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Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson Announces Engagement and Creation Of ‘Tie The Knot” – Video

Modern Family star, Jesse Tyler Ferguson has popped the question to his boyfriend Justin Mikita,  licensed attorney, works as a development associate for the American Foundation for Equal Rights (AFER) and yesterday announced their engagement and also the creation of new non-profit organization named “Tie The Knot”  (No it’s not about S&M.  get your mind out of the gutter theirs not room for both of us.)

Ferguson and Mikita together  have created a collection of bow ties inspired by art and fashion because they want to be able to marry some day. “We want our interpersonal relationship to be acknowledged in a union formalized via a wedding ceremony,” Ferguson says. The bow ties will be available for sale in November through TieTheKnot.org, and all proceeds will be donated to organizations fighting for gay rights.

CONGRATS Jesse and Justin!  I assume our invitation to the wedding is in the mail?

Has Hollywood Made LGBT Characters Too Stereotypical Gay?

Do you think Hollywood is doing a good job with LGBT characters? Can you identify with these characters at all or are they too stereotypical and way over the top? Here’s two sides to the argument. First, I came across an article from the New York Post today that feels Hollywood has done a horrific job in it’s portrayal of LGBT characters. The writer generalizes these Hollywood characters saying they’re “so screamingly stupid” .

Also, the writer assesses the male gay characters from shows like Glee and Modern Family as “limp white boys and scary” and compared the portrayal of lesbians as “sexually predatory girls”.  The writer says these characters are so damning that they make the bold  assertion that “it’s enough to drive the gay-rights movement back underground.” while these portrayals will be used by “delight loyalists of Chick-fil-A” and overall these characters are “self-loathing.

The writer feels that these LGBT character portrayals are detrimental and  as a result it’s “an awkward moment for TV land to give so much ammunition to the religious right”. So what because of the religious conservative right we shouldn’t have these characters on tv? Other then one dimensional thinking the writer doesn’t provide any solid evidence to support this claim.

Further, the writer received commentary from Williamson Henderson, Director of Stonewall Veterans Association, named for the 1969 Greenich Village Riots. Henderson felt as though the portrayals of LGBT are relegated to “wimpy characters, crying” and that“they don’t represent gay people in a productive and positive sense” .

Henderson also discussed Chaz Bono son of Cher and DTWS contest, who is female to male transgender, and the controversy surrounding the dance competition saying “it was the clowning of the GLBT community,’’ and that “they were using him as a weapon to attract those who don’t support gay rights. He did more harm than good”.

Okay, let’s look at another side of this debate. The counter argument suggests that these LGBT characters are an asset, not a detriment. University of Michigan’s Professor Edward Schiappa, who studies communication, did research on these varying shows finding that overall, “TV and movie representation matters”. Schiappa compared data from five studies concluding that prejudices towards LGBT showed a decrease and noted while “these attitude changes are not huge — they don’t change bigots into saints. But they can snowball”.

Look, I’ll be the first to admit that there is a significant lack of diversity for LGBT characters in Hollywood. I want to see well thought out multi-dimensional characters in film, sitcoms, drams, playrights and all other mediums. But there are some positive aspects to these characters too.

Growing up during the 80s and 90s I can’t vividly remember one LGBT character in any of the tv shows I watched. I know not all visibility in causes are good, but I definitely don’t think the examples provided by the writer of this article are all bad either. What do you think?

The BIG GAY 2010 Emmy Awards! – Jane Lynch Wins Kisses And Thanks Wife, Modern Family, GLEE and Betty White All Win At The 2010 Emmy Awards (Video)

Last Nights 2010 Emmy awards wre filled with Gay Wins.  Gays Playing Straight, Straights Playing Gay, and Gay Creators of Gat Shows!

And for the first time in HERSTORY  as openly proud lesbian Jane Lynch both kissed and then thanked her wife for her support during her acceptance speech.

Watch Jane’s acceptance speeh and check out the GAY WIN SCORECARD after the jump below.



OUTSTANDING ACTRESS IN A COMEDY – Edie Falco (Nurse Jackie)  – Gay Character in the show and the writer is n openly gay lesbian)

OUTSTANDING SUPPORTING ACTOR IN A COMEDY – Eric Stonestreet (Modern Family) – STR8 Actor who plays GAY!

OUTSTANDING SUPPORTING ACTRESS IN A COMEDY – Jane Lynch (Glee) – Openly Lesbian Actress who plays STR!

OUSTANDING GUEST ACTRESS IN A COMEDY – Betty White (SNL) – Gay Icon and Golden Girl Rose Nyland

OUSTANDING GUEST ACTOR IN A COMEDY – Neil Patrick Harris (Glee) – You don;t get much gayer than that!


OUTSTANDING SUPPORTING ACTRESS IN A DRAMA – Archie Panjabi (The Good Wife) – STR8 Actress who plays a Lesbian Character



Whats "Too Gay" Today? – Zachary Quinto (Too Gay!), Marc Jacobs (Way Too Gay!), The Modern Family Cam-Mitchell Gay Kiss Campaign, Edie Falco’s Un-Buttered Lesbian Toast, and "Make Me a Supermodel" Ronnie Kroll Not Completely Naked But We Are Getting Close!

Zachary Quinto talks about the cancellation of Heroes: “I will forever look back on Heroes as the game changer.” Dude, you know what would be a REAL game changer and something you could be PROUD of?  If you came out of your freakin walkin-in closet already!

Marc Jacobs employee calls police after white powder was sent to the store:.  Guess what?  It was cocaine. (Now that was an easy guess.)

*  Steven Levitan, creator of Modern Family, discusses the Cam-Mitchell kiss campaign: “We don’t quite get that controversy. We think the vast majority of the gay community finds the Cameron and Mitchell depiction to be very positive. Here we are the first show on television to show a committed gay couple adopting a baby, raising a baby. It seems to me that there are better targets out there than us. That said, everything we’re doing is based on character and that very issue will be addressed next season. But it was our plan all along to do so.”   Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Just have them freakin kiss already!

*  The ever tactful Kevin Sessums asks Edie Falco when discussing her lesbian fans,  if she’s ever “buttered that side of [her] toast.” Says Falco: “I beg your pardon! I am so not going there. Wow. I’ve never heard it put that way either. But no. I’m afraid I like boys.”

*  Just like they did with Levi Johnston, Playgirl is slowly rolling out the pictorial “Make Me a Supermodel” Ronnie Kroell, the gay Reality Television Famous model, who is allegedly erect in his allegedly artful spread