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"Southland" Featuring Gay Police Officer Returns January 4, 2011 On TNT

The gritty realistic Los Angeles-based crime drama Southland returns for a third season on TNT January 4th, which will include the return of Michael Cudlitz as gay, but closeted ass kicking badass with a heart Police Officer John Cooper who thankfully is one of if not the ONLY strongest stereotype breakers and “butchest” as in “just a regular guy who happens to be gay” portrayals on television right now which which is sorely needed. 

Southland had its the first season, where The series coyfully played with Cudlitz’s character of coopers homosexuality dragging it out until almost the end of its short first season.  NBC renewed the show for a second season but then canceled the show before any episodes were aired, because of the Jay Leno fiasco which would have pushed Southland to a 9pm timeslot which they thought it was too dark for.  TNT then rescued the show with Season 2 ending with Cooper’s sexual orientation being questioned by one of his colleagues.

Southland’s Officer John Copper is the type of gay character representation that we need.  He not a vapid queen, nor does he wear a wig, sing, an adopted Asian child, or wear a cardigan.  It’s high time that the gay swish stereotype on television was broken.

Kudos to Southlamd and Cudlitz for expanding the perceptions of gay men and breaking the television stereotype barrier.