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70’s Disco Smash “More, More, More.” Singer and Porn Star Andrea True Passes Away

Andrea True who not only had one of the most recognizable faces in Adult X-Rated movies and had of one of the biggest disco hits of the 1970’s “More, More, More.” has passed away.

True,  Desperate for work, after arriving in New York decided to pursue a career as a porn star. She appeared in more than 60 hardcore porn films throughout the 1970s and early to mid-80s. 

Andrea True’s real claim to fame though came during her heyday as a porn actress when she was hired by a real estate business in Jamaica to appear in their commercial ads. During her stay on Jamaica, a political crisis gripped the island, and no one was allowed to leave with any money. Not wanting to lose her hard-earned pay, True asked her friend, record producer Gregg Diamond, to travel to the island and produce a track for her, which she would finance locally. Diamond arrived with a composition in hand, to which True added her vocals. The result of their collaboration was “More, More, More.”  which became a favorite in discos and nightclubs.

Andrea True died November 7, 2011 at her Kingston, NY. home.  She was 68 years old.