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Anti-Gay Nutjob Michigan Ex-Assistant Attorny General Andrew Shrivell Has Long History Of LGBT Harassment

Andrew Shrivill the ex- ssistant state attorney general of Michigan who was fired in November after public outrage after stalking, harassing  and starting a blog that slurred openly gay University of Michigan assembly president, Chris Armstrong, as a racist with a “radical homosexual agenda” 

A recent report has now stated that Shirvell has a long history of anti-LGBT harassment according to report compiled by the attorney general’s office sending e-mails to a former state representative and others that included gay slurs, and also Shirvell harassed Armstrong’s friends as they were socializing in Ann Arbor and made numerous calls to U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office while Armstrong was working there as an intern.

After Shirvell’s harassment of Armstrong became known national criticism erupted  last fall. The attorney general’s office drew more than 22,000 e-mails, 150 letters and 940 phone calls, most advocating for Shirvell to be fired.  Attorney General Mike Cox said at the time that the firing came after a state investigation revealed that Shirvell “repeatedly violated office policies, engaged in borderline stalking behavior and inappropriately used state resources.”

Armstrong and his lawyer Deborah Gordon petitioned the state Attorney Grievance Commission to have Shirvell disbarred. That process is still ongoing. Gordon said Armstrong has not ruled out further legal action against Shirvell

Michigan Asst AG Andrew Shirvell FINALLY Fired for Anti-Gay Cyber-bullying of College Student Chris Armstrong

In the “What too you so long” story catagory today comes the news that FREAKAZOID Michigan Assistant Attorney General  Andrew Shirvell has  FINALLY bee  fired  from his job at a hearing today, the Detroit Free Press reports

A hearing that was supposed to be held Tuesday was moved up to this afternoon. Philip Thomas said he showed up for the meeting and was read one sentence.

“They said essentially that as a result of Andrew’s conduct, it’s become impossible for him to carry out his duties as an attorney general.”

Shirvell had been criticized for his blog in which he calls Chris Armstrong, the president of the Michigan Student Assembly, a radical homosexual, a Nazi and Satan’s representative on the assembly. Thomas had said his client is expressing his free-speech rights

Shrivell’s lawyer added that firing felt “political” and blamed media attention from the left: “There’s been a tremendous piling on against Andrew. The liberal media started this tempest in a teapot. Andrew’s reaction is that he’s devastated over the loss of his employment.”  Blah, blah, blah…..

“The next step must be a complete retraction of all the malicious lies and fabrications by Mr. Shirvell, and a public apology to Chris Armstrong, his family and the others Mr. Shirvell has slandered” added Chris Armstrong’s attorney Deborah Gordon..

Recent news has uncovered that Shirvell’s anti-gay activities date back since at least 2005,  when Shirvell was raising a stink about a pizza joint in Ann Arbor with a rainbow flag decal on its window that told its customers it was a gay-friendly establishment.

The Daily Show Skews and Roasts Michigan"s Asst AG Creepy Stalker Dude Andrew Shirvell

Jason Jones from The Daily Show slow roasted Michigan assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell over an open fire last night for his constant creepy stalking and cyber-bullying University of Michigan student body president Chris Armstrong as a “gay Nazi and privileged pervert.”

I salute you Jason Jones! 

I bet Shirvell swallows!

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Chris Armstrong Breaks His Silence About Bullying and Anti-Gay Attacks By Michagan Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell on AC360 (Video)

Anderson Cooper interviews University of Michigan Student Body President Chris Armstrong who has been cyber bullied and verbally attacked by Michigan Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell since last March.

Andrew Shirvell is just another one of those who are “purveyors of hate”. He, just like the bullies who caused the death of those young teens, fthey have no remorse, since they feel they are doing nothing wrong.