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BREAKING – Pastor "Down-Low" Eddie Long Being Investigated By Feds Over Mortgage Scam

It’s turning out that Atlanta’s pompous. self righteous, anti-gay closet case MegaChurch Pastor Eddie “Down Low” Long who has continued his bleating of “innocence” against charges that he took sexual advantage of four young men now has something else to cry innocence against.  Long and another local megachurch leader, Gary Hawkins, are linked to a questionable mortgage venture that is being investigated by the feds courtesy of CBS Atlanta.

Matrix Capital`s promised to lower people`s mortgages for $1,500 upfront and  thousands of homeowners paid Matrix money, but according to investigators, most of them ended up in bankruptcy and losing their homes

And where did  Matrix Capital front man Fred Lee look for his victims to con?  You got it.  Pastor Down Low’s New Birth Missionary Baptist Church where Lee was invited by Bishop as a “professional courtesy” (one con man to another) to use his church facilities.