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‘Kyle XY’ Actor Matt Dallas Comes Out Of The Closet!

Matt Dallas, best known for playing the titular character on the ABC Family series Kyle XY has started off the New Year by coming out of the closet and announcing his engagement to boyfriend Blue Hamilton,  an independent musician based in Los Angeles on his Twitter account.

Dallas in the past has denied being gay.  But it seems that love will not only set you free but will also kick down the closet doors.

Congrats to Matt and Blue on thier engagement ad to Matt Dallas for finally being true to himself and embracing who he is.

Matt Dallas gay tweet

Kyle XY Goes Kyle XXX – Actor Matt Dallas Hacked Naked Picture Goes Viral

Matt Dallas,  whose biggest gigs to date has been playing a cater waiter on Kathy Griffin’s “Life on the D-List” and the pretty boy, non belly buttoned lead on the now defunct ABC family sci-fi show Kyle XY has learned the lesson of keeping your naked pics in a place where someone can get to them.  As Kyle XY has gone Kyle XXX

Dallas has actually has maned up to the pics on Twitter acknowledging that the penis pic in question is indeed his and that he has learned a valuable lesson and that it areally isn’t such a big thing. *cough*

I actually kinda feel sorry for the guy (You’ll understand after you see the picture.  Lets just hope he’s a bottom.)

Click here to go over to the fabulous site Unicorn Booty to see the picture in question.