, “If you’re gay or transgender, I love you. And if anyone gives you any shit, tell ’em Charles says f**k you!”

This is not the first time that Barley has stood up for the gay community.

In a 2013 interview on The Dan Patrick Show, he expressed support for out NBA player Jason Collins. “Everybody’s played with a gay teammate,” he said at the time. “As a Black man, I’m always inclusive.”

In 2016, Barkley also spoke out strongly against North Carolina’s infamous bathroom bill, which would have barred transgender people from using public restrooms that corresponded with their gender identity. He even went so far as to call for the NBA’s 2017 All-Star Game to be relocated from Charlotte, North Carolina.

“I think anytime you’re Black, you got to stand up for other people because you – Black people know what discrimination is like. And if you’re in a position of power, you got to always stand up against discrimination. And I’m blessed man, and… I’m never gonna sit back and let discrimination happen on my watch.” – Charles Barkley

NBA Officially Moves 2017 All-Star Game Out Of North Carolina Over Anti-Gay Hate Law HB2

NBA Officially Moves 2017 All-Star Game Out Of South Carolina Over Anti-Gay Hate Law HB2


Sports Illustrated reports:

The NBA has pulled the 2017 All-Star Game out of Charlotte, with New Orleans emerging as the favorite to be the new host, reports The Vertical’s Adrian Wojnarowski. The NBA had discussed moving the game in the wake of North Carolina’s controversial “bathroom bill,” legislation passed earlier this year that has been criticized as anti-LGBT. Formally known as House Bill 2, the law forces transgender people to use the bathroom corresponding with the gender on their birth certificate. Both NBA commissioner Adam Silver and Hornets owner Michael Jordan have condemned the bill, though Silver has not publicly committed to moving the game. The commissioner said earlier this month the league would likely make a decision by the end of the summer.

2014: New Oreleans $106.1 Million + $4.9 Tax revenue.

2015: Dallas $152 Million.

2016: Toronto $140 million.

2017: Charlotte $0.00 – Priceless.

North Carolina’s Much Ballyhooed “Updated” HB2.0 Anti-LGBT Law, Still Anti-LGBT

North Carolina'sHB2.0 Anti-LGBT Law, Still Anti-LGBT


After days of closed-door meetings to discuss much ballyhooed changes to the anti-LGBT law HB2, the North Carolina General Assembly voted Friday only to restore workers’ right to use state law to sue over employment discrimination. But the change won’t enhance workplace protections on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity, nor does it affect other provisions decried by gay rights advocates, business leaders and other high-profile critics. It will also keep in place the ban that excludes gender identity and sexual orientation from statewide antidiscrimination protections.

“This was the lowest of the low hanging fruit. It does nothing to fix the core discrimination in that law,” said Rep. Grier Martin, D-Wake.

The revised bill will once again  head to the desk of Gov. Pat “One Term” McCrory, who pushed for the change to the law that was enacted after a special session earlier this year.

Also on Friday, the legislature also approved giving Gov. Pat McCrory’s office $500,000 to defend the law in court, transferring the money from a disaster relief fund. The move drew jibes from many  civil rights advocates.

The NBA has suggested it might pull the 2017 All-Star Game from Charlotte if a compromise did not meet its “guiding principles of inclusion, mutual respect and equal protections for all.”

In a joint statement with the Charlotte Hornets, the NBA said it does not endorse the new draft amendments released and encouraged lawmakers to keep working on a compromise. The statement closed with the thinly veiled threat that “there has been no new decision” on next year’s game.

Indiana Pacers Roy Hibbert Fined A Whopping $75,000 for Anti-Gay Rant

roy hibbert

Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert was fined $75,000 on Sunday by the NBA for using a gay slur and cursing during his news conference after Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals.

While Hibbert has issued an apology, a fine is necessary to reinforce that such offensive comments will not be tolerated by the NBA,” Commissioner David Stern said in a statement.

Earlier Sunday, the team issued a statement from Hibbert in which he said he was sorry for his “insensitive remarks.”

Hibbert said Saturday night that he didn’t care if he got fined.

In his statement Sunday, he said, “I sincerely have deep regret over my choice of words last night.”

Yeah.  So do we.

Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber: NBA’s Jason Collins Gay Superhero of the Deviant Sexual Lifestyle

Fat Matt Barber Liberty Counsel

Under Federal RICO investigation Liberty Counsel professional gay hater Matt Barber went after newly out openly gay NBA player Jason Collins in his latest  WWD (Wingnut World Daily) column called Pulling No Punches column (Get it?  Pulling No Punches.  Fat Matt is a failed boxer) in which he calls Jason Collins a ” fading, 34 year-old NBA free agent” and  gay superhero of a “considered-deviant-sexual-lifestyle” and threw in a dash of bestiality just to spice things up.

So I guess you’ve heard. Fading, 34 year-old NBA free agent Jason Collins has  been declared a hero for publicly announcing that he digs dudes. Well, it’s  about time! Used to be all a guy had to do was die at Omaha Beach or some other  such nonsense. The Imperialist USA is finally seeing some major progress.

Merriam-Webster’s defines courage as “mental or moral strength to venture,  persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.” Think of it. Just as his  middling basketball career was coming to a close and he was preparing to fade  into relative obscurity – joining millions of others in the Obama unemployment  lines – Jason Collins stood tall and said, “No! I will not take the easy road!”

This selfless giant of a man put everything on the line and valiantly  announced to the world (Optional: may or may not insert theme to “Battle Hymn of  the Republic” here) – announced to the world: “I’m a 34-year-old NBA center. I’m  black. And I’m gay.”

With everything to lose and nothing to gain, Jason Collins, in one single,  selfless act, has rushed forward to jump on that “homophobic” grenade of  persecution each of his LGBT brethren, sistren and whatever-else-tren face  daily. For every oppressed dude-digging-dude, chick-digging-chick or  cross-dressing whatchahoozie, Jason Collins has “taken one for the home  team.”

But, lest you worry about Jason Collins’ incredible act of courage going  otherwise unlauded by this president and his mainstream media, I shall hasten to  comfort you. For Mr. Obama also heaped spoonfuls of sparkly-sweet sugar upon  Jason’s hate-tattered brow at a frenzied news conference. CBS News describes it  thusly: “President Obama told reporters he ‘couldn’t be prouder’ of NBA player  Jason Collins, who one day earlier announced he was gay. Mr. Obama said Collins  is ‘a role model’ to be able to say, ‘I’m still 7-foot-tall and can bang with  Shaq, and deliver a hard foul.’”

Um, right, exactly. If we can’t be proud of sodomy, what can we be proud  of?

Seriously, I’d encourage the next pro athlete engaged in some other  hitherto-considered-deviant-sexual-lifestyle to ride the wave.

Who knows, in today’s ever-”progressive” culture, I could see President Obama  awarding the Medal of Honor to the first polo player courageous enough to admit  having a thing for his horse.”

I guess failed boxer, failed insurance agent,  and now professional homophobe Matt Barber thinks “out christian” NBA star Dwight Howard who has fathered 5 children out-of-wedlock with 5 different women is the bastion of morality.

As for the horse Fat Matt would know a lot about that.  Insanity doesn’t run in his family.  It fucking gallops.


More On Magic Johnson Loving & Supporting His Gay Son

Over the past week, news of NBA all star Magic Johnson and his son who is gay has been all over the media. Even more so the attention has been on how loving and accepting Johnson has been since it was discovered that his son Earvin was spotted out with his boyfriend around Los Angeles. In a recent interview, Johnson gave a more elaborate statement on his brief yet succinct statement on his son’s sexuality earlier this week. Here’s more:

The former Los Angeles Lakers superstar said he knew EJ was gay before he told him. So when his son was about 13 years old, he sat him down to have “the talk.”

“I told him, ‘Hey, we are here to support you, man. We are gonna love you no matter who you are, what you do. We just want you to love yourself and also make sure that you have all the information,'” he told TMZ’s Harvey Levin in a candid interview. “And that’s what I wanted to give him. Just provide him with advice and guidance.”

Magic explained that EJ was worried about getting his father’s support. He admitted his son previously had some trouble coming out to those outside his family. After all, as the son of a public figure, the spotlight could be intense.

The biggest reason that this story has garnered widespread attention is not because Earvin is the son of an NBA legend or because the incessantly aggressive media hungry for a story. And it’s not because this is an African American family that is contesting the wide held belief of our society that African Americans are inherently more homophobic (which is not true). The reason that this story is making such huge news is because of how unaffected Magic Johnson and his son are about his son being gay. All we truly see is a father that loves and accepts his son no matter what. Unconditional and irrevocable love. And that is the way it should be. It’s just a story about a loving family.

Dallas Maverick’s Pro Basketball Player Dominique Jones Has Anti-Gay Facebook Meltdown (Allegedly)

Good As You is reporting that Dominique Jones a professional NBA Basketball player who plays for the the Dallas Mavericks had an extreme anti-gay meltdown on his Facebook page last week posting comments like

“They say our President is black but I can’t tell though….Another prime example of a black man turning his back on his religious views and his morals  to make CERTAIN people happy…..FUCK THIS WORLD….GAY PEOPLE SHOULDN”T HAVE RIGHTS TO GET MARRIED….FUCK THE LAW.  MAKE THE BIBLE YOUR HANDBOOK

While Youtuber StopHate22 did take video captures of the Facebook posts in which he continues his anti-gay triad with the help of friends, fans, and family.

A search of Jones Facebook page now finds these comments missing

Jeremy Hooper of Good As You has emailed  Jones representatives for a comment.

NBA Executive and Phoenix Suns President Rick Welts Publicly Comes Out

While Ruben Diaz and NOM was trying to make yesterday a day of neo- christian gay hate and fascism against the LGBT Community.  Another gay man besides Don lemon came out of the closet, that man was none other than  long-time National Basketball Association executive and Phoenix Suns President & Chief Executive Officer Rick Welts

The New York Times once again profiled the coming out story with Welts explaining the specifics of the 40 years he spent hiding his sexuality from those in the NBA.

Two years ago, a 14-year relationship ended badly, in part because his partner finally rejected the shadow life that Mr. Welts required. “My high profile in this community, and my need to have him be invisible,” Mr. Welts said, with clear regret. “That ultimately became something we couldn’t overcome.”

He began to think: here he was, in his mid-50s, and maybe he had sacrificed too much; and maybe he should open up about his sexuality, in a way that might help others. He kept a journal, sought advice from his sister and close friends, listed the pros and cons. He also had long talks with his widowed mother, Phyllis, in the months before she died of lung cancer, at 85, last fall. She encouraged him to do what he thought was best.

The article is a great read and a truly heartrending story.

I hope Welts is rewarded with peace of mind at last.

Rick Welts is a whole new definition of  the term “sports hero.”