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Jamaican “Murder Music” Reggae Artist Beenie Man Apologizes For His Anti-Gay Lyrics

In case you missed it.

Jamaican reggae artist Beenie Man has released a video in which has apologized for his virulently antigay lyrics , saying his opinion of the LGBT community has evolved.

“There is no one in this world is the same as they were 20 years ago — I know I am not.  I was a kid and I come from Waterhouse, which is a small community. I never know what the world is like and what the world is all about. But now I know that people live in this world that live their life differently from my life. I still have to respect and love human beings.”he  says in his YouTube video posted below.

In 2004 Beenie Man was removed from the MTV Video Music Awards and had a performances cancelled after a boycott by activists for a song which lyrics called for the execution of gay men. Previously released songs icluded lines like, “I’m dreaming of a new Jamaica, come to execute all the gays,” and “Tek a bazooka and kill batty-fucker.”

His video comes just days after one of the most popular rap stars, Jay-Z, followed President Obama in announcing his support for equal marriage. But, Jay-Z had once rapped: “Faggots wanna talk to po-po’s, Smoke em like cocoa.”

Is this sincere progress or is it hip-hop and reggea artist who realize that their anti-gay lyrics and attitudes hurt their sales and thier wallets?

You decide.

NY State Rep. Yvette Clarke Honors Jamacian Gay Murder Music Performer Beenie Man

 U.S. Representative Yvette Clarke who has an outstanding LGBT voting record seems to be a bit clueless when it comes to anti-gay Jamaican reggae murder music. 

At last weeks  Reggae Rhythm and Blues Festival in Queens,  New York’s she welcomed and  honored gay hate performer Beenie Man (whose lyrics include:  “I’m dreaming of a new Jamaica, come to execute all the gays”) by saying to him  “We welcome you back to the United States of America… We honor you. You have been an outstanding performer and you have made all Jamaicans proud.”

Yvette you need a better aides and a better research staff and you also need to issue an apology immediately.

*You can contact Representative Clarke in NY  (718) 287-1142 or her Washington, DC office  (202) 225-6231


International Reggae Artist Mista Majah P Releases First Pro-Gay Reggae Album Titled “Tolerance”

Anti-gay Reggae music dubbed  “Murder Music” has been prevalent amongst  a number of Jamaican performers has been linked to violent attacks on the LGBT community in both the UK and Jamaica where it has even seeped its way into Jamaican politics.

But now International reggae artist Mista Majah P formerly known Major P  has become the first reggea performer in  history  to release the world’s first pro-gay reggae album.

Called Tolerance and featuring rainbow stripes on the cover, the album includes 11 songs, variously in support of same-sex marriage and adoption by gay couples, as well as attacks on homophobic bullying and the US military policy, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. The tracks also feature swipes at the anti-gay prejudices of ‘murder music’ reggae singer Beenie Man and of the Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Golding,

Mista Majah P states:

“My hope is that this CD, ‘Tolerance’, will break down the homophobic stance that certain reggae artists and heads of government have taken towards the LGBTQ community. Because of the hateful songs that some performers have been singing, gay people have been threatened and harmed. Some foolish people act upon what these artists are preaching because they worship these artists like gods. My music is about tolerance. It shows that reggae music can respect gay and lesbian people. Reggae music used to be about love, peace and unity. Now it is too often about bigotry and violence. I want to bring the music back to its progressive roots.”

Since releasing the album, Mista Majah P has received numerous death threats and has been warned to not return to Jamaica.