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WOOF! Underwear Model Todd Sanfield


You know that I love to promote undiscovered and up and coming guys in these posts. I like mixing it up as much as possible. And what a delight it is to discover this aspiring model and future pharmacist Todd Sanfield. From his smoldering eyes to very toned muscle definition of his beautifully sculpted body screams the word SEX. But enough from me, I’ll let his body do the rest of the talking.


Seriously I don’t have enough witty puns and witty euphemisms for this guy. He’s hot. Really, REALLY HOT.


Yeah I’m feeling dirty about looking at this too. He seems to be so comfortable in his underwear. That’s probably why he’s starting his own underwear company featuring high end designer undies with reasonable prices that you can find out more about here.



I mean they seem to hug all the right places don’t they. A present begging to be opened. I like presents.



I think he wants us to come play with him. What do you think?



Seems like the stand and deliver type, doesn’t he. Especailly since he loves to steeam things up in the shower like this…



But all this does is make me feel dirty…Anyway, this guy is definitely going places. So make sure to follow him on twitter @toddsanfield1 and if you do, please tell him I said how you dooooooooin. (no that’s not a Joey reference from Friends because he is WAY hotter than him okay?! That’s just what I say when I’m extremely attracted to a guy. Gosh) 


Oh and here is my favorite photo of his. Dear God…


WOOF! Supermodel Jon Kortajarena

You guys, Have you ever been so attracted to someone that you physically ache when you see a picture of them? Well that’s what this edition of WOOF! does to me. I’m of course talking about Jon Kortajarena. A native of Spain, Kortajarena has garnered international fame for his ability to pull off a wide variety of different looks all the while still having the most seductive eyes and fuck me hair in the universe. Unconvinced? Well I’ll let his work speak for itself.

There’s such charm and sophistication that Kortajarena manifests in his photos. And sure he may not be the most buff guy in the world but you cannot deny that he is sexy. Muscles is not what makes a guy hot. It’s all about the presentation. And have you seen his hipster style (my ultimate weakness)? Tell me he doesn’t have that old world appeal and the best damn cheekbones in the history of ever.

Those eyes say he knows a lot of the world and those fingertips would know how to show you all the sweet, blissful pleasures of the world. That stubble that you know would be smooth to the touch the moment your hands made contact with it. And his lips, UNF.

And if this isn’t hot…

Or this…

Then I don’t know what is.