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Thom Hartman of RT News Interviews Maggie Gallagher Then Mocks Her With Mrs Betty Bowers Americas Best Christian

RT News’s Thom Hartman had a rather interesting interview with Maggie Gallagher – Srivastav of the National Organization for Marriage on Thursday. (Who was looking especially puffy and bovine I must say)

Thom spent the whole interview looking at Ms. Gallagher, pushing aside her NOM talking points one after another before bringing the interview to a sudden end  before announcing the appearance of Mrs. Betty Bowers, Thom’s “heroine, and America’s best Christian,” who explained what real Christian marriage is all about.

BUSTED! Watch FOX News Hosts Make Fun Of Sarah Palin During Commercial Break – Video

Video has been leaked of a Thursday FOX News panel mocking Palin’s new reality television show. The two reporters who are caught on camera are Judith Miller and Liz Trotta.
Best Line Ever:  “It’s like The Sound of Music (Sarah Palin’s Alaska) Without the Nazi’s, without the romance, and without the music.” 

I beg to differ though. The NAZI’s are definately in the show.