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Howard Dean: The Daily Caller Is A Right Wing Propaganda Organization – TESTIFY HOWARD! (Video)

Howard Dean the Man

Watch honest and fearless Howard Dean call out the Right Wing propaganda machine on MSNBC’s ridiculously stupid Morning Joe and watch Scarborough and Mika act as though he has said something preposterous even though they know he’s 100 percent correct so not to piss off the Tea Party loons.

I love me some Howard Dean!

MSNBC’s Morning Joe Invites Anti-Gay Pastor Tim Keller On To Hawk His “Traditional” Marriage Book

This morning on Morning Joe on MSNBC,  the Rev. Tim Keller discuss his new book “The Meaning of Marriage,”

While the conversation was kept low keyed the message was was clear from Keller that marriage is only between a man and a women and the Morning Joe crew did not further the debate or for that matter explain that despite Keller’s mild mannered appearance Keller is a man with an “ex-gay ministry” past and “anti-gay” connections.  Prior to coming to New York City in 1989 to build his church, Keller lived in Philadelphia, and for four years there he was the board chair of Harvest USA, an ex-gay ministry that still operates in that city.

 Keller has also been quoted in the past as saying that ““Homosexuality is not God’s original design for sexuality:”  But still MSNBC had him on to hawk his book and discuss marriage.

MSNBC is one of the worst offenders in news media outlets when it comes sensationalism though personalities, stooping to get rating by hiring the likes of Pat Buchannan and Tony Perkins of the AFA as paid commentators. 

MSNBC’s motto is “Lean Forward”.  And thats what we all should be doing.  Leaning forward and grabbing the television remote to turn MSNBC off. 

Sorry Rachel Maddow. – Many thanks to BernheimKY on Twitter for the Tip