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WOOF! Hunky Swimmer Nathan Adrian Explodes Out Of His Swimsuit Beating Micheal Phelps At Indy Grand Prix

Hunk a hunk a burning swimmer studliness Nathan Adrian tore past Michael Phelps literally on Thursday after splitting his trunks on the starting blocks. to win the 100-meter freestyle at the Indianapolis Grand Prix.

“I was on the block, bending over,” said Adrian, whose winning time was 48.62 seconds, 12/100ths faster than second-place Phelps. “What could I do? … It was near. ‘Take your mark.’ I’m not going to stop.”

How big was the tear? “Stretched out, it was my full butt crack,” he said.

Adrian laughed off the incident, he told reporters “bending over on the block and hearing the snap is never a comfortable feeling.”

Or is it? 

Nathan Adrian Responds to Suit Slip from SWIMSWAM on Vimeo.