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Openly Gay, 28 Year Old Mike Slaton Running Against Ultra-Conservative Democrat In Kentucky House Of Representatives Election

Mike Slaton, a 28 year old, openly gay Louisville, KY man is charging headlong into Tuesday’s primary hoping to unseat Rep. Thomas Riner, an ultra-conservative and religious (ie. undercover Republican) Democrat incumbent  who’s served in the State House for 28 years/

According to LEO Weekly, a Louisville paper:

Riner caught flak for legislation he introduced in 2002 and again in 2006 mandating that language recognizing God’s role in protecting the commonwealth from terrorist attacks be included in the state’s homeland security bill, as well as mandating the Ten Commandments be displayed in courthouses across the state. While national “hot-button” issues like abortion and gay rights rarely factor into smaller-scale elections like this, Riner’s piety has cost the state nearly half a million dollars in legal fees in lost case after lost case in defense against the American Civil Liberties Union.

Slanton, is endorsed by CFAIR-Committee for Fairness and Individual Rights, The Women’s Network PAC, The Metropolitan Louisville Women’s Political Caucus, The Victory Fund and is running on a progressive platform.
THIS is exactly what we need to do,  Remove the old bigot and crooked politicans and replace them with new fresh blood. (Mike is also cute as a button!)

I am running for office because I believe that government must play an active role in improving people’s lives and strengthening our communities by crafting progressive public policy and promoting personal responsibility.

I believe that education, health equity, access to food, public transportation, housing, and the environment are all civil rights issues.

I believe that it’s time for District 41 to have a representative who will champion social, economic, and environmental justice for all people. With your help, I will be that Representative. — Mike Slaton

Best of luck Mike!