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Remembering Raquel Welch - WATCH: "Myra Breckenridge" (1970) - FULL MOVIE

Remembering Raquel Welch – WATCH: “Myra Breckenridge” (1970) – FULL MOVIE

Raquel Welch was never afraid to take a part and was an ally to the LGBT community which led her in part to make Myra Breckenridge.

Like the novel written by the very very gay Gore Vidal, the picture follows the exploits of Myra Breckinridge (née Myron), a transgender woman who has undergone a sex change operation. Claiming to be her own widow, she manipulates her uncle into giving her a position at his acting school, where she attempts to usurp Hollywood’s social order by introducing femdom into the curriculum.

Controversial in it’s day and dubbed “One of the worst movies ever made.” todays its more camp and fun and includes other famous actors including  John Huston as Buck Loner, Mae West as Leticia Van Allen, Farrah Fawcett, Rex Reed, Roger Herren,  Roger C. Carmel. and Tom Selleck made his film debut in a small role as one of Leticia’s “studs.”

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