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Openly Gay Singer/Songwriter Matt Gold “Appreciated” (Video) – SUPPORT LGBT ARTIST!

Matt Gold Appreciated

Openly gay singer/songwriter Matt Gold is back with “Appreciated,” the first single and video from his upcoming EP “Let It Out.”

The video is an animated extravaganza of cheerfulness and joy and highlights the single’s feel-good theme of appreciation for the magic that surrounds us every day. A slight shift in perspective can take the most mundane day and make it something special.

Known for his soaring melodies, Gold’s plaintive voice compliments his musical compositions with lyrics that strike deeply into the listener’s life. “Appreciated” is upbeat and radio-friendly.

“I’m very excited to show the brighter side of my music,” said Gold. “Life is what you make it. If you look for the innate good in people, everything around you shifts. To make a positive change in the world, sometimes you have to change your point of view.”

Support your LGBT artists everyone!