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LGBT Hate Groups Money Beg Off Jussie Smolett Fake Hate Crime Fiasco

LGBT Hate Group Money Begs Off Jussie Smollett Fake Hate Crime Fiasco

From National Organization for Marriage and World Congress of Family LGBT hate group leader Brian Brown.

“The situation with Jussie Smollett is very unfortunate. It’s deplorable whenever someone makes false charges of discrimination or violence against LGBT individuals. But what’s worse is that the culture, fueled by the media and LGBT advocacy groups, gives massive exposure to these claims.

And even worse than that is when elected officials seek to codify special legal status and rights for gays and lesbians, which can easily be used as a weapon against other Americans, particularly those who hold to traditional biblical views of human sexuality and gender.

NOM will always stand for the truth and fight to protect your rights. We would appreciate your prayers, encouragement and financial assistance.”

Thanks a lot Jussie!

Conversion Therapy Event At Brigham Young University Quickly Cancelled After Discovery By The Public


On Sunday night, a flyer surfaced on Reddit for an event planned for Nov. 22 at Brigham Young University-Idaho (BYU-I), which is owned and operated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) and was suddenly cancelled after the public caught wind of it.

“Confused about the confusion about same-gender attraction? People can and do overcome same-gender attraction and enjoy rich, full lives with marriage partners of the opposite-sex without regrets,” the flyer promised and then went on to tlak about “an evening of discussion with a professional counselor who has helped many overcome same-gender attraction.”

The so-called “professional counselor” in question is Michael D. Williams whose personal page directs readers to Family Structure Studies, a project of the anti-gay hate group National Organization for Marriage backed Witherspoon Institute.  The data usedon that prosuggested that children of same-sex couples are worse off than their peers, comes from an infamous 2012 study by sociology professor Mark Regnerus, which has been widely discredited by academic and medical associations. The study was later disavowed by the editorial board of the very journal in which it was published.

On his “professional blog“, Williams has authored several anti-gay and anti-transgender posts. In one, he refers to Leelah Alcorn—a transgender girl who committed suicide in December 2014, prompting the Obama administration to officially oppose conversion therapy—as a “troubled young man” and also predicted that that the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Obergefell will have “dire consequences,” and claims that “[h]omes with same-sex ‘parents’ are remarkably unstable” and that the term “same-sex marriage” is “a misnomer and oxymoron.”

BYU-Idaho spokesperson released a statement saying that the event was planned and subsequently cancelled by a local student congregation, not the university itself and added that. “While this event was originally planned to use a campus classroom, it was not initiated by BYU-Idaho”

Williams released the following statement:

“Due to negative publicity the presentation has been called off.. I regret that the fears of some who’ve experienced repression and bigotry have resulted in others not being allowed to learn alternative viewpoints and options.”

In the 197o’s Brigham Young University used electroshock aversion therapy on gay students.

A Brief History Of The Unspoken Tortures of Homosexuals At The Hands of the Mormon Church

Anti-Gay NOM Poster Boy MN Viking Adrian Peterson Indicted For Beating and Injuring His 4-Year Old Son

NOM Peterson


NFL Minnesota Viking running back Adrian Peterson has been indicted by a grand jury on child abuse charges related to physically injuring his 4-year old son . Peterson you may remember became a poster boy for the anti-gay organization the National Organization for Marriage after he made comments in an interview with Sirius/XM NFL radio about same-sex marriage saying “I’m not with that. That’s not something I believe in.”

An arrest warrant has been issued for Peterson who practiced with the Vikings earlier on Friday.

The team issued a brief statement following the early reports of Peterson’s indictment:

The Vikings are in the process of gathering information regarding the legal situation involving Adrian Peterson. At this time, we will defer further questions to Adrian’s attorney Rusty Hardin.

second statement was later issued, announcing that Peterson would be inactive for the team’s second game of the 2014 season:

The Vikings have deactivated Adrian Peterson for this Sunday’s game against the Patriots.

And exactly as happened in the Ray Rice case, his supporters are already attempting to diminish his actions.

National Organization for Marriage Race Baits Again Using Minnesota Marriage Billbords.

I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that a Black couple appears on the 25 of these billboards that NOM has bought and placed around Minnesota’s major cities and that they didn’t do it on purpose.


NOM Pushes Article Saying Gay Men Who Seek Out (Baby) Surrogates Are Akin To Rapist

The ever increasingly irrelevant National Organization for Marriage (NOM) has published a column asserting that gay men who seek out surrogates in order to have children are akin to “sexual predators” and rapists.

NOM’s  propaganda wing The Ruth Institute excerpted a column entitled “The New Sexual Predators,” which was originally published at The Witherspoon Institute’s Public Discourse blog. (In their early days, the National Organization for Marriage and the Witherspoon Institute shared an office in Princeton, New Jersey. Witherspoon president Luis Tellez has been a NOM board member for as long as NOM has existed.  You need a scorecard to keep these incestuous anti-gay hate groups straight.)

The column’s author, Alana S. Newman, (a pro-life blogger that wants to deny gay parents children) argues that women must now defend themselves not only from “stereotypical sexual predators” but from “gay men who seek their eggs”:

But now there are new predators on the scene, for whom we do not have a script. There are new characters eager to exploit our daughters’ bodies, who enjoy unsullied reputations, passing detection even as they blatantly hunt for eggs and wombs with checkbooks in hand. And historically they have been the people women should fear the least.

So now, young women must do more than simply defend themselves against aggressive heterosexual males who want to use them for sex. They must also navigate a world filled with new, never-before-seen predators—people they thought they could trust—who aggressively target them for their eggs and their wombs. [emphasis added]

If her writings weren’t so over the top, badly written and insanely outrageous I might just be offended by this anti-gay hacks article.

Seriously if this is the BEST that  The National Organization For Ruth Witherspoon Institute can do then it’s quite apparent that they have already lost and should unplug the iron lung that keeping their hateful organizations alive.

“Target them for their eggs and their wombs”   Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

To quote Lafayette from True Blood.  “You’re stupid bitch, you know that?””

Loving “Christian” Sets General Mills Lawn On Fire In Anti-Gay Same Sex Marriage Protest

*You can still see this video by CLICKING HERE

“One out of every boxes of 8 boxes of cereal in this country is Cheerios. This is  really the treat now for the homosexuals. And this is our protest of General  Mills. They’re advocating same-sex marriages. So we are gonna torch some cereal.”

I don’t remember anyone “torching” a Chick-fil-A?

“And they’ll know we are Christians by our acetylene torches and our love…..”

NOM’s Brian Brown Moves From Race Baiting To Class Warfare: Gay Billionaires Are Behind Same Sex Marriage

First the National Organization for Marriage used “race-baiting” to try to drive a wedge between the gay and black community.

Then when they were discovered, they played the “victim card”.

And now that they are finally realizing their eventual lose is near and the demise of the cash cow that has paid them so well is almost over. In desperation they are starting to play the “Class Warfare” card.

In a recent email BEG  blast from Brian Brownshirt   titled: “If You Only Open One Email From Me This Month…Make It This One”:

Dear Marriage Supporter,
The cultural elite and gay marriage billionaires are sitting fat and happy. Regrettably, they’ve got a lot to be happy about. In fact, from their perspective, gay marriage has never been closer to becoming the law of the land than it is today.
You see, San Francisco’s 9th Circuit Court of Appeals just refused to re-hear the decision striking down California’s Proposition 8, the state’s ballot initiative that protected traditional marriage; thus, the courts have attempted to silence the faithful voices of millions who gave their time and treasure to defend marriage through the democratic process.
And with Barack Obama now throwing the full support of the White House and the federal government behind re-defining marriage for everyone, the historic understanding of one man and one woman is headed for the scrap heap if we don’t take immediate action.
But don’t take my word for it. As Chad Griffin, the new President of the largest and wealthiest radical homosexual lobby in Washington bragged recently: “The end is now in sight” – the end of traditional marriage that is.
The same-sex “marriage” lobby knows it cannot persuade the American people simply to discard marriage at the ballot box like an outdated institution. In fact, every time the issue is put to a democratic vote, Americans overwhelmingly reject gay marriage, in states across the nation – from California to Maine. That’s why the homosexual lobby is working through activist judges who can impose radical legislation from the bench, and ambitious politicians who are all too willing to take the gay lobby’s money as payment for working to redefine marriage.
Barack Obama, arrogant San Francisco judges, and wealthy homosexual activists cannot be allowed to make gay marriage the law of the land by force. The historic understanding of marriage pre-dates the heavy hand of government. Only the American people should decide this issue. It’s time to rally together and hold the line for marriage by defending our most cherished values with real action.
Only you and I stand in the way of the elite fat cats and the gay marriage billionaires. Let’s send a clear message to them and to Barack Obama, San Francisco’s unelected judges, and Washington’s homosexual activists who are now on the verge of re-defining marriage for everyone. Only the American people should decide the fate of marriage. I’m counting on your immediate contribution as the survival of traditional marriage is on the line.
Brian Brown
President, National Organization for Marriage
P.S. San Francisco’s 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has refused to re-hear the decision that struck down Proposition 8 – so the definition of marriage is heading to the Supreme Court. The very survival of traditional marriage is at stake as Barack Obama, arrogant judges, and wealthy homosexual activists are perilously close to re-defining marriage for everyone.  (BEGS FOR MONEY)

In less than 700 words Brian Brownshirt begs for donations (3 times) mentions Barack Obama’s name (twice),  sounds the alarm about “gay marriage billionaires” (twice), “wealthy homosexual activists” (twice), and goes onto mention  “elite fat cats,” and the “gay lobby’s money.”

Considering  the FACT that The National Organization for Marriage’s 2010 income disclosures from the Internal  Revenue Service reveal  that just two people contributed more than $6 million (two-thirds of NOM’s 2010  revenue) to the organization’s political arm and that 92 percent of NOM’s 2010  money came from just 22 donations of $5000 or more. Not to mention the countless funds primarily from Catholic and Mormon sources that are secretly funneled to NOM.  It really takes a big cojones or a desperate man Brian Brown and  an organization like NOM to start crying “Class Warfare” after being exposed for what they are.

NOM’s Ruth Institute To Hold 4 Day Anti-Gay Training Seminar For Youth

The Ruth Institute, NOM’s (re)education arm is holding its annual weekend-long youth anti-gay hate seminar called “It Takes a Family To Raise A Village” for students (Emerging Leaders) from ages 16 to 30.

The (ITAF) conference,  is geared towards introducing students to prominent anti-gay activists in order to prepare them to defend “natural marriage.” (NOT “traditional marriage” but “natural marriage” ) so they will be prepared to fight at home and in their schools..

The 4 day “training seminar” is hosted  at the Skyline Wesleyan Church, an evangelical Christian megachurch located in La Mesa, California and headed by notorious right-wing pastor (and Glenn Beck buddy) Jim Garlow  and will take place from July 26th – July 29th and boasts a “Student Conference Faculty” that reads like a Who’s Who of Anti-Gay Mein Kampf.

William Duncan is the director of the Marriage Law Foundation a Mormon backed foundation and   previously co-chaired Utahns for a Better Tomorrow (UBT), a committee that supported the 2004 Utah amendment against same-sex marriage. Substantial donations were funneled to UBT through a shadowy nonprofit named Marriage Education Initiatives that was formed just two weeks before the election.

“Dr.” Robert Gagnonan Associate Professor of the New Testament with a history of linking homosexuality to pedophilia, promoting “ex-gay” therapy, and condemning homosexuality as unhealthy and dysfunctional.

“Homosexual relationships are far worse than polyamory, worse even than adultery (isn’t it unfair not to allow health benefits and inheritance laws to extend to one’s mistress?), and comparable to, or more likely worse than, the worst forms of adult-incest (e.g., a man and his mother). “

Thomas Roberts, which the Ruth Institute touts as the “founder of the popular American Papist blog” but leaves out that Roberts is also NOM’s blogger, Cultural Director, and “NextGen Project” head

Douglas Allen, Ph.D,  A Canadian economist, and part-time professor at a third-rate Canadian University who claimed that gay and lesbian relationships are generally more unstable, unhealthy, and promiscuous than heterosexual relationships.

Paul Diamond, A UK barrister and vocal proponent of “ex-gay” therapy who has ties to an anti-gay hate group, and has lobbied against efforts to protect LGBT people from discrimination.

And of course the Queen of anti-gay propaganda at the Ruth Institute Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse. (Watch her video below and cringe)

Four sun filled fun days of anti-gay lies, bigotry and hate training for the young.

This is just how low and despicable the National Organization for Marriage and the Ruth Institute really is.

“Traditional morals” embraces the tactics of madmen, fascists and murderers.  Indoctrinating and brainwashing innocent youth.


Lone Gay Teen “Glitters” NOM’s General Mills Protesters – Glittering is SO 2011

A lone gay teen took it upon himself to go out and “glitter” the 10’s of NOM protestors at General Mills headquarters which of course NOM is now selling with the outraged headline “Gay Activist Glittering Kids, Seniors.”

Personally while it was kinda lame.  I can’t blame the kid because he has no guidance of what to do.  And truthfully I applaud the kids gumption.  AT LEAST HE DID SOMETHING (Unlike other Minnesotan LGBT’s who are sitting on their Target clad asses doing nothing.)

Where the HELL ARE YOU?  Shouldn’t you be out there in GREATER numbers counter-protesting abd showing the National Organization for Marriage and the world that there are more of us supporting General Mills because  of thier decision to support same-sex marriage while the few NOM bigots are protesting it?

Stop being such a bunch of prissy Nellie Olsens and get out there.

As for NOM.  It was just glitter, not sulphuric acid.  And besides it’s not like he was trying to take away your civil rights and make you second class citizens.

And kid.  As for “glittering” its DEAD.  The trans-activists killed it when they forgot to hold onto the glass bottle when they threw some at Dan Savage.

Next time you need an idea to make a statement,  Ask me.

I would have told you to throw handfuls Kellogg’s Fruit Loops that would have really pissed them off..

NOM’s Brian Brown Is Admits He’s A “Big Mo” For Marriage

Stupidity or Freudian slip?

The above poster is an actual graphic from the National Organization For Marriage post today in which Brian Brown(shirt) rants about the Washington same sex marriage repeal attempt.

NOM is trying to play it off that “Mo” stands for “momentum”. 

Uh yeah right.  Like “Bro” stands for “Bromo Seltzer”

Seriously though folks you’d think that someone who makes a living bashing gays,  would have a fucking clue about the slang.

Or does she?