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Delusional Trump Says That NY Tax Law Doesn’t Apply to Me, I’m Not President

Trump Orders Pentagon To Hold Massive Military Parade In His Honor

The Washington Post:

President Trump’s vision of soldiers marching and tanks rolling down the boulevards of Washington is moving closer to reality in the Pentagon and White House, where officials say they have begun to plan a grand military parade later this year showcasing the might of America’s armed forces.

Trump has long mused publicly and privately about wanting such a parade, but a Jan. 18 meeting between Trump and top generals in the Pentagon’s tank — a room reserved for top secret discussions — marked a tipping point, according to two officials briefed on the planning.

Surrounded by the military’s highest ranking officials, including Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joe Dunford, Trump’s seemingly abstract desire for a parade was suddenly heard as a presidential directive, the officials said.

“The marching orders were: I want a parade like the one in France,” said a military official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the planning discussions are supposed to remain confidential. “This is being worked at the highest levels of the military.”


It has been done before after all. Nuremberg, Germany 1937 for example.



Condescending Andrew Sullivan Says Liberals Need To Stop Sounding “So Fucking Condescending” [VIDEO]

Condescending Andrew Sullivan Says That Liberals Need To Stop Sounding “So Fucking Condescending” [VIDEO]

Condescending Andrew Sullivan Says Liberals Need To Stop Sounding “So Fucking Condescending” [VIDEO]


Via Mediaite:

Bill Maher and guest Andrew Sullivan last night criticized Rachel Maddow for the “big nothing-burger” she unveiled to the public on President Trump‘s 2005 tax returns. Maher reaffirmed that he’s a big fan of Maddow’s, but what she unveiled was something that actually helped Trump. He said, “This is probably the best tax return he’s ever filed, which makes me think this came from Donald Trump!” Sullivan then made this observation: “There was a giant cloud of smug above Rachel Maddow when she was doing that. Liberals have to be careful not to sound so fucking condescending and smug… and start actually engaging the other side and persuading people.”

The irony is literally FUCKING ASTOUNDING.


Paul Ryan’s VP Nomination Speech At The RNC “Rights Come From God, NOT Goverment” And Other Low Points

Paul Ryan officially accepted the Republican Party’s vice presidential  nomination. And as part of his borderline megalomaniac acceptance speech reached new heights of insanity and lies by stating that American rights are moral rights given to us by God and NOT the Constitution.

“Each of these great moral ideas is essential to democratic government – to the  rule of law, to life in a humane and decent society. They are the moral creed of  our country, as powerful in our time, as on the day of America’s founding. They  are self-evident and unchanging, and sometimes, even presidents need reminding,  that our rights come from nature and God, not from government.”

Other than this Christian fanatic bon mot.  Ryan also lauded himself to high heaven and typically bashed President Obama and the Democrats while leaving out the truth about himself.

*Ryan complained about Obama not moving ahead with the Bowles/Simpson plan that  Ryan himself voted against.

* Ryan blamed the credit downgrade  on Obama when it was caused by the Republicans in congress screwing with the debt ceiling.

*Ryan blamed Obama for closing an auto plant that was closed before he got into office.

*Ryan stated that he wants to make drastic cuts to the social safety but didn’t mention that it was social security benefits after his father’s death that paid for his college education.

*Ryan continued to lie about Obama removing the work requirement from  welfare even though the waivers provided to the states require a 20% increase in  work from welfare.

*And of course Ryan continued to lie about the 716 billion  in Medicare savings that is also included in The Paul Ryan End of America budget plan.

Ryan lies to himself, lies to the country and I’m sure that if he talks in his sleep, he lies then, too.

This is the GOP

The Lies & Garbage Party.

FRC Hate Group President Tony Perkins Claims Support Of ‘Leading Voices On Gay Politics’

While the Family Reserach Council and other anti-gay right wing extremist groups are still shamelessly expoiting  the tragic shooting that took place at the office building where the Family Research Council has its offices for its own good.  FRC President Tony Perkins is now crowing over the fact that two columnists have come to its defense against the “hate group” label.

Nutjob Dana Milbank — who essentially argued that promoting hate against LGBT people simply isn’t as bad as promoting hate against people of color — and James Kirchick, who Perkins describes as a “leading voice on gay politics.” who no one has ever heard of.

Kirchick in an op-ed he wrote for the New York Daily News gave a pass to people who oppose marriage equality just because they are concerned about the “familial breakdown”:

As for gay marriage opponents, many of them object in name only; that is, they have no problem extending all of the same legal benefits to gay couples but are made uncomfortable by calling same-sex partnerships “marriage.” Such a position, no matter how intellectually confused, is not on the same level as calling blacks and Hispanics members of “mud races” who should be shipped back to the lands of their ancestors.

To be sure, there are many people whose opposition to gay rights is motivated by hate. They are less animated by the specter of familial breakdown than they are by the perceived degeneration of the culture at the hands of “godless sodomites.”

Kirchick, a legend in his own mind and “leading voice on gay politics” only on his own Wikipedia page ignores or is just too ill-informed to report the facts that the FRC and other organizations have  regularly call for the deportation and imprisonment of homosexuals, comparing us to people who engage in pedophilia and bestiality and have dedicate millions of dollars to advocating against the very lives of LGBT people and not just against same-sex marriage.

So this is the best that Tony Perkins can do.  The racist Dana Millbank and a megalomanic idiot named James Kirchick.

These are Tony Perkins “leading voice on gay politics.”

And the spin goes on………