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Video – GOProud Member Matt Hissy Crashes Pro Union Rally Chanting "Union Scum"

You might remember Matt Hissy from a previous post here.  Matt is the pretentious frosted haired GOProud homo who was caught on tape during GOProud’s disastrous party at CPAC  proudly saying that “he didn’t like gay people”

Well Ms.Hissey took to the road yesterday crashed a pro-union rally at Philadelphia’s Temple University where her”Union Scum” sign was destroyed by union supporters and then went home and promptly cried on her blog about it.

Two brave college students, who only wanted to bring a different point of view to a protest, were eviscerated, and nearly attacked. This was my first direct confrontation with union protesters, and I have never been so scared for my safety. They proved to me that they are not only un-educated on issues, but they are un-democratic. A democracy cannot function without dialogue and difference of opinion. The union thugs proved to me that they do not care about dissenting opinion. It is there way or the high way. No wonder they have such extravagant pensions and health care plans. When they do not get what they want, they take to the streets like wild animals and stifle any opposite whatsoever. Unions, simply put, are anti-American. They are like a virus, taking, taking, taking, growing stronger, and destroying everything they come into contact with.

She calls herself a “brave” college student who was there to bring a different point of view?  Please bitch. 

Carrying a piece of oak tag that reads”Union Scum” is considered a different point of view? How does that add to the dialogue? ”

Also it’s one thing to call your opponent “un-educated”, it’s another to do so in a way that flatly demonstrates your own lack of education and to do so when the video of the crowd shows a largely black pro-union group borders on racism.
Little Miss Matt Hissyfit who’s probably never seen a paycheck that was anywhere close to minimum wage -in her life – that is if she  ever had to truly work for her money showed up to cause trouble which is exactly what they got and deserved. 
Cue Chris Barron who’s probably off somewhere jerking off over this and all the GagPatriot traitors to the LGBT Community, who will blog a challenge to “leftist” gay orgs to condemn the horrifying “violence” against this self-loathing macaroon, only they won’t bother to notify Gay, Inc of their challenge. They’ll just stamp their tiny feet, clench their tiny fists, and continue fantasizing about hot gay sex with Rep Paul Ryan.
And as for me Miss Hissy IMO she got exactly what she deserved.  Because if I were there I would have ripped her blond hair out by her black roots.