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#MeToo Posse Goes After Capt. Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) Over On-Set Antics #MeToo Posse Goes After Capt. Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) Over On-Set Antics

#MeToo Posse Goes After Capt. Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) Over On-Set Antics

Last week The Guardian reported that it had received complaints about John Barrowman’s on-set behavior from women who worked on the BBC One sci-fi, series Dr. Who and Torchwood .

It is alleged that Barrowman – who plays Captain Jack Harkness – exposed himself “on a regular basis” during the show’s earlier years. Doctor Who producer Julie Gardner also confirmed that Torchwood had received a complaint against the actor in 2008.

Now for any “gay geek” out there and Capt. Jack fan who followed Dr. Who and Torchwood during their original runs an/or attends Comic Con’s Barrowman’s since 2005 knows his “behavior” was well noted at that time by the immediate cast which took it as campy, good natured jokes and talked about it regularly. But a lot has changed in 15 years and Barrowman’s accusations come after the BBC says it’s investigating against former Doctor Who co-star Noel Clark, who is also accused of serious sexual misconduct and harassments on set. In a 2014 video from a sci fi convention that Clarke accuses him of taking “his dick out every five minutes” when they worked together on this hit British series.

In a statement, Barrowman admitted to fooling around on Doctor Who and its spin-off Torchwood, but he said that he no longer behaves that way in the workplace.

“With the benefit of hindsight, I understand that upset may have been caused by my exuberant behavior and I have apologized for this previously,” he said.

In 2008, Barrowman apologizes after he pulled down his pants during an interview with BBC Radio 1, saying he “went too far” when getting into “the light-hearted and fun banter of the show.”

Famous Statue of WWII Vandalized After Sailor's Death With #MeToo Graffiti

Famous Statue of WWII Kiss Vandalized After Sailor’s Death With #MeToo Graffiti

The 25 ft. tall statue “Unconditional Surrender” depicting a US sailor famously photographed kissing a nurse at the end of World War II was vandalized a day after the sailors death with graffiti reading “#MeToo”.

For many the image of George Mendonsa kissing Greta Zimmer Friedman represents the joy and exhilaration felt across the United States on the day Japan surrendered, ending World War II.

But some in the #MeToo movement have stated that both the photo and the statue depicts an act of sexual assault, given the fact Mr Mendonsa did not have Ms Friedman’s consent to kiss her.

Greta Zimmer Friedman said before her death that it wasn’t her choice to be kissed and that Mr Mendonsa “grabbed” her.

However, she made it clear the kiss was a “jubilant act” and “it was just an event of ‘thank god the war is over'” during one of the United States most terrible times in history.

Police estimate the cost of the damage to be well over $1,000 due to the large area that the graffiti covers

The City of Sarasota confirmed the graffiti was removed on Tuesday morning. .

There is no word if the police have any leads on who the vandalized the statue.

George Mendonsa passed away Sunday at the assisted living facility in Middletown, Rhode Island, where he lived with his wife.

He was 96 years old.

The GOP Is Trying To Set-Up Cory Booker On A Gay #MeToo Assault

The GOP Is Trying To Set-Up Cory Booker On A Gay #MeToo Assault

An anonymous Twitter user has accused New Jersey Senator, Cory Booker. of an alleged gay #MeToo sexual assault that took place in a bathroom years ago and his “story” is beginning to make the rounds of the extreme right-wing-nut websites.

The alleged “gay man” who wants to remain anonymous of course describes himself as a “liberal Democrat” and accuses Booker of sexually assaulting him in 2014.

The supposed “victim” penned a lengthy open letter that was posted on Twitter. (On a newly created account for this accusation named @TheeDeepThroat) in which he  describes the assault that occurred in a bathroom following a meeting at his workplace, in Washington, DC where the two met.

I stopped to use one of the building’s single-occupancy restrooms. Upon washing my hands prior to leaving, I hear knocking on the door. When it comes to these restrooms, it is customary to knock first in case someone is using it, even though there is an inner lock. When I opened the door, Mr. Booker was there. He smiled and very gregariously said, “Hey!” We engaged in some brief idle chitchat in the entryway and then he asked me to speak in private. What happened next, happened so fast that it was hard for me to comprehend what was going on. It was one of those surreal moments where what was happening was such a deviation and such a perversion of one’s natural daily routine that I hardly knew how to react. He pulled me into the bathroom, albeit not too forcefully, and slowly pushed me against the restroom wall. He said that “Being a hero was a serious turn-on.” He continued, “The Senate appreciates fine citizens like you. Especially this senator.” He then put his left hand on my groin, over my jeans, and began to rub. I seem to remember saying something like “What is happening?” It was a bit like having vertigo. He then used his other hand to grab my left hand with his right and pulled it over to touch him. At the same time, he disengaged from rubbing me and used his left hand to push me to my knees from my shoulder for what was clearly a move to have me perform oral sex on him. At that point, I pulled away quite violently and told him I had to go. I did not see him again before he left.

The victim then claims he hired a lawyer by the name of Harmeet Dhillon of the Dhillon Law Group, who of course is also a member of the Republican National Committee.

The man also claims that had reached out to Rowan Farrow on Oct. 7 but did not hear back from the reporter for four days. He said he responded to Farrow with availability between Oct. 12 – 15 for an interview but did not hear back from the reporter Oct. 20, the day he published his his accusation on Twitter.

Co-incidentally this happens at a time when Booker is considered a leading contender for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020.

Sure sounds like a set-up to me.




Trans Activist and Rose McGowan Get In Shouting Match At Barnes & Noble Book Signing [Video]

Via Variety:

A woman shot up from her seat to confront McGowan about comments made on RuPaul’s “What’s the Tee?” podcast in July 2017, which recently resurfaced on social media. The mood took a sharp turn.

“I have a suggestion. Talk about what you said on RuPaul. Trans women are dying and you said that we, as trans women, are not like regular women. We get raped more often. We go through domestic violence more often. There was a trans woman killed here a few blocks [away]. I have been followed home –.” The woman was then interrupted by Rose.

“Hold on. So am I. We are the same. My point was, we are the same. There’s an entire show called ID channel, a network, dedicated to women getting abused, murdered, sexualized, violated, and you’re a part of that, too, sister. It’s the same,” McGowan retorted.

“You do nothing for them. Trans women are in men’s prisons. And what have you done for them?” she asked.

“What have you done for women?” McGowan said.

At this point the unknown trans activists was removed by Barnes & Noble security all the while chanting “white cis feminism!” as she was led to the exit.

McGowan continued:

Don’t label me, sister. Don’t put your labels on me. Don’t you f—ing do that. Do not put your labels on me. I don’t come from your planet. Leave me alone. I do not subscribe to your rules. I do not subscribe to your language. You will not put labels on me or anybody. Step the f— back. What I do for the f—ing world and you should be f—ing grateful. Shut the f— up. Get off my back. What have you done? I know what I’ve done, God dammit.”

(sic) For once. In the world. You know what I’m talking about. Just tell the God damned truth. Stop boxing everybody into s—. I didn’t agree to your cis f—ing world. Ok? F— off.”

Watch the videos below.



Scott Baio Accused of Sexual Misconduct By Underage ‘Charles In Charge’ Co-Star

Nicole Eggert, former “Charles in Charge” star, accused out-spoken Trump supporter and former actor Scott Baio of molested her when she was his 14-year-old co-star on “Charles in Charge” 

“It started when I was 14,” Eggert tweeted. “Wasn’t a one-time deal.”

Baio — who played college student “Charles,” caretaker to Eggert’s young character “Jamie,” eldest of the three Powell siblings in the 1980s .

“Ask @scottbaio what happened in his garage at his house when I was a minor. Creep,” Eggert tweeted, replying to a mention of Baio on Twitter.

She then accused Baio of digitally penetrating her beginning at age 14.

Eggert alleges that she was between 14 and 17 years old when the abuse took place, adding that she covered it up for years.

Baio issued a statement on Facebook calling her claims “100% lies.

Baio acknowledged that the pair did have sex, but claims it was consensual, and that Eggert would have been at least 18 years old at the time of the encounter.

“I remember her calling me and asking me to come over and coming in my house one time, and seducing me,” Baio said into the camera.

“Any normal heterosexual, red-blooded American guy, the outcome would have been the same,” he said.

Baio slammed Eggert for making the claims on social media, rather than filing a complaint with police.

“If you have a claim, go to the police. There is a special unit there that handles this kind of stuff,” Baio said

“If you have a real claim, you go to the real people, not to social media where people like me get beat up,” he added

Actor Terry Crews Continues On About His “Sexual Assault” Grope: I felt “emasculated” and “objectified”


Last month actor and former NFL football player Terry Crews spoke out about a “sexual assault” against him by a high level Hollywood executive (an agent) who groped him one night at a party.

Yesterday on Good Morning America Crews  spoke out once again about the man: Adam Venit, the head of William Morris Endeavor’s motion picture group and his poor sense of aim when Terry stuck out his hand for a friendly shake this time upping the gropes to more than the one he originally stated when he came forward and saying that this time he pushed him away “forcefully”.

“I stick my hand out and he literally takes his hand and puts it, and squeezes my genitals. And I jump back like, ‘Hey, hey!’ … I go, ‘Dude, what are you doing? And then he comes back again and he just won’t stop. And then I really got forceful, pushed him back. He bumps into all the other partygoers and he starts giggling and laughing. I have never felt more emasculated, more objectified. I was horrified. I went over to Adam [Sandler] right then and there and said, ‘Man, come get your boy. What is his problem?’”

Added Crews:

“When the Weinstein thing started happening I got PTSD. I was going, ‘Oh my god, this exact thing happened to me.’ I understand why they won’t come forward. … When a person of power breaks that boundary and violates that boundary, you’re a prisoner of war.”

Adam Venit who also represents  Adam Sandler, Emma Stone, Diane Keaton, Eddie Murphy, and others  took a leave of absence from William Morris after being accused by Crews.

You really have to wonder considering that it was a grope and with Crews being such large intimidating man that if there might be some internalized homophobia involved?  Boundaries were broken yes. But there could have been no physical threat against him (Crews is 6′ 3″, Weight 245 lbs) and Venit doesn’t even represent him.  Would Crews be coming forward and being all the diva snowflake if a female agent had done this to him, even an ugly old gorgon? Or would it be forgotten or something he and Sandler would occasionally have a private laugh about?

Right now I’m afraid to re-watch “White Chicks” where Crews is objectified as a well endowed black man including close ups of his crotch.

I don’t want to further aggravate his PTSD.  


Fire Island Manager Sued by Former Employees Over “Sexual Harassment”. But……..


Two twenty-two year old men Joe Rapuano-Novella and Dylan Pace ,are suing the umbrella company Outpost Pines which owns several entertainment and food venues at the gay resort on Fire Island.

Rapuano-Novella and Pace are suing their former manager Mario Priola and owner PJ McAteer for sexual harassment and assault.

The NY Post reports:

He and Pace interviewed in March 2016 for jobs at “The Pines,” an enclave of bars and restaurants which cater primarily to the LGBTQ community, according to their Brooklyn federal court filing.

Rapuano-Novella was “hired on the spot” via Skype during a bizarre interview in which Priola asked him to take off his shirt, the suit says. Pace, a Long Island resident, was asked to report for his interview to Priola’s hot tub on the island, the suit alleges.

Before Rapuano-Novella even got to Fire Island, Priola, who was twice his age, allegedly sent him “inappropriate texts,” noting in one that “you’re perfect” and asking for explicit photos, the suit says.

Rapuano-Novella charges in the suit that Priola repeatedly asked him to sleep over and “groped his penis.”

In addition, Rapuano-Novella claims he was forced to promote live sex shows, which was never discussed as a part of his job description prior to starting employment. (That is a new one on me.)

Wrote Rapuano-Novella on Facebook:

I haven’t yet come forward with my #metoo story because I was waiting for the right moment. A lot of people know I worked on Fire Island last year. My time on the island was abruptly cut short when a series of dark harassments and assaults at the hands of my boss drove me from the place.

So lets get this straight. Well as much as we can.

“Rapuano-Novella was “hired on the spot” via Skype during a interview in which Priola asked him to take off his shirt”  But he still continued wanting the job.

Priola, sent him “inappropriate texts,” noting in one that “you’re perfect” and asking for explicit photos.” BEFORE the job started. But RN still wanted the job.

He was told to “Report to Priola’s hot tub on the island foe his interview.”  And went and still took the job.

Now these are some seriously major red flags Rapuano-Novell  should have noticed.

Look sexual harassment and abuse is a serious problem.  But suddenly the floodgates are open and all kinds of accusations are spilling forth.  Some true and some perhaps not so true.  But with both Rapuano-Novella and Pace being 22 years old and all the warnings that were had before they started the job.  Something just does not seem quite right.

Now I am not saying they are lying or telling the truth.  I am just saying we must all be careful.

As for the live sex shows on Fire Island?   Anyone got the address?