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#NNLGBT14 – LGBT Netroots Connect Pre-Con Gathers Over 120 Activist, Journalist and Bloggers In Detroit


Just one day before the annual Netroots Nation gathering this year being held in Detroit, Michigan. The LGBT Netroots connect program run by Mike Rogers Managing Director of Raw Story Media Has brought together over 120 of the best and brightest LGBT activist, journalist and bloggers from across the country, Canada and Mexico to discuss the future of the LGBT movement and the ways in which our actions impact it.

Founded in 2008 as the National Blogger and Citizen Journalist Initiative, LGBT Netroots Connect develops programs that bring online and offline activists and leaders together to create change.

For more information about LGBT Netroots Connect and how you can get invloved as either a participant or soinsor please check out thier webpage by clicking HERE

LISTEN: Mike Rogers “Flips” The Tables On “Gay Agenda” Victims Jason and David Benham – AUDIO

Mike Rogers1

Mike Rogers, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Raw Story, and well know LGBT blogger and gay rights activist in Washington, D.C. filled in for Ed Shultz yesterday on his nationally syndicated radio show The Ed Shultz Show and “flipped” the tables on ex-HGTV employees Jason and David Benham who played the victim card, blamed the gay agenda, and not only invoked the name of Andrew Sullivan for protection but then proceeded make a bigoted statement by calling Sullivan “one of your people”

Listen to Rogers spank the homophobic twins courtesy of Rogers himself and The Ed Shultz Show

Mike Rogers Outs Traditional Family Values Sen. John Barasso (R-WY) On Twitter

John Brasso

Washington, D.C.’s Mike Rogers who is best known for his activity in outing closeted gay republican  politicians who actively oppose equality for LGBT Americans and was lead subject of Kirby Dick’s documentary Outrage took to Twitter this morning to point out GOP traditional values Senator John Barasso who appeared on Fox News Sunday should have taken the opportunity to come out of the closet.

Barrasso was quoted as saying, “I believe in limited government, lower taxes, less spending, traditional family values, local control and a strong national defense,” and said he has “voted for prayer in schools, against gay marriage and [has] sponsored legislation to protect the “sanctity of life”

When reached for comment, Rogers who has had a 100% record on outing closeted GOP politicians replied: “My tweets stand on their own”.

Mike Rogers





Back2Stonewall.com Will Be Covering Netroots Nation 12 In Providence, Rhode Island This Week!

This week Back2Stonewall.com will be attending and covering Netroots Nation 12 in Providence Rhode Island this year as part of the LGBT Connect Netroots Nation Group from Wednesday June 6th – Sunday June 10th

Each year at Netroots Nation thousands of journalist, bloggers, newsmakers, social justice advocates, labor and organizational leaders, grassroots organizers and online activists come together to share practices and build stronger relationships with others working on the issues they care most about. And each year, some of the brightest minds in progressive politics come to Netroots Nation to speak with—and hear from—our community

Netroots Nation kicks off on Wednesday June 6th with an LGBT Connect Pre-Conference put together by Mike Rogers, one of two partners in Raw Story Media, Inc. publishers of The Raw Story.  Rogers an American fundraiser, blogger and gay rights activist in the Washington, D.C.-area best known for his activity in outing closeted gay politicians who actively oppose gay rights and was the subject of the 2009 film Outrage,

The LGBT Connect Pre-Conference is a one day long gathering of over 100 of the best and brightest LGBT advocates, blogger, media journalist, and LGBT organization representatives who come together to discuss and think tank the important issues that the LGBT community is currently facing.

The Netroots Nation Conference which will run Thursday, June 7th – Sunday June 10th and will include over 70 panels, 30 training sessions, inspiring keynotes, film screenings and other  sessions designed to educate, stimulate and inspire the nation’s next generation of progressive leaders and provide major networking oppurtunites.  Speakers this year include Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin, Van Jones, Elizabeth Warren, Paul Krugman, and Ben Jealous of the NAACP.

I will be covering it all here with no holds barred commentary, posts and videos here on Back2Stonewall.com and you could also follow me live on Twitter as it happens @Back2Stonewall and/or follow the hashtag #NN12LGBT

But never fear!

Brett, Zak, Peter, and handsome Roy Mckenzie will still be posting the latest in LGBT news, media, and humpy woofy men in my absence!

So keep checking in!

Mike Rogers and Ed Shultz Take On Bill O’Reilly And Keith Ablow Over FOX-NEW’s Chaz Bono Hate Rhetoric

Last night Mike Rogers, activist, blogger, and Managing Director and partner of Raw Story appeared with Ed Shultz on MSNBC to discuss the big ballyhoo of hate and misinformation over at FOX-NEWS about the Chaz Bono, Keith Ablow controversy and how it in itself may affect children.


Video – Raw Story’s Mike Rogers On The GOP’s Hypocrisy And Anthony Weiner

Mike Rogers, the  Managing Director and partner of Raw Story Media,  fundraiser, blogger and gay rights activist best known outing closeted gay politicians who actively oppose gay rights.  Appeared on MSNB’s The Ed Show last night and talked about the GOP reaction to Anthony Weiner’s non-illegal Twitter pics, while ignoring the current illegal sexual activities of Republican officials


Mike Rogers To Kick Sen. Lindsey Graham Out Of The Closet In Three…..Two…….

The incredible Michael Rogers, who sees it as his mission to to out politicians who vote against gay interests while surreptitiously pursuing gay sex has a 100 percent track record at exposing these self-loathing cloet cases and is about to add another notch to his gunbelt

Wonkette is reporting, and I myself have seen Mike Rogers twitter messages,  that the next politician to dragged kicking and screaming out of thier comfortable walk in is Senator Lindsey Graham, South Carolina’s favorite lifelong bachelor and former military prosecutor, is always reliably against homosexuals having any basic human rights in America because Lindsey’s a Republican, y’all. Anyway, famous outer-of-self-hating-queers Mike Rogers says he’s got pictures of one of Lindsey’s boy toys leaving Lindsey’s house. This would be SHOCKING because come on, everybody knows Republicans cannot be gay because Jesus did not make gays.

Gee…Looks like South Carolina just went from a Secession Party to a plain old Suck Session Party

Mike Rogers OUTS Rep. Mark Kirk (R-IL)

Rep. Mark Kirk (R-IL) recently voted against the repeal of DADT, so noted outing blogger Mike Rogers has spilled the beans on  Kirk, the Illinois Republican currently running for Barack Obama’s old Senate seat. (You may remember that in late December, wingnut GOP Senate candidate Andy Martin also accused Kirk of being gay)

Today in Mike Rogers blog:

Within hours of the DADT repeal vote I was contacted by two people who knew Kirk from his college days. “In law school in DC everyone knew Mark was gay,” the first source told me. I explained that the information was intriguing, it would not be enough to go on. He continued, “But I had sex with him a number of times.” Well, now we’re onto something I thought. “Could someone verify for me that you knew Kirk and went to school with him?” I asked. “Yes” was the swift reply. “Could you recall personal details about Kirk that others may not know?” “Yes,” he said. And he did. The next source claimed to have gone to undergraduate school with Kirk. I asked for proof that he and Kirk were in school together and once that was shared with me, I met with the source. The source introduced me to a man whom had also been friends with Kirk college. They both shared with me their interactions with Kirk, including one sexual in nature. The source who claimed to have sex with Kirk described personal details about the House, um, er, “member.” The description was the same as the first source.

From Kirk’s campaign website:

Kirk, who holds the rank of Commander, is a Naval Reserve intelligence officer and has served during conflicts with Afghanistan, Iraq, Haiti, and Bosnia….

So it then it seems fair tehn to call 202-225-4835 and  to ask his staffers if Kirk’s gay, if he has served alongside other gay people in the military, if he respects the service of gay people, if he thinks DADT imposes an unfair personal burden on gay people, and why he voted against repeal.

I applaud outing anyone with less than a 100% gay friendly voting record.  His voting no on DADT repeal after serving in the military cannot be ignored.